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Many people visit our website and blog in search of a church to call home.

It is not unusual for us to have visitors in our morning services because of this.


We at Gospel Light are a family.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Evangelist Anthony Petronico

Evangelist Anthony Petronico & Family

As a graduate of Grace Baptist College, Evangelist Anthony Petronico has given his life to the task of the Great Commission. Solid, Spirit-filled Bible preaching has marked his ministry with God’s blessing.


Happy 4th!

Stand For Marriage Rally – Tuesday, June 14

On Tuesday, June 14, at 11 AM, concerned citizens from all across Western NY are asked to descend upon Rochester City Hall to participate in a “Stand for Marriage” rally. Pastor Vince Giardino will be there, as well as a number of other members of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Won’t you join the fight in this most important moral issue? Help stop the attempt to redefine marriage.

An E-mail Message from Pastor Giardino

My beloved Gospel Light and friends!

I’m so excited about the results of Family Camp 2011! The “newbie’s” that went by … some faith … to a strange place 3 hours out of town and followed my lead along with YOU promoting Family Camp, LOVED IT! Even Pastor Massa said they’ll probably have 50+ if the Lord Tarries for Family Camp 2012, for his “newbie’s” loved it. Talking about The Lord’s eminent return… the Jewish

Pentecost for 2011 falls on June 12th, just a week from this coming Lord’s Day! Wouldn’t it be something if Jesus appeared in the clouds while we were in church while Dr. Sam Gipp was preaching … how cool is that thought! There are “better things” to think about isn’t there.. ( tongue and cheek!)??

Let’s me say some things about this coming week and preparing for our Bible Conference. I’m slammed with details like never before, Please pray for me and my family as we are on an extremely fast-track to prepare many details. If you can help decorate for a theme for the KING JAMES 400th anniversary to be in place for Friday the 10th, please see my wife. I’ll probably want them in place for weeks ahead at this middle juncture of the year albeit JUNE 2011.

CHALLENGE: Please consider FASTING from tv/movies before and during our special meetings with Dr. Gipp, starting this SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Maybe it’s something ADDITIONAL that you could FAST from to get your SPIRIT ready for the sermons you’ll be hearing. I’ m requesting for you to be in the number for FULL SERVICES for the HOLY GHOST to touch your heart in this very crucial time of our ministry. On WEDNESDAY we’ll once again fast as a CHURCH, Tuesday 9pm –Wed. 9pm! Please invite others from saved to lost to come to our ministry. With a running start from those challenged and changed from Family Camp this could “trigger” revival in our church and spread to our Christian community of like faiths!!

Remember a low aim NEVER hit a high mark!

Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Once again, please push yourself to be at ALL church services. Maybe you don’t even realize you need a BOOST, a REVIVAL, a CHALLENGE, and MORE OF GOD! The encouragement and victory you can obtain is all up to you BY SHOWING UP! Don’t let your private pain, the “funk” your presently in STEAL what the LORD has prepared for you starting this coming Lord’s Day. I’m excited for you “reaching forth” and forgetting those things which are behind (Phil 3:13). “ Forget about it”!! Please be circumspect with the evil that will subtlety creep in and steal your joy and time as we enter this busy week! (1 Pet 5:8-9)

It’s time to shake off your sloth for Jesus may come soon! Even so come Lord Jesus…QUICKLY!

Eph 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

BTW>>> This coming Sunday night service … testimonies from Family Camp and a short charge from myself … all as the Lord wills it.

Love You’all, Pastor G


A message from Pastor Vince Giardino

Dear Brethren,

We are so excited about this coming Memorial Day Weekend! This is our 15th year of bringing some of the greatest preaching on a “typical” holiday weekend on earth! Many of you have enjoyed hearing these men throughout the years in our Men’s Prayer Breakfast events. Now add the setting of mountains, with a camp-meeting flavor of morning and evening church services and you might be REVIVED!

Any pastor that wants to come for a day is covered by Gospel Light! We have nearly 150 people already signed up for the weekend so please let us know if you consider on joining us. Overnight accommodations are available is you’d like to stay a night or longer.

See for further details on the Video page, go to Family Camp promotion video !

Make sure you keep praying for our Men’s Prayer Breakfast on June 11th with Debate to follow. That’s only 2 weeks from this Saturday!

A lover of good men, Bro. Vince Giardino

On June 5th,please contribute

Our church family is growing. Gospel Light has seen an influx of souls seeking the truth of God. While this is certainly a blessing, we’ll soon be running out of available blue seats during regular Sunday morning services. During special events, we have been seating the overflow crowd in not-so-comfortable folding chairs.

We currently have 150 blue chairs in the sanctuary and Pastor Giardino has recently made the decision to purchase 50 more. In order to make this purchase, church members are being asked to contribute to a special offering on Sunday, June 5. Each chair will cost $75 (includes shipping). Please consider donating to this cause.

Thank You from Pastor Vince Giardino

A letter from Pastor Vince Giardino to all our guests who attended the Youth Rally at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church:

Hello Dear Brethren,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the ministries that came to “Preparing For Departure” last evening! We rejoice in nearly 400…(386) folks that came from all over upstate New York and Pennsylvania. More praise worthy to the Lord Jesus Christ are the 7-9 souls SAVED!, decisions of rededication, and MANY getting right with the Lord! The Gospel Light BBC (my crew) are humbled to have had the distinct honor serving YOU with this Youth Rally!

Coming soon, maybe today, will be a recap of the event in detail along with pictures taken for your perusal. See

Pastor Tony Shirley and Pastor Phil Huber did a sensational job in preaching. The Lord continues to move in our region, as the unity of fellow churches that desire to truly want to see something happen for the Lord and the next generation of YOUTH, and as “the time of my [our] departure is at hand”…. is evident.

Psalms 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” May the Lord bless you at your church services, as you exalt JESUS throughout “the land of Egypt”!

Signing off as your captain, Bro. Vince Giardino

April 23, 2011

Semi-Random Quick Notes

  • Coming this Wednesday, April 20, Brother Tony Shirley, Pastor of New Manna Baptist Church will be preaching during the 7 PM evening service. Normally scheduled activities are canceled for that evening so that a regular service can be held.
  • Please consider joining us in next Wednesday’s All-Day Church Fast as this is to prepare our hearts and minds for Friday’s Youth Rally.
  • Brother Tony Shirley will again be guest here at GLBBC as the featured preacher for the Youth Rally, Friday, April 22.
  • Our next topic for the “Hinging On Heresy” Cult Series will be the Jehovah Witness cult. The series continues Wednesday, April 27th.
  • Congratulations to Samantha C. and Benji R. who participated in the believer’s baptism here at Gospel Light this past Sunday evening.
  • This coming summer, GLBBC will see an expansion of the parking lot. A base will be put down by Jeff Brongo.
  • Missionaries Patrick and Teresa Pruett are underway in their 8-day trip to the mission field of Peru. Our church supports their endeavors and was able to help with the travel costs.
  • Don’t forget about the 2nd annual Yard Sale here at Gospel Light coming up on May 12 through 14. Bring your donations starting April 24. Proceeds are to help families attend Family Camp.
  • An additional featured guest at Friday’s Youth Rally will be Nathan Gipp, associate pastor at Emmanual Baptist Bible Church. Brother Nathan will be our “15-Minute Preacher”.

Preparing for Departure :: Promo #1

Our youth rally is just around the corner! Here is the first in a series of promotional video for the event.
April 22nd, 6:30pm
4393 Lyell Road. Rochester NY, 14606
Preparing for Departure :: Promo#1 (Raquel)

“The Way of the Master” Series

The Way of the Master” video series, starring Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, will be shown each Friday evening at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Show up by 7 PM. Everyone is welcome.

Jesus commanded, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 (KJV). This series is a great way to enhance your soul-winning efforts. You are sure to enjoy these informative and entertaining presentations.


Flash – Pastor Appreciation Day Letters

Dateline 2011-02-27 16:55: In an exclusive scoop, your church blog has received the entire text of the Pastor Appreciation Day letters sent in by pastors outside of Gospel Light. The letters were written to our dear Pastor Vince Giardino from Pastor Bob Brado, Pastor Scott Strobel, and Pastor Vince Massa and were read before the congregation at this morning’s service.

As a service to the loyal readers of the Gospel Light Blog, we can now present these letters to you in there original, unedited form. Please click on the “Thank You” note below to read the letters!

GLBBC Blog: 1 year and counting …

On Thursday, February 3rd, the blog at Gospel Light had its first anniversary. With the guidance, kindly advise, and encouragement from Pastor Vince Giardino, with contributions and cooperation from dozens of our church members, and through the grace of God, this blog has grown in scope, in spirit, and in number of visitors.From the beginning, the #1 goal of this blog is to bring praise and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. This blog is a reflection of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. By having the blog represent our church to visitors as a godly, Christ serving, congregation of faithful and humble Christians busy doing God’s work, we hope to do bring glory to God. In this way, (a.) visitors to the blog might find see in our church a welcoming, warm, and sincere family of Christians that they may wish to join, (b.) through this blog, lost and searching souls may find Christ and his graceful message of salvation, and (c.) our church members can stay updated, entertained, and blessed and edified.Over the past year, the blog has included announcements, sermon reviews, scripture verses and references (KJV), Christian news stories, cartoons, videos, opinion polls, and many other features.

1.) We’ve covered major events throughout the year, including:

  • the “Christmas at Home” drama
  • the Family Bowling night
  • the Labor Day “Pig-Nic” pig roast and bonfire
  • the Sweetheart Dinner for Valentines Day
  • the “Shadow of the Cross” for Resurrection Sunday
  • the Youth Rally last of last April.
  • Family Camp at Camp Li-Lo-Li
  • the Garage Sale fund raiser
  • our July 4th picnic
  • Ames/Maple Street blitz
  • the Men’s Breakfasts
  • and many other happenings!

2.) We’ve had coverage of special visitors, such as:

  • Missionaries Erick and Staci Knight (Thailand)
  • Evangelist Tom Bard
  • Pastor Jim Donath
  • Missionaries Patrick and Theresa Pruett (Peru)
  • Pastor Eric Capaci
  • Evangelist David Spurgeon
  • Pastor Eddie Wyatt
  • Sister Abigail Miller
  • Pastor Dickson Beam
  • Evangelist Nathan Beam
  • Brother Jason McGuire (NYFRF)
  • Brother Jeff Faggart
  • Evangelist Dave Karpenko
  • and many others!

3.) Coverage of Ministries has included:

  • the Street Preaching ministry
  • the Nursing Home ministry
  • Sisters in Service ladies meetings
  • the Lawn Care ministry
  • Patch Club for kids
  • Friday night bible study
  • House to house outreach ministry
  • etc.

4.) Personalities in the church have been introduced by way of:

  • personal testimonies
  • interviews
  • Celebrity” pages
  • cartoon caricatures

Sunday’s Guest Preacher @ GLBBC: Craig Cobb

Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church will soon be happily welcoming Brother Craig Cobb, Associate Pastor at Old Time Baptist Church, into our midst. He will be stepping up to the pulpit to be our morning service preacher this coming Sunday, February 6 at 11 AM.

Located in Hamburg, NY, the pastor of Old Time Baptist Church, Lou Guadagno, wrote this about his church on their web site:

“God moved in my heart back in the spring of 1984 to start a church. I wanted the name to stand for the “old time” religion of Holy Spirit conviction, conservative standards, soul winning zeal, Christ-exalting music and worship, and old fashioned preaching from the King James Bible. Thus, Old Time Baptist Church was born.”

Men’s Prayer Breakfast Photo Album Now Available

Many of photos taken of the Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church on Saturday morning, Dec 18th, are now available on-line at the Gospel Light Photo Gallery. Click on the digital camera below to go directly there:

Or the long way to get there is to go to, click on “Pictures”, then click on Ministry Pictures. You will see all the available photo albums. Choose, of course, the Mens’ Prayer Breakfast album.

More photos of this event are expected to be uploaded soon (when they are made available by the photographer). So come back soon and you may find many more snap shots of the event.

A Letter from Pastor Vince Giardino


Dear Brethren,

Tomorrow at 9:30 am is the Men’s Prayer Breakfast right here at Gospel Light. Please try to make this event, we’re praying for 100 men. Here’s the deal men…

I’ve been entreating you for several months/years and yes I admit telling it like it is regarding some of the SMUG attitudes some of the brethren have toward unifying together for the cause of Christ and seeing something done in a good God honoring way.

Some deaths have happened this week that truly are heart wrenching esp. the passing of Bro. Ken Parfitt. At the risk of being opportunistic, for the Lord I might add, please show up tomorrow and join dozens of men at Gospel Light’s Men’s Prayer Breakfast. At 11am Old Paths BBC will grieve their lose at Bro. Parfitt’s memorial service. We can knit our hearts together for the Lord and pray to the God of all comfort to surround them and also pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would go forth with power!

1 Thes 1:5 For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance….

This unifying together is important for many of our upstate New York Churches and would please the Lord how we bear the burden for others mourning their loved ones. Moreover I believe, as we see through a glass darkly, a TIMELY banding together for our Christian community of like-minded churches would be healthy. This was so evident at our last event with Pastor Eric Capaci!

So looking forward to seeing you as you plan to come and join us!

Please e-mail or text me back (585-370-4039) to let me know how many you are bringing so that my cooks can plan.

A lover of good men, Bro. Vince Giardino