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Youth Rally a Big Success


The annual youth rally here at Gospel Light was a big success with nearly 300 people in attendance. There were many creative people working day and night to make it happen. Let me fill you in on some of the fun!

Upon arrival, you would have found our museum and it’s many artifacts. You may have even been greeted by Mr. Peculiar, our museum curator.


The artifacts on exhibit are  too many to mention, but some of them (all very peculiar) are pictured here. We had Boaz’s other shoe, Adam and Eve’s original ‘fig’ure flattering fig leaf garments, Moses’ broken tablets, Paul and Silas’ prison clothes and a snapshot of the Italian Band. Our museum is still available for viewing through mid May so come on in and check it out!

The museum

Moses' broken tablets

Moses’ broken tablets

The Italian Band



A few artifacts we dug up!


After visiting the museum, you would have ventured in to our sanctuary and found peculiar platform decor as well as  some rather peculiar clothing on our staff members. You just never know what this bunch is going to come up with.

Pastor G and Pastor Bard

Pastor G and Pastor Bard


Peculiar clothing!

Peculiar clothing!

One of the first activities of the night was to give away a pizza party to a youth group. Now, we couldn’t just hand it over…these things must be earned! In order to do that, one of our best cooks, Chef Wannabe, had some tasty treats for six youth leaders to try out. If you have never tasted chocolate covered crickets or the tongue of a yak, you wouldn’t know what you are missing! The highlight though, would have to be the McDonald’s happy meal (blended up in the blender, coke, fries and all….) Sadly, most of our contestants were not too keen on drinking it down, but the winner of the pizza party was a real sport. Pastor Dave Karpenko downed that drink as though it might have even tasted good! EWWW! What a good sport though!

Chef Wan A Be

Chef Wan A Be


On to better things. We had a very thought provoking skit, “Who’s your Daddy?”  that was funny, but would leave the viewer pondering his or her own salvation and walk with the Lord. Part two of the skit “The Christian Journey” was later in the evening. It is our prayer and hope that those in attendance will not soon forget what they saw and heard.

Who is your Daddy?  Mr. DeVille? or Mr. Gooood?

Who is your Daddy?
Mr. DeVille? or Mr. Gooood?


After some really good special music, our preachers took their turns.

The DG's.

The DG’s.


Ladies Trio

Ladies Trio



Brother Jeff Harris preached a message titled ‘What is your Battle?’ He reminded us of David and the giant that he faced. Stressing that we all have a giant in our life. That sin will lead to destruction if we allow it to. He went on to Solomon and his giant being lust and desire, causing him to follow after false Gods, and watering down his desire to serve God.  Lastly he spoke of  Rehoboam who was not willing to listen to the wisdom of his elders but chose to follow the advice of his peers. This was his downfall. I highly recommend listening to the messages that were preached  here.

Bro. Jeff Harris

Bro. Jeff Harris


Our keynote preacher was Evangelist Greg Pritchard. He very aptly reminded us that if God is not before us, in our thoughts, in our mind, the Word of God read daily, our actions being that of people who want to please Him, we will not be able to make right choices. Our life will be lived in vain. God must be in front! We must be willing to be peculiar for His glory. NOT weird. Peculiar. A few definitions of the word are: set apart, different from the usual, distinct from all others,  distinctive in nature or character from others. A great reminder of who we should be in Christ.

Evangelist Greg Pritchard

Evangelist Greg Pritchard


After giving away a final prize, (Kindle) we wound up the night with box lunches containing some of the best brownies you could ever want to bite into and a final skit from Mrs. Shirley Jenkins! That woman can sure clean things up!


The Winner of a Kindle

The Winner of a Kindle


Mrs. Jenkins

Mrs. Jenkins


As we make plans for next year, we look forward to seeing the Lord show up and move in the hearts of young and old alike. Make plans to attend!




April 18, 2014.

Save the date! 

Other Names for the Bible


This past weekend there were quite a few things going on, but one of them was the Kings Kids first HOBO DAY!
So we whipped up a little video for those of you who were not able to see some of these kids and their hilarious outfits.
Click the link below.

A Personal Account of Family Camp

Just in case you don’t often find yourself over at Julia Giardino’s blog, you may have missed her from-the-heart, “life changing”, first-person account of Family Camp 2010 at Camp Li-Lo-Li. Please take the time to read her article: Family Camp 2010

Stop Motion Video: “Wet Paint” by Salina & Michael Giardino

We all know by now that Pastor Vince and Lori Giardino’s children are very talented in a variety of ways. These talents have been nurtured and encouraged and sometimes, deservedly so, celebrated.  To that end, it is appropriate to present a 2 minute stop motion video created last December by Salina Giardino and edited by Michael Giardino. The video was previously posted on YouTube and on Salina’s Custom Murals web site.  On YouTube, Michael commented about the video: “My sister Salina painted this stop motion picture for a final semester project, I edited it and here it is for you to enjoy!” So, please, watch and enjoy.

What are you doing about it? From a Christian teenager’s view

Written By: Julia Giardino on April 29, 2010 at

Have you ever had the feeling of guilt? Or the feeling that you know you did something wrong but can’t get over it? What do you ever do about those problems?
I recently watched a documentary about the Christian church in Vietnam. Did you know that there are Christians who go to church knowing that it is illegal in their country, but do it because they Love their Lord Jesus? Do they feel guilty? Maybe. Maybe they are frightened, but nothing is going to stop them.
Have you every taken so many things for granted that you just can’t help but forget about the One who has given you the right to do it? Or do you just ignore that fact and just say a few prayers at night? I recently have had these thought as a young Christian girl who loves her God so much that she has decided to do something about it. I can’t get over the fact that I have been blessed to just be able to live in a country without having to serve God in secret! I have been wondering what other Christians have been thinking about this. Do they ever think about things like this? Are they so caught up in everyday pride and joys that they forget that the Lord has been so good to them? What some Christians don’t know is there are other Christians around the world who have been in jail or have died just because they keep a bible in their home. Some walk for miles just to go to church. God has blessed us in so many ways. We have the ability to be able to go to church 3 times a week or even every day if we wanted to and even in a car! While others have to hide in basements and pray in secret just so they don’t get caught for serving a great God. What has America’s entertainment done to us that we have such a hard time remembering what the Lord has given us? We have clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet. We can stop and pray when ever we want with out being put in jail for it. We have homes, we have bibles, and we have friends and families who we love so much. But mainly we have an awesome God who we have to thank for everything we have. What have you done recently just to thank him? We have soldiers on the other side of the world who are fighting for our freedom to be able to do these things and have the things we love. While yet we spent hours sitting in front of a TV or hours in front of a computer, and yet even I am guilty of that too. When was the last time you went to your friend and told them how much you appreciate them? Or the last time you when to your parents and thanked them for raising you up right. Let’s face it! We have a God who has been so good to us and we need to thank him right now. It won’t hurt you to take a few minutes to just THANK God for everything he has given you. And mainly freedom to serve the one who has given you everything. You can thank him for so many things, that it can take a few hours just to name them all! And if you are wondering why I am saying this? Because we might not have all these things with in the next few years. Things are getting worse and some haven’t even noticed. The Lord is coming back soon, and I leave you with one more hard thought. Are you ready for His return, are you ready to hear that trumpet blow!?!? Are you ready for what he is going to say to you at the judgment seat? Are you serving him with everything you have? Or like I said, are you taking for granted everything He has done for you? He has been so good, and I ask you to think upon everything I have said or asked. I am just saying this because I care…with all my heart! I want my Lord to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I want to change Christians. And if we all just ignore the fact, then who really is going to make the change? Make a change Christian and don’t take for granted the things he has given YOU! Every minute there is some one being beaten up or killed….just to do the things that we do. They surrender there lives for Our Lord…..are you surrendering you life For the Creator you made you?

Thanks for reading, and please think about these things I have taken time to write about, just for you, because I care about my Christian family who I have grown to love so greatly! -Julia Giardino A PK

Youth Rally: Pastor’s E-mail – A Call to Arms

We had a good information meeting with several interested in helping on FRIDAY the 23rd, 1 week from this Friday, for the “Youth Rally”. An early mailing in 2010 with investigative inquiries with other churches calender events, reminder post-cards sent out last week and the Lord’s blessings might really bring in some good numbers to come to “No Turning Back”, our theme for the night. We need the church general populous to come and help! There is much to do in preparation so please co-operate as you may be called upon to lend a hand. We have announced to dozens of the churches that we are emphasizing “generation Y” get preached to and have a clear message on trusting Christ! Please be praying for just that…that many young people & teens would come and trust Jesus! It just happens to be Spring break next week and this might really work out well for getting young people to our church. Wouldn’t it be GRAND if we packed the place out?

Prov 29:18  Where there is no vision, the people perish…

Please BEG GOD for souls. On the back of a new batch of invitations, many scooped up Sunday morning, I have written, “Will you be the last generation to know Jesus Christ in this country?”

This is a profound question, isn’t it? Life in America is changing quickly and Christians need to have “heads up” to confront “generation Y” with the truth, hence our Youth Rally, before we can’t any longer and be driven to silence and go “underground” as Christians. If you see and feel a  concerted and progressive effort working to STOP Christians you are a discerning Christian. AHOY Shipmate… see this:

Heb 5:14  But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Do these following verses starkly stare the younger generation in America square in the face? Nothing like a King James Bible to Pin the Tail on the donkey….always assessing ahead of the times:

Prov 30:11  There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.

Prov 30:12  There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

Prov 30:13  There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up.

Prov 30:14  There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.

As a dear brother recently commented to me about being taken seriously, let me ask you a question. READY? Do you take God’s Word seriously? If it’s right, and we know it is, there is some rough road ahead for our youth that we need to prepare them for. WATCHMAN WHAT of the NIGHT? Isa 21:11. So shake off the flakes and get with the program, God’s program.

Youth Ablaze

This years theme at Youth Ablaze was “Amazing Grace”.
And a better theme could not have been chosen. Thursday night was a powerful opening with the choir and Eddie Wyatt as the first preacher with Pastor John Jenkins closing up the evening. After the service there was pizza, wings and fellowship in the cafeteria. Chili Bible Baptist Church does an amazing job of being a host church for a conference that has an excess of 1,600 attendees. Friday morning was a continued blessing with preaching from Missionary Aaron Putney, Pastor Willie O’Dell and Mystery preacher Tony Shirley. Friday night is always the most well attended service at Youth Ablaze, a full house was present as the lights dimmed and a faint droning sound was heard. As the sound grew louder a lone bag pipper stepped out from backstage in full kilt and tassels. As he played the first verse of Amazing Grace a second pipper joined him as the sound filled the room and the cheers of praise rang high. The rest of the evening seemed to have the hand of God’s blessing on each aspect of it. Saturday morning was a bitter sweet time as it closed with a final sermon from Pastor Wyatt. If you have never attended Youth Ablaze, my hope would be for this to encourage you to attend in the future.
Signing off, Myke Giardino

Life as a PK

Well hello and welcome to a new mini series for the blog.
“Life as a Pastors Kid” is snippets written by Michael Giardino on life in the ministry serving with his parents.
Stay tuned!