Forget About It – Strength To Forgive

The forgiveness message continues with part 2. Titled “Forget About It” with a sub-title of “Strength To Forgive”.  Pastor is still on point (1) “Holy Kiss”.

Pastor Giardino prefaced the sermon, reiterating from his previous sermon, that “Forgiveness” is the greatest theme in the bible. (It truly is ultimately the message of salvation.) There is nothing that God cannot forgive. There is enough “Forgiveness”, there is enough “Blood”, there is enough “Principle”, and “Sound Doctrine”.

Again, going back a little to bring us up to speed, Pastor had us turn to Gen. 41:51: “”Made” to forget, and 41:52 “Caused” to be fruitful. After prayer for the service and asking for God’s hand in it, he read a bit from Gary D. Stratman’s “Mathematics of Forgiveness” which illustrated how sometimes we need to swallow what is not easy to swallow. Comparing lumps in foods as to how life isn’t always an easy, smooth meal and how “Forgiveness” is one of these lumpy foods that often is hard to swallow.

Before even going to the outline we turn to Gen. 37:30-31. There was a deception going on to make it look like Joseph is dead to their father, Jacob. Pastor threw in Rom 8:28 “All thing works to good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.” Then Gen. 39:1-6. The Lord was with Joseph … Now isn’t God with us as well, if we remain in Him?

When Joseph was going through it, he never complained, didn’t get bitter and hold grudges. He kept on going and did not shut down. Pastor used the analogy of putting on the flood lights and moving straight through the fog of his affliction. The Lord blessed the Egyptian house for Joseph’s sake… Joseph was trusted and well favored in Egypt. Can we learn from Joseph? Can we live in patient endurance, trusting God, and letting God use us to bring about His will?

Here is a quote from Pastor, with the meaning of the words in parenthesis: “Forgiveness is the antithesis (contrary to any other), the mecca (center), the paramount (greatest) of independence.” Speaking of the blessings on America because God was in it just as God was with Joseph, Pastor asked, “Is God’s hand coming off of America?”

Now, trouble comes again and this is the first quote from Joseph since he entered Egypt. Being wooed by His master’s wife he says, “Behold, my master wotteth not (Knows not) what is with me in the house, and he hath committed all that he hath to my hand; There is none greater in this house than I; neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” Joseph knows what sin against God is before the Ten Commandments were delivered through Moses generations later. He denies her advances repeatedly, day by day, and when she becomes demanding she grabbed his garment but he runs out leaving his garment in her hand and she claims Joseph attempted something on her. That landed him in jail. (Before continuing, we need to ask: what would have happened if Joseph succumbed to the temptation? God was using Joseph to save the bloodline of Abraham.) At this point we can wonder what Joseph might be thinking and going through but God is still with him. Instead of hardening him he is becoming soft to the Lord’s will, breaking to God’s will. (Awesome thought, to break to God’s will.) Joseph was able to interpret the dreams of two other prisoners, the Baker and the Butler of the Pharaoh. Joseph asked the Butler to mention Joseph to the Pharaoh when he is restored to his position. However, that never happened, the butler forgot about Joseph. Joseph did not become bitter. Remember Gen 41:52 and how God caused him to be fruitful in his affliction. You cannot be fruitful with an unforgiving spirit. We have past-tense affliction and we have present-tense affliction. They are the lumps in our lives. We can be fruitful in these afflictions and NOT cop an attitude. (Attitude also means a spirit, in this case, a bad spirit.)

Pastor asks, “Do you think God is able help you to forget?” As in Mat 9:28 Jesus asks the blind men, “Believe ye that I am able to do this?” Do we see how God is on top of all of Joseph’s situation? To add to that pastor suggested that maybe after we have been through spiritual boot camp, (Like Joseph), God may be able to bring people back into your life again, after resigning yourself to forget what people have done to you. The temptation of (what would be considered normal), to hold resentment, will a temptation greater than that of youthful lust. Maybe God won’t bring people back into your life because He knows you cannot handle forgiveness. (Forgiveness is not something we do, but something we “become” or “are” in Christ. It is an attribute of our Lord. “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” Mat.6:12. Because he first loved us. A Holy Kiss to our Lord of great gratitude and appreciation and thankfulness, Ps 2:12) Joseph Kisses his brothers in forgiveness, also Luke 15: The prodigal son returns and his father falls on his neck and kisses him when he sees him and doesn’t even allow his son to finish his prepared speech, begins to call for a great celebration. Pastor noted that the son was always the son of the father throughout the whole time of his wanderings, even in the pigpen of the world, he was always called the son.


Pastor Vince Giardino seemed eager from the start to convey this message of Forgiveness. Pastor clued us in that we were going to look at one of the greatest stories in all of God’s word and that is of Joseph. The story of Joseph takes up 12 chapters of the first book in the bible. “The amazing thing is, do you realize that 25% of the first book in the bible has to deal with dialog and storyline regarding the most underlying and thematic topic in all the word of God, and that is ‘Forgiveness'”?

First, reading from 1Pet 1:3. Isn’t this verse speaking about how God had planned out a great forgiveness, leading the elect through sanctification unto obedience and the sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus Christ? I had to take the time to really read this to understand its message. From disobedience unto obedience, where we have grace and peace multiplied unto us. “Forgiveness”

Forgiveness should be the hallmark of why we are sitting here. Forgiveness is what we do not have without God, it comes from divine power, of which Joseph had.

Genesis chapter 37. Joseph being a great and tremendous type of Jesus in the bible. Joseph’s family had issues with Joseph regarding his dreams and the favoritism of their father, Jacob. Eventually his brothers staged his death to their father but actually sold him to some Egyptian travelers. Joseph now is held in high esteem, in Egypt, after much hurt. Now, the brothers come to Egypt for food because of the famine in the land. Joseph held back revealing himself in order to test them. Very dramatic story as Joseph (The Governor in Egypt), with divine power, promotes and works up to the attitude of forgiveness.

Verse 21: The brothers confess their guilty hearts concerning their brother Joseph to Joseph, the governor, and how they delivered him into the hand of foreigners. Joseph setting up the scenario of a great forgiveness. Joseph wanted the glory of God’s purpose and will to shine forth. If Joseph were only lead by his feelings and pride there could have been a very different and fruitless outcome.

Ps. 130:4 – God’s forgiveness is so great it brings about fear in our hearts. We need a good dose of this fear.

Pastor wanted us to really hear the message from Genesis 41:51. Joseph called his firstborn son Manaseth, which means “forgetting”. “For God, said he, hath made me to forget all my toil, and all my father’s house.” We can’t forget our toil and turmoil But God can give us the ability. (His divine power) Pastor preaching several times, that infamous Italian quote, “FORGET ABOUT IT.” Gen. 41:52 His second son’s name he called Ephraim: “For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.” Fruitful in affliction. “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy faith is small.

We will suffer affliction, even by those of our own. Zach. 13:6 “And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

2Pet.1:8-9 What we need to be fruitful. “If these things are yours and abound…” If others don’t see forgiveness and grace from us, what are they seeing? The word of God is in us like food during a famine. Can they come to us? Have we shut doors? I think of what I was told once. There is a difference between forgiving and being forgiveness. “Christ in us, the hope of glory.”

Pastor encouraged us to receive this message so that we can start applying it so that fruitfulness (Ephraim) will be in us.

Pastor brought up three points:

  1. Holy Kiss
  2. Holy Grace
  3. Holy Cause

Point (1) Gen. 45:1-15. Joseph falling upon the neck of Benjamin, the youngest of the other brethren, and revealed who he was and went and kissed all the brothers. Ps.2:12 – “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry….” Luke 7:37-48: Of the woman who was forgiven much and wept and washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and kissed His feet. “He who has been forgiven much, loves much.”

There was not enough time to continue with points 2 and 3. Lord willing we will hear more next Sunday morning. If God has shown great forgiveness and patience, ought we not be the same?

A Father’s Following

Entitled “A Father’s Following“, Pastor Giardino brought an appropriate message on Father’s Day, June 17. As we all turned to 1Pet 2:21-24, pastor spoke about how children learn more by what they see than what they are told.

To be imitators of Christ. 1Pet 2:21. Christ gave us an example to follow. Some of the synonyms and defining words for “example” are: Pattern, Copy, Model, To Imitate.

We ought to copy and be imitators of our Father. So using 1Pet 2:21-24 Pastor gave us seven items. As we read we find these are what Jesus did.

Here is the check list of imitating our Lord:

  1. Don’t Sin
  2. No Guile
  3. Don’t Revile
  4. Don’t threaten
  5. Commit to God’s Judgment
  6. Dead to Sin
  7. Do Right

Is. 1:2 – Even the best father in all the universe has rebellious children. God knows how to deal with rebellion. He has been good to us and we get like a bunch of rebels.

Pastor brought up 4 points:

  1. “The Appealing of the Father”. God always deals with the rebellion, head on and then appeals to His children. Is. 1:17-19. Always makes a way of escape. Is. 51:10-11 God concludes He will have a redeemed people.
  2. “Revealing of the Father”. Is.2:1-5 “Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord…”
  3. “Stealing of the Father”. In this case “father” referring to; “you are of your father the devil.” John 8:44. The devil wants to steal from the True Father. Using government and false religious leadings. Eph. 2:1-10 We were once under the leading of the devil. Let it suffice as time past. Eph.2:4 “But God” Thank you Father God for your redeeming power through Christ.
  4. “Leading of the Father”. Is.42:6-14 God leads us by our hand. We can see God wants to and is excited about leading us. Is.42:14 God holding back His wrath toward His enemies. There is a time by which God pours out His wrath toward all those who set themselves against God and His children.

The Beauty of the Lord – June 3rd Sermon by Pastor Giardino

Pastor Giardino brought a message entitled “The Beauty of the Lord”. The title alone is captivating however, Pastor brought us through the back door to God’s beauty for reasons that will become clear.

While we turned to the opening scripture in Ps. 90:17 Pastor reiterated the words from Katherine Lee Bates’ poem/song “America the Beautiful”. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Pastor read the main verses to the song. Now, consider “America”… Not so beautiful anymore. In the current news we find news of horrendous and gruesome events. A man chewing off the face of another man in an attack in Miami and others pertaining to cannibalism and mutilation of other humans by men. Judges 19:29 details an event that should make you cringe and stop and be arrested in heart yet we tend to get desensitized as this happens more and more. Gross, horrendous, demonic, jolting, mind boggling, ugliness, sin, brutality (Mat 27:29 Brutally mocking the Lord Jesus) Is. 52:14 (Marred beyond recognition) Jesus took that brutality and violence, that rises up in the hearts of sinful men, upon himself. Is. 53:1-5 (The result (fruit) of my sin, including violence, death, and brutal perverseness was taken and laid upon Jesus. May this great and beautiful mercy of Jesus abound in us.)

Back to Ps. 90:17 “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.” This was a prayer of Moses asking that the work of our hands demonstrate the glory and beauty of God. “establish it.”

Someday we shall behold His glorious beauty. Is. 33:17, 1Jn 3:2 and be like Him.

Here are two bookend verses to consider. Is. 1:21-23 How ugly the faithful city has become. Murderers, harlots, thieves and rebellion. This is the nasty now, even in the church. We have been given a wondrous promise of a new faithful city called the “New Jerusalem” Rev. 21-2

What does it take to have the beauty of the Lord?

#1 – A BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Ps. 19:7-10 The King James Bible. (By the Kings Authority, was established and authorized for all men and faiths, by the king.) Pastor used a prop to demonstrate. Having a newly boxed toy sold by Hess gas stations he showed how nice it looked all packaged up with a display window. A good toy just as it is, however, when unpacked there was a tiny little tab that needed to be removed on the bottom that kept the toy from expressing its full potential. It had power that could only be utilized by pulling the tab off, discarding the tab and then flipping the switch to on. The Lights Come On. WOW! 2Co. 3:2-17 (The veil to understanding removed)

#2 – A BEAUTIFUL BODY (Church) A beautiful body of believers. Eph. 5:26 and Eph. 5:29-30

#3 – A BEAUTIFUL BOUNTY Gal. 5:22 The fruits of the Spirit. Prov. 25:11 (Speaking a word fitly, is beautiful) Our words and life demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit. “You will know them by their fruits” Mat. 7:16 Look at the last verse in Proverbs. 31:31 “Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.” Puts #2 and #3 together.

Philippians 2:14-16 “That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life;” and to sum it up, Philip. 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,…honest,…just,…pure,…lovely,…of a good report, if there be any virtue,…praise, think on these things.

A Family Camp Sermon: Lessons From Peter’s Denial Of Christ

Notes from Family Camp written by Sis Leah Kaz:

Well, the morning started out early here at Camp Li-Lo-Li with a prayer marathon starting at 5am. Paul Schreiner led the crew and it was a beautiful time of fellowship, prayer and worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We just about missed breakfast, but got there just in time for the left-overs.

After breakfast the families that have already settled in got ready for some sweet preaching from Brother Strobel. Wow did he come out of the gate swingin. The message was on “Lessons from Peter’s denial of Christ” and it was right over the plate. Unfortunately the message was unable to be recorded, so it was a special message just for those who arrived early to camp this year. We have some notes for you to take a look at below. I know that I got what I could, but I sure missed some of the content of this loaded message.

LUKE 22:54-62

1) It doesn’t feel good to deny Christ.

  • The pleasures of sin aren’t better than the pleasure of Christ. Luke 22:57-59: “Woman, I know him not”, “Man, I am not”, “Man, I know not what thou sayest”.
  • Take note that Peter wept bitterly once he realized what he had done.
  • This is a picture of the Judgment Seat of Christ. People will wake from their spirit of slumber (Rev 1:14) – Our words will be tried by fire.
  • Peter REMEMBERED the Word of the Lord.
  • Inevitably we deny Christ at some point in our life in some way.
  • Weather you have an awakening here on earth or at the Judgment Seat of Christ, there will be some bitter tears.

2) People are likely to find out.

  • Your sins will always find you out.
  • God has his eye on you ALL of the time.
  • People watch and wait for you to fall (Luke 11:53-54, Jer 20:10-11, Psalm 35:18,19-21)
  • Weigh the risk vs. benefit … is it worth it to deny Christ? NO!

3) Why did Peter deny Christ?

  • -Earlier that day Peter was standing up for Christ.-Peter did not have the spirit of fear at all, so why did he fall?
  • -Peter got upset with Jesus, and that’s where it starts with us sometimes. Maybe when things don’t go quite the way we thought they would or how we planned, we also get upset.
A) Peter got upset with the Lord.
B) He failed to watch and pray (was falling asleep during prayer meetings) 1 Cor 10:12 – TAKE HEED LEST YE FALL
D) Peter followed afar off – Luke 22:54 – STAY CLOSE!!
  • He that sits on a fence often falls off on the wrong side.
  • Luke 22:55 – Don’t hang around the wrong crowd – It will rub off on you!

4) After denial you have to face the Lord about it.

  • Refer to John 21:9
  • Get things taken care of here on earth and be prepared to have a good experience at the Judgement Seat of Christ.
  • CLIMB! PUT THE EFFORT IN. Be humble & step by step you can get back to where you were before you denied Christ.
  • John 21:18-22 – FOLLOW THOU ME – Jesus made it easy…. Here it is Peter, just follow me man!
  • Don’t worry about what John is doing! Don’t worry about what others do!
  • Keep your eyes on the Lord and your own race.
A) He denied Christ.
B) He faced Christ.
C) He almost messed up again.

5) Even if you deny Christ God can still use you!

  • Amen for that!
  • Acts 2:41 – 3,000 souls were saved as a result of Peter’s ministry just 50 days after he denied Christ. God had him right back to work … get back to the plow after you mess up. You have some ground to make up, but you will be just fine.


Okay, I am going to go eat some lunch and then finish the Prayer Marathon. If you have denied Christ or are even contemplating sin, get it taken care of now and get back to work for the Lord. He needs you active in His army!

Vanity Fair – Sunday Morning 05/20/2012 at GLBBC

(Given the season of summer arriving, it is often a time when we relax our guard. The young men and women will be out and about. The “Vanity Fair” opens its doors, free admission.)

Pastor Vince Giardino opened with Proverbs 23:1-3. Before reading the scripture he explained to us about John Bunyan and his book of “Pilgrim’s Progress”. John spent many of his Christian years behind bars in England because his ministry was outside of the protacal church set up by England’s authorities. That was the Catholic Church. Pilgrim’s Progress was a symbolic, metaphorical book based on the life of a Christian. In the book Christian comes to a place known as “Vanity Fair”. A place where all kinds of desirable things and offerings were available. (It seems that the vanities of Vanity Fair are presented to us regularly during our Christian life.)

Proverbs 23:1-3 Pastor explained that we could consider the ruler in verse 1 as what rules us. Ps. 141:3-4 was David crying out to God to keep him from wickedness and to not eat of their dainties.

  • Appetite – Natural Desire for pleasure or good. Gratification of body and/or mind.
  • Dainties – Something nice, looks good to the eyes and tastes good.
  1. “The Ruler” When the time comes when we sit down (relax) before the ruler. Watch what you are looking at. What controls us will offer the little dainties. We should know we are being set up and just say, “No Thanks”. Prov. 20:17 “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth will be filled with gravel. 1Pet 4:3 Our past as explained by Peter. “Let it suffice”. If we are not saying “No” then what are we full of that does not give us the ability? Heb.5:12 is about our growing up or digressing in our faith. Consider your appetite, how it should be for righteousness. Lk 15:16-17
  2. “The Remedy” To remedy the rulership. Prov 23:2 – The part of us that would be desirous of the dainties, should be dead on the cross, but kill the old man. Rom. 6:6 “our old man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.” 2Pet. 2:6-9 – The remedy being to kill the man of sin and know that God knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation.
  3. “The Reality” Prov. 23:3 Deceitful food, a promise of good but only evil results. The reality we should have a taste for faith. Ps 19:9-10 The desire for the things of God. Is 55:1-2 What God offers as opposed to the dainties. The Bread of Life, wine and milk. “…let your soul delight itself with fatness.” Jn 4:10 “Living Water” by which we will never thirst. Remember the warning in Prov 23:1 “Diligently” consider what is before thee. Urgently consider.

Just saying “No” does not work alone, but it is our faith in knowing that God delivers us out of the house of bondage. (That Egypt, in us; the ruling Pharaoh.) By faith we can say “No” and not reconsider later. It is the trust and the hope that is set before us. God has delivered us and will bring it to completion.

“Worship” 05/13/2012

Pastor Vince Giardino combined the important day of Mother’s day with a message of “Worship”. Quite a leap but WOW, what a message.

OK, who knows who Moses’ mother was, by name??? A question asked to the congregation by Pastor. I was stupid and thought the Egyptian woman was his mother. Though God ordained Moses to be raised by the Egyptian, Ex: 6:20 clearly says Moses was the son of Jochebed, his mother and Amram, his father. Moses was a Hebrew child.

Mother, Mom, Mama, Ma, no matter how you put it, it is clear “Mom Loves You Best”. She saved Moses from being killed by the Egyptian Pharaoh by putting him in a basket and sent him on the bank of the water. Ex.2:3 (Moses was drawn out from the water.) “Water” … remember that word for we are baptized through water. Pastor directed us to the opening scripture: Is.66:13. God loves us like a Mother.

“Women” were so incredibly important in Biblical history and faith history as Pastor read to us the moments of Lady Jane Grey before her murder/martyr because of her faith. She was not biblical but her story is documented.

Worship seems to be different between men and women. Men are to worship with humbleness and surrender, while women worship with their demeanor and dress. 1Tim.2:8-10. I really loved this message.

After pastor couldn’t wait to get to Luke chapter 1, with several delays, we find Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary was an example of worship. We read Lk 1:26-38. Verse 38 was her worship. Lk 1:38 And Mary said,”Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

John 4: 23-24 Explains to us that God is a Spirit and those who worship Him MUST worship in Spirit AND in Truth. Not about a physical assembly at a certain place but as a gathering in Truth by His Spirit.

Sunday Morning Sermon, 05/06/2012, “Definite Time”

Pastor Vince Giardino brought us to Ecc. Chapter 3 after viewing a beautiful video put together for the Youth Rally’s “Moment in Time”.

Titling the message “Definite Time” we read the 1st verse: “To Every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Have we ever asked ourselves or God, “What is my purpose?” God has laid down a time for “Every” purpose under heaven.

The author of this book, Solomon, had a very unique and special call and purpose. Having been given the gift of great wisdom, he was allowed to live and experience freely and still maintain his mind, through the Holy Spirit, in order to make evaluations of man’s purpose upon the earth. Pastor used the analogy of a Gold Credit Card, drawn from Heaven’s account in that he was able to get all that he wanted.

Solomon, having started with verse 1, summed up the evaluation in verse 17 of Ecc. Chapter 3. “I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” Pastor encouraged all believers to read this book as the synopsis would be, “Man is in need of a Savior.” Though man, in his heart, cries out for a Savior they still spends their life in vanity rather than to acknowledge God. It is shown in this chapter that God is in control.

Pastor pulled out a device called a “Definite Purpose Contact” that is used in electronics to perform a definite purpose. Are we aware, as believers, that we have been given a definite purpose to good works. Eph. 2:10. There is a 1st birth (earthly) and a 2nd birth (spiritual). James4:14 For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

How about all my excuses as to why I cannot go to the great banquet. Lk 14:16-21 Even Peter in similar context as Ecc. 3:17 encourages us in 1Pet 4:1-6 to let the time past suffice to the evil things and to rather live out the rest of our time as Christ lived.

We have too much and we bury ourselves with bills and worldly burdens. What will it take? Will it take the food shelves being empty and the gas stations having no gas before we kindle the fire of our faith and respond to the time remaining?

Let us look upon Christ who binds no heavy burden and has lifted the sting of sin (Our Guilt) in order that we may be filled with all joy through his love and be children of God. Consider it a great blessing to bring the gospel to the dead that they might live according to God in the spirit. 1Pet 4:6.

Idle Tales

Did you miss service at GLBBC this past Sunday morning? You need not be troubled, for the sermon (and every Sunday morning service) is available at our website, Click on the Hear Preaching button.

This past Sunday’s sermon, titled “Idle Tales”, is 52 minutes of blessed soul food. As you begin to listen, be sure to open to Luke chapter 4. “Our life should not be an idle tale”, Pastor Vince Giardino preached. What did he mean by this? He explains in his sermon in three points:

  1. Idle Worship – Is your life empty, without meaning, and without satisfaction? We need to be either saved or need revival.
  2. Idle Words – Ultimately, we will have to give account for all our idle words and electronic texts. God has recorded everything ever said. Unless it is covered by the precious blood of Christ, we will be held accountable.
  3. Idle Works – John Wesley once said, “What I can do, God helping me, I can do.” Our works must be for the glory of God, doing all things “in the name of the Gospel”, Pastor said. Idle works will be burned up when the Lord returns (Peter 3:10) and judged (Rev 20:12-13).

“Preparation for the Time”

Note: Portions of this article have been edited. With a surprise visitor present, Pastor Vince Giardino reminded us, by reading Psalm 100, to be joyful and thankful to the Lord. And how could we not be after a blessed weekend at Gospel Light, which included the much anticipated (and highly successful) Youth Rally this past Friday evening. Our Pastor called for individual testimonies of thanks from his flock and many gladly spoke.

As mentioned, this was a evening and we were greatly blessed by the presence of one of our church’s great friends, Charlie B. Most of us know his younger brother, the local piano teacher Brad, with whom many among us have taken lessons from.

With great admiration for his evident passion for the Israeli people, we listened to Charlie detail his plan to return to the that nation with his wife and family in order to pursue charity work.

The lights were dimmed, the big screen lowered and a slide presentation was given of Charlie’s previous visit to Jerusalem. We saw many Israeli people and the streets of Jerusalem. He gave testimonies of the many doors opened in Israel and of the people he interacted with to spread the gospel message. His method of approach on the streets is that of engaging in conversation. He spoke of how Orthodox Jews are very well versed in the Old Testament. Likewise however, the entire Bible to our missionary friend is as familiar to him as the alphabet. Thus, with intelligence and Spirit-driven compassion, Bro. Charlie was often able to direct the conversation to Christ and His sacrifice. “Jews require a sign”, Charlie said, and showing you care about the people and their country is surely a sign that works.

Charlie began a sermon from the book of Esther (2:7-8,10, 4:13-15), that he titled “Preparation for the Time”. We read how Esther, blessed with beauty and grace from God, went from a slave to being chosen queen of Persia. God had prepared Esther for this purpose. God brought her to a place in time where she could help save the scattered nation of Israel. It was hard to misunderstand where the sermon was going: God will put each of us in a position to do something for His glory and purpose … if we allow it. We were warned that our potential to do God’s purpose is diminished, if not destroyed, by our bad testimony. With sin and skeletons in our closet, then there can be no glory for God.

Thus, how do we get to that place where we can fulfill God’s purpose for us? How can we be sure that we will be able to do what God wants us to do with the position He puts us in? We were given a four step process to “Prepare for the Time”:

  1. Daily Devotions – Daily reading greatly help to stay in the Lord. God to speaks to us through His Word.
  2. Careful Communication – Read Titus 2:1-2. We need to watch our speech, keeping it sound and pure. Be discreet even in computer texts and tweets. “People are going to want to find a reason you are dirty”, we were told.
  3. Strive for Mastery – Whatever you do for the Lord, do it well. And with everything you do, do it as a testimony for Christ.
  4. Realize Our Purpose – Read Rev 4:11. The purpose of our creation is to please God. “Our goal should be to live every single day for God … we serve a higher being”, Brother Charlie taught.

It is not hard to appreciate and admire the man, Charlie B. But he would be the first to tell you to appreciate and admire our Lord, who is working through this faithful man to bring the truth to foreign lands. Nevertheless, thank you Charlie for choosing to let God work in you.

For the Love of Christ

Sunday Morning, 04/15/2012 Pastor Giardino


After prayer for God’s help in delivering the message and opening hearts pastor gave us the opening verses of 2Cor.5:14-15. Pastor read words from a song written by Elisabeth Prentiss (26 October 1818 – 13 August 1878) called “More Love To Thee, O Christ”.

The message began to unfold as it would unveil why we love Jesus our Lord and Christ.

The word “Constrained” came to life, from the opening verses as Pastor used good words to explain its meaning. I especially remember the word “irresistible”. The Love of Christ is powerfully irresistible and causes us to respond because of God’s great outpouring of sacrifice. When WE should experience death and hell, Jesus did it in our place, proving His great love and then raising from the dead to prove He has the power to love us.

Pastor lead us to various verses to bring us into, and persuade us to, the Love of Christ. Do we lightly esteem Him?

I couldn’t help but realize how this is not about religion or rules to follow, it is about a bond of an eternal relationship.

Pastor ended with this:

  • An Exchanged Life
  • An Exclaimed Life
  • or and Excused Life

All of 2Cor. Chapter 5 is about the “Exchanged Life”. Paul is an example of an “Exclaimed” life as everything out of his mouth is an exclamation. Paul ended the chapter with verses 20-21 showing the move from the Exchanged life to an “Exclaimed” life.

Or we may decide to have an “Excused” life, where we make excuses, similar to those in Luke 14:16-20. Let us cling to the cross of His love and hold fast without entertaining any thoughts of discouragement.

“Bring A Friend Day” – Sunday Morning Service 03/25/2012


Pastor Giardino spoke about “friendship” on a day called “Bring A Friend Day”. He first opened up with a quote from L.B. Johnson who was asked why do we support Israel when they are so out numbered? He responded with,”Because it is right.”

Today our support and friendship with Israel is questionable which may reverse how God has blessed our nation. John Adams is quoted as saying, “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man more than any other nation” The Jewish faith was predominantly a faith of liberty.

Jesus asked what do we have over any other if we love only those who love us in return. “Love your enemies” Mat:5:43-48 Pastor brought out how even Judas Iscariat, who betrayed Him, was called “friend”, by Jesus. Mat: 26:47-50

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus went in to eat with sinners rather than those who have no need of healing? It was clearly claimed by the onlookers that Jesus ate and drank with publicans and sinners. He was a friend to them. Mat. 9:11-13 Pastor challenged us as to who we give our friendship to. Do we just hang out with those that agree with us?

Our support should constantly be for those who support us, even Israel, since the promise is through them. Secondly, there should be a reaching out to those who are in need, spiritually. The poor in in spirit. This is truly what makes us shine in this world of perverseness. Phil.2:12-15

Sunday 03/11/2012 Morning Service

Pastor Vince Giardino wanted to give to us something he was impressed with. The phrase “Little Children”.
He opened with 1Jn 2:1-2. How Apostle John called the believers “Little Children”.
“Little Children” is mentioned 9 times in the book of 1John. Paul used the same term of relationship when speaking to the Galatians in Gal.4:19. Pastor used the term “Book Ends” to illustrate (1st) “Born Again”, (2nd) “Till Christ be formed in you.” It is important that we see ourselves as little children growing into Christ.
It is important enough that Jesus said, (Mat.18:3), that unless one convert and become as little children there is no other means by which to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, Mat.19:14, The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the Little Children.
What a beautiful message of how we are Born Again, as little children, spiritually, and to keep that recognition of what we are in God’s eyes, through Christ.
Pastor brought up how in 1John alone, the word “Love” is mentioned 40 times. To love God and the brethren and to grow in that love because God made a way for relationship through Jesus, who by taking it all upon Himself, has removed all wrath and all guilt. No other is “The Way”; “Love” being the fruit of that relationship.

Brother Vince Massa at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Giardino took notes during the March 4th Sunday night message that Brother Vince Massa preached to Gospel Light. Here are some of the major points.

  • In order to serve the Lord, you must submit yourselves to Him!
  • We must worship God! God is seeking individuals to worship Him!
  • God wants worship. “If your not saved here tonight, you may become a worshiper of the anti-Christ.”
  • For the most part, the great sin of our churches is “self” sitting on the throne.
  • The book of Matthew was used to learn some things of Jesus Christ.

Worship requires submission and an acknowledgment of the Lord in His person! His person is this:

1. His Rule and His Deity:

  • If your going to learn how to worship you’d had better learn how to give!
  • The disciples realized the Lord’s deity through the calming of the storm! When you recognize who He is, then you’ll have to worship Him and submit to Him!
  • We know that Jesus is God. Do you realize this is God in the flesh?
  • If He is God in the flesh, then I must worship! We have eternal life because He is the son of God. We have a witness in ourselves. The Holy Ghost tells us.

2. His Word:

  • Are you willing to submit to what God is saying to you through His Word, or do you make excuse for yourself?
  • Use this prayer: “In me dwells no good thing. Cleanse thou me in my mind and in my spirit. Help me to worship thee, what thou sayest I will do!”
  • Pray this also: “Lord I don’t have the sense to run my life! I’m not wise enough, smart enough, to run this life.”
  • We need to submit and hand over the reigns of our lives to God.

Pastor Vince Massa Preaches at GLBBC, March 4th, 2012

Sunday 3/4/12: It was good to hear from Pastor Vince Massa this Sunday morning. He would come down and walk amongst us and touch and look as he spoke to us. From time to time you will hear him slam his hand on the pulpit.

He opened up with Acts 26:1-28. What does it mean to be a Christian, according to the Bible? This portion of Acts is about Paul the Apostle, who’s life has been in itself an open book, a man who was saved by the grace of God. It may be difficult to see why Pastor Massa used this scripture as a means to help us to know: “How to be a Christian” and “What is a Christian”.

  1. To be born again. To trust and to know forgiveness. To trust Christ and to trust Christ alone. It is the only way God, the Holy Spirit, works through.
  2. To act in obedience toward repentance. Repentance means to change your mind. Act 26:20 “To turn”. “Works that meet (are right) for repentance”.
  3. To KNOW you have been born again.
  4. To grow in grace. “To love what I hated and to hate what I loved” The world and all it offers as opposed to Christ. (Luke 2:52) Increased.
  5. To surrender to God’s will.
  6. To live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  7. To live a life that gives glory to God.

What Really is the “Greatest Love of All”?

This past Sunday morning at Gospel Light, Pastor Vince Giardino began his sermon by reading I Sam 18:1-4. Here is a passage showing the splendid relationship between David, who was not yet King, and Jonathan, who was the son of King Saul and the heir apparent to the throne. “The soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David” 1 Sam 18:1. Pastor made these analogies:

  • Saul was a type of old man in the flesh.
  • David was a type of Christ, a picture of Jesus Christ.
  • Jonathan was a type of Christian, a believer torn between allegiances.

Thus we see Jonathan caught between love for his father and love for David. Jonathan’s choice? “Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul” 1 Sam 18:3.

Pastor made mention of the recently deceased Whitney Houston who grew up in a Baptist Church. Her life and career showed that she loved Christ, but she was also in love with the world. Like ships that have gone down at sea, we can be raised to walk as Christians, but find ourselves on the wrong path and on the way to ruin. Whitney Houston “cast her pearls before swine”, our pastor preached. The lyrics of her chart-topping song, “Greatest Love of All”, spoke of love of self as that greatest love. We know that the greatest love is “the love of Jesus Christ”, Pastor Giardino declared. Whitney Houston made the wrong choice and failed to make a covenant with Christ.

“Will we make the wrong choice?”, we were asked. Pastor directed us to 2 Sam 1:24-26 where David laments over Saul, who lavishes his people with worldly goods, and over the recent death of Jonathan in battle. Pastor then exhorted his flock to “make the choice to go against the Sauls in your life” and choose to use your God-given talents for Christ. The relationship between Christ and the believer surpasses any love that exists on earth.

Keep God First!

OK, so things get a bit delayed at Gospel Light from time to time. It’s not like you didn’t notice that people are busy this winter doing the Lord’s work. God’s Word is timeless, and so also are our dear pastor’s inspired messages. So with that thought in mind, here is a sermon capsule from way back to January 11th, written by one of our sister’s in Christ.Our Service was entitled “Worry Wart”! Pastor Giardino used several Bible references pertaining to worrying, anxiety, depression, and anything else that troubles our minds. He pointed out how the word “worry” is not in our Bible. 2 Chronicles 20:15 “The battle is not yours, but God’s.” Pastor G emphasized to us how we need to move forward! In addition, if we fear, worry, & stress, we become paralyzed and stand still. The Bible uses the word “affliction” but “anxiety” nor “anxious” are not found in the Bible. The word TRUST was emphasized!!! TRUST in God and put the Lord first.

Psalm 37:3 says just do good! God will get you through, give it to the Lord! Sometimes we think too much about materialistic and unnecessary things. There are people who have no food, no money, no clothes, and we worry about other things that make no sense. When you are afflicted and are going through pressure, grab your Bible. You must TRUST in the Lord to get you through your situation. Pastor G says we need to be responsible, but should not take life so seriously. He stated that when you are fretting or fretful, and worry, you turn from the things you should not and need the most. KEEP GOD FIRST!!!!

You Are Accountable – Evangelist Tony Petronico

On this past Sunday evening, GLBBC welcomed Staff Evangelist Tony Petronico from Grace Baptist Church in Gaylord Michigan to the pulpit. Generally when Bro. Petronico is in the area, he gives us a call and asks if he can join us. Each time he comes, it is a little impromptu, but always a needed blessing for the people of Gospel Light. Not surprisingly, he brought us a great message.

We sang a hearty round of hymns and, for the very first time, Roberto Caletz stood in front and sang a solo. As Bro. Tony approached the pulpit, he commented on the hymns, telling us that a message had already been preached in song. Our first hymn, “Who is On the Lord’s Side?” asked the question, and “I am Resolved!” answered the question. Because we are resolved to live on the Lord’s side, we have the privilege of looking forward to “Beulah Land!” The lesson in this, Bro. Petronico pointed out was: “Stop coming to church and waiting for the preaching to be the blessing. All of the service is important!” It was already a great start to an evening of worship and preaching.

As for the rest of our evening, we listened to Bro. Tony Petronico deliver his penetrating sermon. His main theme was that, if we ever need revival in our families, today is the day. “Normal” should be the Bible and living by it. However, the truth is that normal is just what we accept; we tend to settle rather than strive for more. Have we forgotten that Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” John 10:10?

Several questions were put before us. “Are you living the abundant Christian life?” “Am I?” “Why is it that Bible principles become options when they interfere with our plans?” These are questions that sit heavy on one’s soul.

Bro. Petronico then provided a critical analysis of the many distractions we allow in our lives that divert us and our children from Bible principles. We let in abominations, just as did Jerusalem (see Ezekiel chapter 16), forgetting about Christ.

We read 2 Chron 29:5, “And said unto them, Hear me, ye Levites, sanctify now yourselves, and sanctify the house of the Lord God of your fathers, and carry forth the filthiness out of the holy place.” We were encouraged to “Sanctify” – To separate, set apart or appoint to a holy, sacred use. But just as the “fathers have trespassed” in 2 Chron 29:5, today also fathers have trespassed, neglecting their responsibilities toward toward their families.

Thus inevitably, one learns to “be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Gal 6:7. And so the people of Israel suffered for the evil of their fathers: “Wherefore the wrath of the Lord was upon Judah and Jerusalem, and he hath delivered them to trouble” … “For, lo, our fathers have fallen by the sword, and our sons and our daughters and our wives are in captivity for this” 2 Chron 29:8-9.

Bro. Petronico warned that there is trouble on every side because we don’t do what God says. Our families are held captive by Hollywood, the world, TV, movies, our computers, and so much more. Now is time to covenant with the Lord! “Now it is in mine heart to make a covenant with the Lord God” 2 Chron 29:10.

What is our problem? Assuredly it is this – Idols! An idol is anything that takes up more of our time than God does! If we were to tithe our time, we would give God 2.4 hours each day. It is easy to give the TV that much time, but do we give as much to the Lord? Bro. Petronico gave testimonies of tithing of both money and time. One example was people that pray for 3 hours daily, but end up having more than enough time to do what else they need to do. This is due to God multiplying their day because of their faithfulness to give of their time. This can apply to every area of our own lives!

If God lives in us, we force Him to sit there and watch our abominations and to listen to His name being blasphemed. Just as in Israel of old, we, as fathers, turn our backs to God and toward that which is evil in His eyes. Can we not then expect the same consequences that befell Israel? What is the fate of our children, who are being bombarded and “devoured” by the seductive idols and degrading images of this world. We are killing our kids. There was no subtlety in Bro. Tony Petronico’s admonishment: “Men, protect your family. YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE!

Running On Empty – another review of this key message!

Sunday Morning Sermon, 02/12/2012, by Pastor Giardino, titled “Running On Empty“.

Key Verse: Jer: 48:11 “Moab hath been at ease from his youth, and he hath settled on his lees, and hath not been emptied from vessel to vessel, neither hath he gone into captivity: therefore his taste remained in him, and his scent is not changed.”

Topics: (1) Empty Tomb    (2) Empty Whom    (3) Empty Womb

Interesting how those three topics apply to each other.

(1) We were once dead and made alive in Christ. We do not want to go back to the tomb. The only thing, as a Christians, that should be empty, is the tomb.

(2) If we are alive in Christ then we should be Empty of Whom. Moab was not emptied, the assumption is there was something to empty out. (Empty oneself with the fullness of God in us) because of the Empty Tomb. Key Verse above.

(3) Now, if the Tomb is empty and Christ is now in us we empty ourselves which brings fruit to the body of Christ. It should be natural to want children.

This IS how it works. We can be Filled and Full and Runneth Over or stagnate because we want it to be about us, not Him.

To listen to this sermon click on, “Hear Preaching” ( and select the date: 02/12/2012.

Running on Empty

Pastor Vince Giardino’s sermon this past Sunday, Feb 12, was titled “Running On Empty”. He began with Jer 48:11 to introduce the sermon’s main idea of empty vessels. The tireless faith of John Knox from Scotland was used as an example of a man who had emptied himself of “self” and filled his “vessel” with the Lord’s will. This famous preacher was praying for others right up to the moment of his death. He was “a man emptied of himself, filled with God”. Nahum 2:2 was used to show God emptying Jacob and Israel of themselves.

Pastor Giardino suggested people feel empty and with no purpose because they had thought their lives would be better after being saved. The hopelessness comes from still relying on things of this world instead of Christ, who would bring “a life of fulfillment, joy, peace, and love”. Reading Jer 48:11, Pastor showed Moab living a life of self and not willing to go forward for God. For a child of God, it should be opposite. In Zeph 1:12, Zephaniah intended to search Jerusalem and punish those living for self, settled and neutral. We also can be neutral, saying that the Lord won’t chastise me, nor will he bless me. Are we emptying ourselves for Christ?

1. The Empty Tomb

Using Job 21:32, Pastor asked us if we are remaining in our tomb, rather than like Christ who rose from the tomb, leaving it empty. Do we live the resurrected life, a life that reflects what Christ did for us? Do we remain in our tomb?

2. The Empty Whom

In Gal 1:13-23, Pastor showed us how, after his conversion, Paul needed to get emptied of himself in order to be used of God. Paul was alone with Christ, being emptied of self, for three years so that he could transform from the persecutor to the preacher. We were reminded that its not about what we want, but its about God’s will on earth. We need to be emptied of everything.

In Heb 11:23-25, Moses refused to seen as the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, his worldly profile, but chose to suffer with the people of Israel. Pastor Giardino asked, “Have you been emptied of whom because of an empty tomb?” We learn from Moses that there are better riches in Christ than the riches of Egypt.

3. The Empty Womb

Pastor Giardino used Gen 30:1 to show it is normal for a child of God to bear children, just as Rachael pleaded to bear a child for Jacob, “Give me children, or else I die” Gen 30:1. John Knox, in his devotion to God’s will, played off this scriptural passage when he said, “Give me Scotland, or else I die.” Our children should be spiritual children, as we invest in others, vessel to vessel. Our existence should be toward bearing children of God through the second birth. Rom 6:18-22 reveals that being made free from sin, we become servants to God and should be experiencing the fruit of leading someone to Christ. Rom 7:4-5 indicates that we are as good as married to Christ and “we should bring forth fruit unto God”. Just as Isaac asked God that his wife bear a child (Gen 25:19-23), so does Christ entreat that his church produce fruit.

Pastor concluded with Gal 4:27-29. He pointed out that the unsaved are adding more heathen to their roster, adding more fruit than us. Nevertheless, “Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise” and were “born after the Spirit” Gal 4:28-29.