For the wages of sin is death

For the wages of sin is death;

but the gift of God is eternal life

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Saturday at Wedgewood Nursing Home

Brother Jeremiah Rodell lead us in a visit to Wedgewood Nursing Home in Spencerport this afternoon.  This blogger finds inspiration in seeing how many of the residents knew by heart the hymns we sang.  Prayer requests were made and brother Jeremiah prayed to the Lord for those requests.  The highlight of our visit was the reading of Psalm 23:

Our next visit to Wedwood will be Saturday, March 6th. Please consider joining us.  Be a blessing to souls who are in need of visitations.

Wednesday Night’s “Way of the Master” Episode

Wednesday night’s service feature another episode of “The Way of the Master”. Before we get to that, Pastor Vince mentioned something about “666 key-fobs” being replaced with implants into foreheads or wrists. I didn’t quite get what he meant, but maybe you should inspect the key-fobs he gave you. 

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort described a simple means of leading someone to Christ. It was based on 4 steps with the letters W, D, J, D to remind you what those steps are. In a nutshell, this was their approach:

Would you consider yourself a good person?

Do you think you’ve kept the ten commandments?

Judgment; If God were to judge you by the 10 commandments, would you be innocent or guilty?

Destiny; Would you go to heaven or hell? Does that concern you?

Finally, you give the person a way out by sharing the gospel of grace and salvation.

People of GLBBC: The Prizefighter

Gabriel, you knew you were next.  See 1 Timothy 6:12.

Gabriel Gonzalez - mentor, leader, singer, teacher, fighter.

A Reason to Pray for our Pastor: Lost Sheep

Have you ever brought someone new into your circle of friends? Have you ever accepted that someone into your heart? Have you given them your trust, surrendered your time freely, rendered services to them, offered to listen with true patience and compassion, or provided aid at the cost of self-sacrifice?

Our pastor does those things on a daily basis.  Rarely does a day go by where he is not spending time counseling, consoling, or caring for someone from his flock.  Likewise, our pastor, knowing the worth of each mortal soul, will often come upon someone new, perhaps a lost and unsaved soul, and will offer his time, his ear, and his church.

Now consider a time in your past when a person you cared for so much, someone to whom you had given so much, turned their back on your affection. Consider that time when you lost a close friend, that someone who walked out on your relationship and never came back. How did it make you feel? How well did you cope? How long did you remember them and agonize? Was it fair to you after giving so much? Did the hurt ever really go away?

Imagine now how often this happens to a pastor of a church. Consider how many more times has our pastor faced these same frustrations and letdowns. Remember the many faces you have seen around you in church that now have disappeared; faces that our pastor has greeted, welcomed, and taken into our family.  How much more often are his disappointments; how much greater is the accumulating distress? How does our pastor manage to cope? Does he wonder at the pain of being a pastor and shepherd? Does he ponder whether fault lies at his own feet? How many more times can he give freely and lovingly of himself, making himself vulnerable to those with little regard for his sacrifices and his affections?

What does our pastor think when we don’t show up for a week or two?  What goes on in his mind and in his heart when he does not hear from us for a month or longer.  How much does he hurt when he never sees one from his flock ever again? Suppose that on each and every Sunday evening, you have been showing up at your own mother’s home where she lovingly cooks and feeds you dinner.  Now suppose, if you will, that you suddenly stopped showing up.  Would your mother worry?  Would she wonder?  What if she found out that it was your choice to stop coming?  Would it break her heart?

Do we ever consider the sacrifices of our pastor when we make our choices in life?  Do we consider also our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have also loved us?  Do we ever look past our own needs, our own comforts, our own wishes and wants, and the conveniences of our easy lives? If we do not consider our own church family here on earth, how much less do we consider our Father in heaven? Our pastor, who is firmly and completely committed to the calling of our Lord and the great commission of evangelism, needs our prayers. Please also read Luke 15:3-7

A GLBBC Heads-Up: Coming Soon

Saturday February 27th: Churchwide Visitation. Door knocking and visits. Meet at the church at 11 AM. Go to… Churchwide Visitation

Saturday February 27th: Nursing Home Ministry. Meet at Wedgewood Nursing Home in Spencerport at 1 PM. Go to… Nursing Home Ministry

Saturday March 6th: Church Prayer Night. Simple church dinner and a message on prayer. Be at the church by 5 PM.

Saturday March 13th: Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Jeremiah will do the cooking. Starts at 9 AM at the church. Go to… Church Chef

Saturday March 13th: Outreach Opportunity. Multi-church meeting to canvass a city neighborhood for planting a new church. We’ll be heading out from GLBBC at 11 AM.

Put on the Whole Armor of God

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; Eph 6:10-18 (KJV)

Helmet – Salvation protecting the intellect

Breastplate – Righteousness protecting the heart

Belt – Truth protecting the seat of physical strength

Feet – Readiness generated by the gospel of peace

Shield – Faith providing additional protection

Sword – Spirit, which is the word of God, the ultimate offensive weapon

Youth Ablaze

This years theme at Youth Ablaze was “Amazing Grace”.
And a better theme could not have been chosen. Thursday night was a powerful opening with the choir and Eddie Wyatt as the first preacher with Pastor John Jenkins closing up the evening. After the service there was pizza, wings and fellowship in the cafeteria. Chili Bible Baptist Church does an amazing job of being a host church for a conference that has an excess of 1,600 attendees. Friday morning was a continued blessing with preaching from Missionary Aaron Putney, Pastor Willie O’Dell and Mystery preacher Tony Shirley. Friday night is always the most well attended service at Youth Ablaze, a full house was present as the lights dimmed and a faint droning sound was heard. As the sound grew louder a lone bag pipper stepped out from backstage in full kilt and tassels. As he played the first verse of Amazing Grace a second pipper joined him as the sound filled the room and the cheers of praise rang high. The rest of the evening seemed to have the hand of God’s blessing on each aspect of it. Saturday morning was a bitter sweet time as it closed with a final sermon from Pastor Wyatt. If you have never attended Youth Ablaze, my hope would be for this to encourage you to attend in the future.
Signing off, Myke Giardino

Sunday Recap 02-21-10: MUTINY

Sunday morning services are rarely quiet and ordinary at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. It seems drama always comes from somewhere and not always where Pastor Vince plans it. This Sunday morning, our pastor faced a full blown mutiny from his most loyal servants, who, after the hymns were over, took command of the service away from the red-faced, confused man of God. Pastor Vince and his wife Lori were seated facing the congregation. Binding them to the chairs was not necessary, but gagging the pastor was considered.

It was only then that Mateo Vazquez announced the true purpose of the mutiny: Pastor Appreciation Day – 5th Anniversary of the GLBBC. Mateo recited Proverbs 20:6, “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” Having expressed his joy in finding a “faithful man” in our pastor, Mateo went on to say,”Thank you for all your efforts and everything you pour into this ministry.” The mike was handed to Gabriel Gonzalez, our most excellent Master of Ceremonies, who presented Pastor Vince with a plaque while saying, “it comes from the heart” of all of us. He went on to say that the church has seen “a lot of trials and hard work but a lot of victories in peoples lives.” “Our pastor has lead us effectively through our trials in these past five years.” Gifts came next for our flabbergasted couple: Lori received a bouquet of flowers and Vince receiving an entire formal outfit.

Pastor and Mrs. Massa

The biggest surprise of the day awaited Pastor Vince; a phone call was put through to a special quest. After hearing the guest’s voice over the speakers, Pastor was delighted to recognize Dr. Vince Massa, pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Stanford, Connecticut. Brother Massa congratulated Pastor Vince, who responded by saying, “I wish you were here so I could give you a big hug.” The response of “Why don’t you?” coming directly from behind Pastor Vince sent him reeling backward for a few steps from the pulpit. Dr. Massa, his wife and one of his children had snuck in behind our pastor without him suspecting a thing. The shock eventually wore off our once-again red-faced man of God and our congregation finally did stop laughing as a specially organized choir from the congregation sang for us.

Pastor Vince, having resigned himself to putting away his sermon, yielded the pulpit to Dr. Massa. Since he was involved with the ordination process of Pastor Vince Giardino, Dr Massa was qualified to state that he had the “utmost regard” for our pastor and that “I believe in my heart that he is in the very center of God’s will.” Dr. Massa read from Jer 3:6-18, with verse 15 being emphasized for his sermon. With animation and in earnest, three points were delivered from this verse:

1.) God’s Gift of a pastor: “And I will give you pastors”
2.) God’s Guarantee toward that pastor: “according to mine heart”
3.) God’s Guidance through the pastor: “which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

References were made to Ezek 34:23, Acts 20:18-21,24-28, and I Pet 5:1-2, all of them dealing with the responsibilities of pastors to feed the flock. A concluding fourth point was presented, “God’s Glory of the pastor”, which is his congregation. Dr Massa said that there is a Crown of Glory in heaven which is called the “Pastor’s Crown”.

After the sermon was over, the chairs and tables were set up for a fine banquet of chicken, potatoes, baked ziti, mixed vegetables, salad, drinks, and deserts. A live mike was passed around the tables and testimonies were given by most of those in attendance. We laughed and we cried, which is the usual at Gospel Light ceremonies, for celebration of God’s blessings in our lives is a staple for Christians.

People of GLBBC: The Chef

Soon to be available in the GLBBC trading card set: collect them all.

Jeremiah Rodell: Chef extraordinaire and church workhorse

People of GLBBC: SuperHombre

Mateo Vazquez: Our super song leader & man of many talents

The Way of the Master: Dealing with Athiests

Starring Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, The Way of the Masters video series has been utilized as a teaching tool during our evangelism classes at GLBBC (i.e. Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings).  Recently we watched a video dealing with atheism, and if you missed it, the following link will bring you to that same video on their website. ( The video is 29 minutes long.)  Atheism

YouTube hosts a channel for The Way of the Master videos.  The following link sends you to a short, Season 3 video excerpt where they talk with self-professed atheists.  They conclude that atheists object to the moral standards of God, standards which inhibit their freedom to live they way they want.  Angry with the Builder

For further information, Ray Comfort has written a book called, “God Doesn’t Believe in Athiests: Proof that the atheist doesn’t exist”, which is available on their website.  Click on The Way of the Masters banner in the right column of this blog page to visit the site.

Our competition on-line: another Christian blog

Scattered about the internet are various other Christian web blogs. Not all are strict Baptist in nature of course. However, if you will allow me, I’d like to post a link to a blog I find interesting and well written. It’s home is on the “Focus on the Family” web site and is called, “Jim Daly’s Blog: Finding Home”: Finding Home

Reminder: Our sermons are on-line!

Wake up and good morning Gospel Light.  I just wanted to remind you that recent sermons preached here at GLBBC are now available on-line here on our web site.  We encourage you to find and listen to those you may have missed.  Likewise, you may have a favorite sermon you would like to hear again.

Go to: Preaching at GLBBC

You may to choose to click on “Special” and listen to sermons from our special guests, such as Dickson Beam preaching on “John to the 7 Churches” or “Where are We Prophetically?”  All sermons can be heard on-line or can be downloaded to your own PC.

Bear with me, just one more, OK?

OK, so it’s not mid-week yet and I’m putting up another comic strip.  Well before have me censured from this blog, notice that the cartoonist, Chris Browne, goes beyond just the gag.  Hagar appears to have learned something about living in the spirit of prayer.  Hagar does the “same old thing” he does every day: “pray”.  Perhaps he has taken heed while listening to Eddie Wyatt preach on the topic of prayer.

Hagar the Horrible

Divine Delay

This past Wednesday evening (Feb 17), GLBBC played host to the warm and entertaining preaching of Eddie Wyatt.  Brother Wyatt’s first decree was to dethrone and replace brother Vince as our pastor for the evening.  With brother Vince properly seated with his family, Pastor Eddie took to the pulpit and delivered a lively sermon titled “Divine Delay” based on the passages of Luke 18:1-8.  After establishing that the single most urgent problem in churches today is a lack of prayer, he urged us to develop a good prayer life, to be always in the spirit of prayer.  But for those whose prayers are not being answered, who are discouraged or disheartened, Pastor Eddie suggested that “divine delay” may be what God has planned; “sometimes God says no, sometimes yes, and sometimes wait.”  For those of us who have a hard time with patience, he says we must learn to wait on God, “for there is joy for those who don’t give up.”

Citing biblical examples such as Abraham, David, Paul, and Lazarus, Pastor Eddie explained that God has a plan for each of us, but that sometimes we are not ready.  “God may have you in school for awhile.”  He preached, “There is love in God’s divine delay.”  He continued by addressing the need to be obedient to God because the Lord is working and preparing during divine delay.  “Perhaps God is doing the most when it seems he is doing the least.”  Thus, “divine delay is the road to greater joy.”  Pastor Eddie spoke of instances in one’s life where joy is derived from the anticipation of waiting.  Waiting will cause a greater appreciation when the prayer is fulfilled and you realize it was worth the wait.  In conclusion, Pastor Eddie Wyatt encouraged us to not give up and to keep on praying, for God may be working on our answers right now.  (Editor’s Note: Alls well that ends well for our restored Pastor Vince who, by the end of the evening, took back the helm of the starship Gospel Light.)

Mid-Week Humor (reprise)

Most of you will recall our Pastor’s recent Sunday morning sermon dealing with the issue of hell. Although the sermon did not reach a “fire and brimestone” pitch, Pastor Vince pulled no punches in giving us the straight facts.

Now to muddy the once clear waters and throw confusion into the topic of the hereafter, here is a Scott Adam’s Dilbert comic strip from last week. It seems that the pointy-haired boss has died and gone to … ?

Dilbert 02-12-10

Life as a PK

Well hello and welcome to a new mini series for the blog.
“Life as a Pastors Kid” is snippets written by Michael Giardino on life in the ministry serving with his parents.
Stay tuned!

Church Directory – a call for your information

It was not all that long ago (i.e. June 2009) that our church directory was last updated. Because we have added so many new members since then, the directory once again is in the process of being updated. Although we are not a numbers-based church organization, we count it a blessing that so many call Gospel Light their church home.

If you were not in the last directory, or if you would like to make changes to your information, please see or contact Jen at We look forward to having you included in our church family directory.  At least we are not taking your pictures. . .