Tent Meeting and Bible Clubs in Jones Park!

There are times when ministry can be tiring and you might feel that it is not worth the effort. Let me tell you right now that this past week was NOT one of those weeks! Gospel Light has prayed and fasted in the hope that the Lord would be merciful to us as we were to undertake a HUGE task. Doing what others may think impossible we moving into areas that are even undesirable to some. As always, God proved that He is faithful and will see us through if we trust Him to do the moving in hearts while we do what it takes to show people that He loves them and that we at GLBBC love them too. 

We started out with a brunch on Saturday July 26th. After we fed our workers, we hit the streets. over 6,000 flyers and invitations were handed out. These were simply an invitation to the Bible Clubs and evening tent meeting which would start with the Movie night on July 26th. We were as ready as we could be. With 170-180 people in attendance, we watched “Facing the Giants” and heard from our preacher of the week, Bro. Chris Chaney. (More about Bro. Chaney here.) Several people were dealt with as the questions of salvation came flooding to their hearts. It was a joy to see young and old call upon the name of Christ.

On Monday night, the men had an impromptu meeting to hear from Bro. Chaney again. 20+ were in attendance for that meeting What a blessing!

many kidsThe next stage of our event was the first day of our Bible Club. We saw nearly 80 children come out and hear the story of the Gospel of Christ. Many of these children are from other religious backgrounds. Others live in homes where the parents speak no english. Still others are from the home of a single parent who sends them out the door to us knowing that they will be occupied and trusting they will be safe for a time. Throughout the four days of fun, we were able to see several young folks call upon the Lord to save them. Could there be any better use of time and energy? No. These times are the greatest!

Our evenings, Tuesday – Thursday, were a wonderfully uplifting time of worship and preaching where we again saw several souls come to Christ. Bro. Chaney did a wonderful job of sharing his life and experiences in a way that made Christ so real and life in Him desirable. The messages preached are available on our media page. We know you will be blessed to hear them all!

The weather forecast was for rain each morning and evening. We witnessed the Lord’s hand as the clouds were chased away EVERY time we gathered! God is so faithful! We would have continued to go forward as planned regardless of the rain but what a blessing to see it held off at His hand each time. 

On Thursday evening, we served hearty bowls of delicious, home made soup following the service as we do each Wednesday after our 3 o’clock Bible study at 401 Lyell Ave. It is truly a blessing to be able to meet and greet the people of rochester’s west side and let them see us actively working to make their lives count for eternity. God is working.  We were thrilled this past week as we were able to see it happening before our eyes. 

Youth Rally a HUGE Success!

From the jail house entrance, mug shots, fingerprinting, court room, costumes, skits and music, April 25th was an amazing experience! Many hours of preparation went into making this night memorable in the lives of all 275 people who attended.

As you entered the building it was made to look as if you stepped into a jail house office complete with the jail cells built into the back of the room. Maybe someone stopped you to take your mug shot or to fingerprint you. The mug shots on the wall quickly let you know that we mean business here at The BRICK! where there are only 2 rules. 1. Obey all rules and 2. No writing on the walls because it is very hard to remove writing from the walls! ( Anyone who has heard Barney Fife speak those words can get an idea of some of the antics of the night.

While we had a great time and enjoyed some laughs, we also saw skits that were at times funny, but ended with a serious note. Anyone watching would be prompted to make a decision for salvation.

Evangelist David Spurgeon shared some of his own story of salvation and how the Lord rescued him from a life in prison as well as from the motorcycle club that he known for being a big part of. He included that after trusting Christ, he knew that there were other things that had to change and that in order to grow in knowledge, he would have to

1.Stay in the book

2. Stay on his knees

3. Stay in church (every time the doors were opened)

These points are things we can all keep in mind.

We saw souls saved and lives touched. Many thanks to all who made it possible. Pictures to come!

Youth Rally!

The people of Gospel Light have been like busy beavers in preparation for our annual Youth Rally!

With the Lord as our guide and Evangelist David Spurgeon on board as our guest preacher, we are expecting great things. Don’t miss this one!

Youth Rally

Ladies Conference

What a wonderful time we had at our Annual Ladies Conference!

Mrs. Renee’ Strobel and Mrs. Sharon Grimes shared their hearts with the ladies. This was a time that was of benefit to all in attendance.

For some pictures, click Here.

Fall in the Family

fall in the family jpg

Clean House!

In preparation for our upcoming family series and promotion, “Fall in the Family,” Pastor preached a double header message on Sunday, the 22nd of September. This message series was preached in both Sunday services and will benefit any who listen. It’s time to clean up our houses, literally and spiritually as we pay attention to our inward hearts and lives. More on this later!

New web page

Please bear with us as we make changes to our website and blog. Great things are coming!

Our Youth Rally is coming up!

youth rally poster

Pastor Giardino Sunday 1/27/13 “VIRTUE”

Pastor was so in tune with the Spirit and spoke to all of us, saved and unsaved, that “virtue” is a necessary element in our commitment to God. Reading from the King James Bible, that highlights that aspect, “Virtue”, more than any other translation. 2Peter chapter 1. If this doesn’t speak to your heart then you are hard as nails. Take the time to listen to Pastor’s message, available on the GLBBC web site. Dated 01/27/2013


This Sunday Morning 12/9/12 Pastor Giardinio opened up with Mark 7:14-23. Jesus explaining that what comes out of a man is what defiles a man not what is taken in. What comes out comes from the heart of a man; All evil within is what defiles a man.

The Grinch and MaxPastor wanted to pull from a timely song called, “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.” Watching a video with the words and music we find out Pastor wanted to focus on a word, “GUNK”. Before pastor explained why he wanted to focus on “gunk”, he made it clear that a person in the best of circumstances or even separated from all forms of worldly impression, the heart would be as evil as was described in this song and it will condemn them. No matter who it is, man is incurable without Jesus Christ.

When it comes to men/women of the cloth and the most deplorable, such as the Ted Bundy, Charles Manson etc., we are all cut out of the same material. We are all incurable. The more we Christians recognize that, the more God can justify and redeem. “Be merciful to me a sinner.” Pastor asks at this point, “Now, Aren’t you glad you came here today?” Pastor had us turn to Rom. 3:10-18 and suggested how much it sounds like the song. This passage refers to everybody. No one is born with the propensity to do good. We are all wretched. This is the plight before Christ was revealed. Souls are going to hell because it is not being preached straight up. We need to be convinced of our own evil heart before we can see the profound need for Christ. Rev. 3:15 speaks of neither being hot nor cold. God will spue thee out of his mouth. We cannot have God’s covering until we know the truth about our heart.

Gunk Engine CleanerNOW, pastor explains the reason for “Gunk”. Pulling out two cans of an engine cleaner called, you guessed it, “Gunk”. Gunk Engine Degreaser is specifically formulated to remove baked on grease and deposits from hard working engines. Comparing a dirty engine to our hearts where grime can get so built up and eventually causing it to not perform.

Gunk’s instructions: Step (1) Clean.(Ransom) Step (2)Protect(Soul Protector)- Once you got it all shined up, don’t you want to protect it and keep it that way and show it off a bit. What’s under your hood?

The more pastor got into describing this product and what it does the more it became clear where this was heading. We need to be washed. I thought of this verse while writing this blog. Ps.51:7 “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean :wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” The engine can’t clean itself. There is an application needed. The KJ Bible and the working of God through His Spirit by way of Christ. We are made clean by the word. (Jn.15:3) Isn’t it amazing that God can come down in a body and do all kind’s of great things and still not be tainted by mankind. When Jesus came and cleansed me and is within me he was not tainted by me but I am cleansed, moved and life changed.

1Cor:6:1 “Dare any of you” How dare you allow each other to upset what brotherly kindness ought to be doing. How about some fellowship, how about a little face to face. The Corinthians were taking issues to civil lawsuits. Too much Gunk in the church and in the pews. We do wrong to one another and is there no wise one among you to handle the matter? Paul says, “I say this to your shame.” We use vrs 9 toward the unsaved but the context is the Christian. We have been wash and sanctified. We can be saved, professed, possessed but not sanctified. (Separated unto him) Do you realize that all things are lawful for the believer but not all things are worth the loss and the cost. What power do we come under? We can quench the Spirit just like a fire.

Whatever is under the hood (Our Heart) will not remain hidden. The purpose and intent. The only sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken and contrite heart. Let our works be Christ who gave himself for the good of others. Flee all manner of wickedness. Do not give it time or thought. Instead flee to Jesus, one way or another, knowing we are all cut out of the same cloth.



Sowing Seed

Today, Sunday morning service, this 11/25/2012, we were graced to have Pastor Tom Bard an Evangelist that according to his own testimony, “Home is where I am.”

Opening with Mark 4:11-14.

Sowing, as in sowing seeds, is the fundamental foundation of life. Whether it is plant life or animal life all things come from a seed. All food come from seed. We do take much for granted when it comes to this principle because it is so simple and it works, yet somehow we have forgotten the principle of sowing. One seed produces more seed and if we keep sowing the seeds we will soon have more than we need.

Corn SproutPastor Tom Bard didn’t mention this verse but I thought of it while he was speaking. (Mark 4:28) For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.Ear of corn

When Jesus spoke of the sower the image is not of planting seeds in the soil but of scattering seed upon different soils. It is God who brings the increase so leave it to God to handle the results whether good soil or bad. (Is.55:10) Speaks of God’s word returning to Him. It’s to Him not to us. Therefore it is in His hands.

Sowing and reaping is vital to survival and if we neglect that principle we don’t eat. We depend on others to do that for us now but it was not always like that. Your life depended on the crop and the livestock as well. If you don’t think this has anything to do with your life then you are not paying attention. It is the essence, foundation and basis of Christianity to sow the word. Think of all the various things Christians do to circumvent sowing the word and teaching the gospel. What else are we going to do? Teach them how to be better people and how to be happy? Is that what we think God is about? God is not there at our beckon call to make sure we are happy. The sooner we figure that out the happier we will be. Sowing is like the law of gravity, it doesn’t change, it is in God’s control. When we are sowing the word we are locked into something that makes us part of it because God is in control, not us. We just have to do it. Everyone should be casting the seeds of the word of God. Pray over the word/seeds.

2Cor. 9:5-8 Do it on purpose. Purpose it. Here Paul in showing the connection between sowing and reaping when it comes to giving. God is able to make grace abound toward you. Always having sufficiency for good works. Note there is nothing about getting anything. It is about abounding and increasing in the fruits of righteousness. 2Cor.9:10 Purpose to sow/give. If the principle of sowing and reaping works in the earthly then it must also work spiritually. How money is handled is critical in your life with God. Gal 6-7-9 The lost however, are outside the grace of God. God cannot save you because salvation stands on grace not on works. Gal.6:8 The 2nd part of that verse speaks of this. How does one sow to the spirit if they are outside of God’s grace? The reason people want this to be based on good works is then it is in our control. They are comfortable with that.

Just like children we hurt ourselves when we do not listen to direction and try to do this on our own terms. Think of your children when you are having trouble doing what is right. Do it! Your children are a branch from you and become a part of what you are not what you teach. No one is going to be perfect but you should be going in that direction. Therefore, consider the principle of sowing. Conform to this truth so that it can work and abound in grace and fruit for eternity.

“Strength To Forgive” or “Don’t Mention It”, Part 19

Opening with Gen.50:22-26, Pastor Giardino read about Joseph saying, to his brethren, that when God delivers Israel to the promised land that his bones should be kept in a coffin and carried to the promise land. Pastor read Heb 11:21-22 as reference to this. Paul giving this part of Joseph’s life to explain the power of faith.

“Don’t Mention It”, as in the title of this sermon, is often used as a way of saying thank you.

Joseph was sold out by his brethren. (Christian brethren, so to speak) Sold into Egypt. Pastor again, goes over the events in Joseph’s life and many times making comparisons to us as Christians. His afflictions and him being elevated, then being afflicted again and then being elevated even more. Joseph passing these tests and God delivering him till we see how Joseph, in the final years of his life, knew what would happen to the people of God long after he passes.

Give the gift of forgiveness. That is going to be hard at times but as a Christian, (Take Note) There ought to be something inside, something inside brewing.

Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups?

Yes, there better be something brewing inside that can fill you up. Listen, we are all going to die but what is the message we pass on? What would the mention of us be? We have to be careful about what standards we put on ourselves. Nothing wrong with standards but we need to loosen up and see people saved.

Pastor spoke some on the belief of the Egyptians on preserving dead bodies through embalming and other practices like mummifying. They saw this as preserving the life. We know that they are dead and there is no life there but somehow it was a way of hanging on to the present life in our bodies. Joseph allowed himself to be embalmed and made his brethren to carry out his desire that his remains would not be left in Egypt, because his heart was not there. Joseph was in Egypt but Egypt was not in Joseph. His heart was with the promise.

Why coffee cups? We will get to it in a moment. Gen. 50:1-2 Preserving a patriarch and wanted himself to be preserved. It is interesting that Joseph uses the world’s technology and science to preserve his body, and that Joseph commanded that his body be placed in a coffin. Now, can we call the coffin a “Box” and can we call Joseph “Joe”?

Box O' JoeBox O’ Joe. Coffee is a seed. There is a process to grind down that seed in a way it can be brewed. Dunkin’ came up with this box as a way to preserve it and to be carried someplace. This world wants us to be preserved for their own will by way of Cares, Pleasures and Riches. They want us to continue in that mode in order to preserve us for them. For the Christian there should be something hot brewing in us. Either let it be an Ice Cappuccino or a cup of Hot Joe. So interesting how pastor uses this to explain how when we go in a coffin and we physically waste away that there is something inside of us, the seed, that there should be something brewing in us that is more than a dead body. We should even smell good, like coffee, even if others don’t like the flavor.

The generations of Joseph had an oath to carry Joe in a box. Very inconvenient to carry through the wilderness, through the battles, through the trials, however it was not a chore to carry one who they were thankful for. Well, didn’t Joseph carry them? Didn’t Joseph save them? (Like Jesus for us. It is not hard to carry him.) Your name, your reputation, your soul and who you are and how you are remembered. (Ex.13:19) They have to take care of Joe in a box. Why was only Joseph mentioned and not Jacob? Because Joseph was a type of Jesus. (Josh.24:32) Joseph being buried after being carried to the promise land. Very important that Joseph be remembered in Israel and not left back at Egypt. This is all about resurrection from the dead. (1Pet.1:3) “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” This is the picture that God gave through Joseph: To save much alive. (We were resurrected from the dead the moment we believed, through the resurrection. (Jn.5:24)) We better leave something for our posterity.

(Luke 7:11-) Jesus breaking up a funeral. (Not the only time.) Breaks up a death sentence because he is the resurrection. This is a picture of being raised, our resurrection. In Lk.7:16 note the same words from Gen.50 and Ex.13. “God has visited His people”.

“Mention” is the word to consider. (Speak Of) Don’t we mention those that have inspired or influenced us even after they pass? Joseph wanted to be mentioned and remembered and so does Jesus.

What if Joseph was slain and dead and what if Joseph didn’t go through what he went through to save? The promise would have ended and been blown to smithereens.


Strength To Forgive, Part 18

Pastor opened up with Gen. 50:20. Joseph speaking to his brethren after he revealed who he was, saying, “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Those words hold strong messages from many angles. God used the evil intent of Joseph’s brethren to work, both to bring down the haughtiness of the brethren in time, but also to set Joseph in a place to save them. Joseph took the weight of it on himself through his faith. To preserve life and posterity beyond just us in the present time. (The posterity of the saints) Also reading Gen 45:1-2, Pastor explained how emotion was heard by the Egyptian house but they did not know the details.

Charlie and SnoopyPastor brought up a Peanuts comic strip from Sunday’s paper and how Snoopy got himself shot down by his arch nemesis, the Red Barron. Snoopy, feeling total lost and dejected behind enemy lines, just begins to cry. Charlie Brown comes over, takes him by the hand and leads him out of his burden. Pastor suggested that Charlie was a type of savior. Charlie saved Snoopy.

Pic of Snoopy and CharlieGod uses us, like Joseph, to take the hits, to be the shock absorber for the salvation of many. That is not to be mistaken for allowing others to walk all over you. Can we be in a place where we can save someone out of the fire? (Jude 1:23)….
Note the timing of both Joseph, to bring forgiveness, and of Charlie to come and save Snoopy? So very important to learn to read the spirit of things. People need a savior at times in their life.

Pastor brought up an early verse from an early sermon on this same subject. Ps.2:12- Kiss the Son. Some of us need to fall in Love with Jesus. Maybe we haven’t done that yet. Notice how much love Joseph’s brethren held for Joseph after the scenario played out? Jesus wants us to love him and be thankful. (If we run around playing Christian we could be blocking the work of the Spirit of our Father to bring us to a place of seeing the hardness of our hearts and how He works through it to Love.) We need to have that work in us so that we can bring that same forgiveness and grace to others. Yes, we need to save somebody.” We should be close enough to Jesus to touch inwardly and intimate enough that nothing else matters. (Amen, Let it be)

In Gen 33:4 is Jacob and Esau embracing after a fall out. Gen.48:10, Prov.4:8 is about embracing wisdom. Ecc.3:5, Song2:6 (Christ and the Church)

Our shock absorber is the promise. When we get embarrassed and ashamed it is our shock absorber. All the Hall of Faithers in Heb 11:13 embraced that promise. The famine was a shock but Joseph was the shock absorber unto saving the posterity of Abraham. Jesus took the brunt and shock of sin but instead of holding us up to our error/s, He forgave.

“Strength To Forgive” Part 17

Pastor Giardino had us turn to Gen.46:1-4. Here is God saying to Jacob (Israel) that he should go to Egypt and that God would be with Jacob in Egypt and that it was His plan and will to do so. Pastor remembered a part in a popular movie he saw when he was much younger; “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

Young Charlie somehow managed to be the last of the Golden Ticket winners to remain without something bad happening to while going on tour in the factory. The ticket was also supposed to include winning a lifetime supply of chocolate. So after the tour Willy just said, “Have a good day”, and closed his office door behind him. Grandpa Joe and Charlie didn’t know why they were being treated so cold and; Where was the lifetime supply of chocolate? When they went in and asked about it they were told, “You Lose!…..It is all there in the contract, etc., etc.” Grandpa scolded Willy good for building up a young boys hope and then dashing them to pieces. Now, as they both were leaving, disappointed, Charlie stopped for a second and solemnly walked back to Willy’s desk and set the gift of the GobStopper candy that he was given back to Willy and turned to leave. Willy whispers something like, “A good dead in an evil world.” and turns and calls Charlie, “Charlie, you won!” All this time Willy was testing to find someone to take over the Chocolate Factory. Charlie passed the test.

Consider Abraham and how God lead him to sacrifice his only son and God stopped him after it became obvious Abraham would have honored God over anything, even though it appeared to be against God’s own promise to him that Isaac would be born and through his lineage a great nation would come forth.

Look at Joseph and what he went through:
(1) The Promise
(2) The Pit
(3) The Prison
(4) The Palace

Did you ever think that what your angry at or what your going through is God testing you and it really isn’t even about you?

Pastor wanted to make note of the way God calls twice, as shown in our initial reading of Gen.46:1-4 “Jacob, Jacob”. There always seems to be an earnestness about it. “Wake up”, “Listen”, imploring. Luke 22:31 “Simon, Simon” like “Listen up”, “Get this”. Then “Behold”. “Look” Mat.27:46 Jesus calling out in earnest like emotion, “Eli, Eli” meaning “Father, Father”. The humanity’s cry of forsakenness. Consider Mat. 7:21-22 “Not everyone one who says Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven.” Pastor brought up the contrast of how many words those calling “Lord, Lord” say to justify themselves to a place in heaven when all it takes is seven words. “God, be merciful to me a sinner.” Lk.18:13

Alas, pastor had much more he wanted to get into. Lord willing next Sunday Morning.


Sunday 10/21/12 “Strength to Forgive” Part 16

Pastor Giardino had us open to Luke 6:37-38. Judging and condemning are negatives that apply to us if we do them while forgiving and giving are positives if we do them. Pastor noted the colon at the end of verse 37 to show that verse 38 is a continuation of thought. Vrs: 38 “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Pastor with no uncertain terms made us aware that the colon punctuation connects the two verses and that verse 38 is not about money. It is more about “Forgiveness”. Don’t forget the mission of remission.


In order to help show how our attitude or how our spirit causes good or bad reactions pastor used a couple props. First, a hand puppet of the Sesame Street character “Beaker”. Beaker was a scientist kind of guy that used to run around making odd noises as he worked in the lab. He was always causing an explosion. He would get so frustrated at times. His hair shows how frazzeled he was.

Kermit The Frog

Now out comes Kermit The Frog. Kermit had a way about him that brought people together. Being quick to give the benefit of the doubt and just bring a sense of everything is all right. Instead of explosions he brought the positive not the negative. Referring to Luke 6:37-38. Think about how many children love this little green guy but just laugh at Beaker’s antics.

Leave it to the timing of God. My grandchildren were in for a visit and they were loving this.

Now, going back to our story line, Genesis 43:1-8. This is a typology of tribulation. It was the famine in the land that forced Joseph’s brethren to have to return to Egypt and with the youngest brother Benjamin to buy a little food. Pastor brought up the relevance of dining since Joseph was about to dine with his brethren. Lk 11:37 was Jesus dining. Dining is face to interaction. John 21:12 was the Lord, after being raised saying, “Come and dine.” Pastor noted how Jesus doesn’t want our money he wants our hearts. In Gen.43:18 the brethren thought for sure Joseph was concerned about money. It is not as if Joseph had forgotten the betrayal. Back in Gen.37:28 was him being sold and Joseph brings it up again while in prison in Gen.40:14-15. Joseph knew it was not about him and let God use him as a tool, not only to save the lineage of Abraham, but also to portray the very spirit of forgiveness that is essential to God’s work in and through our lives.

What some have done is quench the Spirit. Stopping it through not forgiving. Stopping the pump to the Fountain of Salvation.

The brethren feared Joseph was going to use this dinner as an occasion to lay accusation against them (Gen.43:21-22), but just as Jesus often said to those who were afraid, Joseph responded with “Peace be to you, fear not.” Joseph was so intent on seeing Benjamin. You have to ask why. Was it just because he was the youngest or just because it completed the family? Why was Benjamin so important? Well, yes, it was vital that all the brethren be alive for the fulfillment of God’s work, but Benjamin was the last one in and a very powerful Apostle known as Paul was from the lineage of the tribe of Benjamin. The last apostle in the twelve. Paul was the last in but so important for the building of the early churches and still today his writings instruct the church in many important areas. (Phil.3:5-8)

Jesus directly associated the twelve apostles to the twelve tribes in Mat.19:28 and Cross Ref. Lk.22:30.

For us to get built right we need to get stripped down to the chassis. “The righteousness of God that depends on faith” (Phil.3:9) We need supernatural ability. (Phil.3:10) Our hearts are apprehended of Jesus Christ. (Phil.3:12)

Part 15, “Strength To Forgive”

Pastor Giardino had us turn to Acts 7:6-10. Steven speaking before the council to defend the false charges laid upon Steven and Phillip. After reading this tremendous overview account given by Steven, from Abraham until the the Lord’s house built by Solomon. Steven included the betrayal of Joseph. Steven was revealing their history of rebellion and stubbornness toward their God.

Pile Up

Pastor began with an introduction. A very vivid image was presented of an accident, NASCAR driver Maynard Troyer, was involved in 1971. Using this image of losing control and other historical accounts of major pile-ups and severe traffic jams as a means to explain the seriousness of our heart locking up (Not Forgiving), as Troyer’s engine did, causing a chain reaction and shutting the track down. Troyer’s car flipped 18 times yet between the roll cage and the five point harness Troyer only sustained minor injuries. The roll cage is like our salvation which cannot be lost and the engine is like our heart. In this particular accident only Troyer’s car was involved but what if when our heart locks up, causing a major chain of events, and we don’t restrain our flesh and get others involved? Pastor gave an account of another accident that when another car slammed into an out of control car, it burst into flames killing the driver.

Going back to the book of Genesis and referencing Joseph pastor mentioned; though Joseph was in Egypt, Egypt was not in Joseph. Joseph cleared all men out of his presence when he made himself known to his brethren. It was a private matter. Joseph didn’t want to openly air all the dirty laundry. In Chapter 45 Joseph could no longer restrain the desire to be restored to his brethren. Forgiveness needed to be released. Joseph recognized that what was happening was bigger than just about him.

When we begin to put together the chain of unforgiveness it is like adding link to link till we are bound by it and weighed down.The links through self absorption.Leg Iron


The world should see the fruit of forgiveness at work in us instead of the burden of resentments, grudges and discontent. Just as Joseph is a type of Jesus so are we in this world. (1Jn.4:17) This is bigger than just about you. Note how Joseph said to come near as he revealed himself to them. “Come near” (Gen.45:4) Forgiveness brings people together. Instead of being just into the gray matter of theology and thought, get some forgiveness in there.

In Acts 9:3-5 we read about Saul meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus. Three times in Acts we have this account and it is Jesus revealing himself as the Persecuted One, saying, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.” So similar to the words of Joseph in Gen.45:4, “I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt.” (On these verse comparisons I could not help but remember the words written in Revelation 11:8, “Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”) Jesus wants to reveal himself to the unsaved. God’s work is to preserve much alive. (Gen.45:5 and Jn.3:16)


On with the Blogs – Update

Please forgive us. No matter how hard we worked to get these Blogs up and keep up with what’s currently going on along with Blogging the Sunday morning services it just couldn’t get done due to circumstance beyond our control. Trusting God that the delay was just a traffic jam of sorts and the road is now clear, to the Glory of God. Sometimes we just have to trust that God is in it, in the end.

We have missed 10 blogs on services with the same message thread and that being, “Strength To Forgive”; Referencing Joseph from the last 13 chapters of Genesis. (25% of Genesis)

We will be going into the 15th part in the series, also known as, “Forget About It”.

Part 5 of “Strength To Forgive”

Many of us our running on fumes and running out of gas. We need to get this understood, get it down tight and examine ourselves a bit. “Buckle down, Get a grip”

Prov. 19:11 “The discretion of a man deffereth his anger; and it is glory to pass over a transgression.”

Drawing from the former parts of this message Pastor explained that God allowed Joseph to be in the armpit of Egypt (The World) so that God can shine. How we conduct ourselves is vital as we sojourn through this world. Prov. 16:7 “When a mans ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Think of Joseph and how he was always trusted and given responsibilities.

Gen.50:15-18 Joseph’s brothers fear after their father died that Joseph would hate them and requite them for their evil. Their guilt was turning to fear. They fall before Joseph to ask for forgiveness and they bow and give themselves over as servants. Pastor asks, “What took them so long?” (The fulfillment of Joseph’s dream) Yet one of the most revealing and powerful verses in this whole story is 50:19-21. How Joseph responded to his brothers, “And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God? But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Then Joseph comforted them and spoke kindly to them. Pastor reminded us of the ultimate forgiveness in Luke 23:24 “Forgive them Father…..”

Three points in this message.
1. God has it.
2. We need it.
3. Life demands it.
(1) The power/strength of forgiveness is from God. He has it.
(2) Not only do we need to be forgiven but we need His forgiveness in us. Pastor brought up two references. Mat. 9:1-6 (Sins are forgiven being the same as saying rise and walk to the man stricken with Palsy and Mat chapter 18 where after being forgiven a great debt the same forgiven man went and showed no such compassion on one who owed him. Be ready to forgive, we have the resource from God to give us the strength to forgive.
(3) Pastor tossed us a whim saying the 3M’s describing Daniels disciplines. By way of Morsels, Morals and Music. Daniel was separated by his diet, his morals and his music. Daniel chapter 9 Daniel was praying for his sins and the sins of his people asking God to deliver. In Daniel 9:9 and the 9th word is “Forgiveness”  Life Demands Forgiveness.

1Jn.2:2 explains how Jesus is the propitiation for our sins and the sins of the whole world. The wrath being curbed.
1Cor13 I know as the Love Chapter. The better word being “Charity”. Charity suggests giving without a return. Paul clearly details how if we gain much in the Lord but do not have charity, we gain nothing. “Envy Not” That was Joseph’s brothers issue when they delivered him as a slave to travelers.

On a personal note: Suffer the loss for your brothers sake. You don’t lose anything by doing so, it just may feel that way. It will work the work of God.

What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? – Part 2

Before I start this installment, I want to take a moment to clear some things up. These articles are a series of articles that I am putting together outlining the information that I have found in a pamphlet that was provided to me by Pastor G for this study. It is called The Gift of Tongues and is written by Ernest Pickering. I felt that this information could be very helpful to folks regarding sound doctrine in these last days.

It is also important to note that this article may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Gospel Light in whole, but Gospel Light definitely agrees that speaking in tongues is not for our present age. Another thing to note is that Gospel Light does not believe that we need to refer to the Greek to get a fuller meaning. The only point of putting the Greek in this article was because that is what the tongues supporters go to in order to prove there point. However, we believe wholeheartedly that you can use the authorized King James Version to show that speaking in tongues is not for today.

Here goes Part 2:

What is the gift of tongues?

There are three different views on this:

1)      All tongues are ecstatic, unintelligible speech

2)      “tongues” in the book of Acts were human languages, but the “tongues” of 1 Corinthians were heavenly languages or unknown ecstatic utterances.

3)      That ALL references to “tongues” in the New Testament refer to human languages.

We believe the last position to be the correct one. Most modern tongue advocates hold to the second position.

Tongues Were Languages

After review of the Greek word for tongue – glossa, there is no evidence that it is used to mean ecstatic unintelligible speech.

Glossa means “language,” that is always referring to foreign languages. Therefore, it cannot refer to both foreign languages and unknown ecstatic utterances as modern tongue advocates claim.

Acts 2:4- “every man heard them speak in his own language.”

Acts 2:8- “How hear we every man in our own tongue wherein we were born?”

The same thing happened with Cornelius and his household (Acts 10:44-48) as took place at Pentecost. Acts 11:15 – Basically, if the tongues spoken at Pentecost were human languages, so were these. Acts 19:6 – Same thing.

Not Ecstatic Utterances

Large numbers of Pentecostalists hold that there is a difference between the tongues mentioned in Acts and those described in 1 Corinthians. Here are some arguments refuting this position.

1)      There is no sound reason for adopting this position. To ascribe two different meanings to the same word (glossa, tongue) without any definite support of such is questionable.

2)      The thought that the word “interpret” used in 1 Corinthians means to interpret some unintelligible language is false. It is talking about interpreting an actual human language.

3)      The term “beside ourselves” (2Cor. 5:13) is taken by some to mean that Paul and the Corinthians were speaking in tongues and appeared to be irrational. The phrase really has no connection with speaking in tongues.

4)      In both 1 Cor. 14 & 28 the reference to “speaking to God” is held by some to refer to a means of addressing God which is unintelligible. These verses don’t actually speak to the nature of the speech, but only the direction of it, i.e. to God.

5)      The fact that an interpreter was required at Corinth but none was required at Pentecost is seen by some as evidence of the fact that the Corinthians were speaking unknown” languages. However, no interpreter was needed at Pentecost because all of the people there could understand in their own languages. In Corinth, most of the members were from the community and would not have been familiar with foreign languages. Hence, they were in need of interpretation.

6)      The reference Paul made to the “tongues of angels” (1 Cor. 13:1) does not imply that people with the gift of tongues speak in “angelic” tongues unknown on earth. Paul was not saying that he or anyone else spoke in angelic languages. He is saying, “Supposing I had all the powers of earthly and heavenly utterance, and had not love…”

7)      1 Cor. 14:7-9 does not support the idea that Christians spoke unintelligible sounds. Speech that cannot be understood has no value.

8)      1 Cor. 14:23 – Paul’s statement that unbelievers visiting the church assembly might think the believers “mad” doesn’t imply that they were speaking ecstatically. Paul was concerned that when unbelievers heard church members speaking in earthly languages which they did not understand, and which were not being translated, they would think the speakers were mad.

9)      The Greek word dialektos is used in Acts 2:8 but not in 1 Cor. 12-14. This does not prove that the nature of the tongues was any different. The words dialektos and glossa are synonyms. The word tongue nowhere referred to ecstatic speech. All languages of the world, even the most primitive, have some grammar, syntax, and word structure.

I am really learning a lot here. I hope you are too! Have a great day and we will see you on Sunday Lord willing.


Deliverance in Dark Days – Part 2

Psalm 91:1-16

Pastor’s introduction was a very gripping story about four different soldiers from three different wars whose physical lives were spared by their pocket New Testament in their pocket over their heart. Two of them found that the last burn mark was located at Psalm 91:7.

These are definitely dark days. We need some bright spots. We need to be able to come to church and get some light.

1 Kings 8:10 – 12 – The cloud / thick darkness – God was insulating himself from man that is sinful.

2 Chronicles 5:11 – When the people are one and all the cylinders are hitting, wow what a service that can be!

Don’t dwell in the darkness too long. The darkness can trick you!

Heb 2:14-18
Luke 4:5 (Matt 4 – Companion vs) – Jesus tempted without sin – We can be tempted without sin.

The devil was trying to run interference with Jesus just like he tries to do with us.

The devil quotes the word of God. He knows exactly where Christians should be going for help, but he is twisting it. Memorize Psalm 91. Know where to go for help in time of need.

1)      A PLACE
Get alone with God.
Have a strong devotional life.
Psalm 17:7-9, Acts 10

A plague, contagious infectious disease, corruption, moral disease.
Acts 24:5

3)      PEACE
Psalm 91:4

4)      A PROMISE
Psalm 91:9

5)      POWER
Psalm 91:11
Psalm 91:14 – Deliverance in the day of darkness – Do you know God’s name?

6)      PERSONAL
Psalm 91:14-16 – God’s PS to us.
God wants us to have a personal relationship with him.