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Where do sermons go?

Browsing about, here and there on the internet, I occasionally run into an article that I would like to share. This one, Where do sermons go?, was written by a Baptist preacher, Gordon Atkinson, for his own blog, RealLivePreacher.com, and posted up on the High Callings blog. My thought was that perhaps other preachers could relate to the sentiments and memories written about in this article. (At Gospel Light, we know where sermons go; they go here: Past Sermons at GLBBC.)

Here is just a small portion: “I do wonder about all those sermons, though. Where do they go after they leave my mind and my mouth? Do they float among the worshipers, being breathed in and out during the service? Are they taken outside in the bodies of the congregation and exhaled into the air as my words fade from their memories? Are they carried away on a breeze to the heavens? Do they have an earthy scent, like a handful of dirt and rosemary and me?”

A service about evangelical efforts!

Wednesday evening service at Gospel Light brought with it a surprise visit from John and Dixie Sasser, missionaries to the Jews, and their five boys. Looking for a place to park their camper overnight, GLBBC was recommended to them, and they arrived in time to be invited to the service.  Following hymns, announcements, prayer requests, and prayer groups, Mateo made an impromptu request to have the whole Sasser family sing for us. Brother John then gave a very enlightening testimony about their mission, which included 4 ½ years in Atlanta and 3 ½ years in Baltimore. The two main goals of their mission are to reach out to the Jewish people with the gospel and to plant churches in the areas of Orthodox Jewish communities. John Sasser has found many Jews that want to know the truth and has many stories of Jews being saved.  Stowed away within their camper is a large tent they use to draw Jewish people to tent meetings. Their sending church is Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Buchanan, GA (a King James only church).

The second half of our Wednesday night service was spent viewing episode 16 of the “Way of the Master” video series, titled, “Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol.” The video started with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron touring the “rock”, as Alcatraz prison was once called, located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. An analogy was made likening sin with prison; with either one, you are held captive waiting to die. A sinful person will deny being held captive as they are enjoying the pleasures of sin. They don’t realize that “earth is a holding cell” while we wait for judgment and never consider their eternal destiny. A death sentence and eternal punishment is waiting for the unsaved. A sinner is chained to sin and death, for the wages of sin is death. Often the good news of the gospel is not enough to awaken a sinner to his condition.  He needs to be smitten; he needs a wakeup call before he will realize that “Jesus came to set the captives free.”

Reminder: GLBBC Yard Sale coming soon!

Now is the time to bring your sale items in for the GLBBC “YARD SALE”, which is coming very soon: Fri. – Sat., May 7 – 8, 9am-5pm both days. We have a drop-off spot for your items inside the game room. We need your items!

A planning meeting is scheduled this Sunday, May 2, immediately following the morning service. If you are able to help out, please attend this meeting.

Was Noah’s Ark found in Turkey?

The possible remains of Noah’s Ark have been discovered 13,000 feet up on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say they have found wooden remains that carbon dating shows are 4,800 years old — around the same time the ark was said to be afloat. Mr. Gerrit Aalten, renowned Dutch Ark researcher said, “there’s a tremendous amount of solid evidence that the structure found on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey is the legendary Ark of Noah.” Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted. Go here and here for further reading.

People of GLBBC: The Salty Sea Captain (Pastor)

Another in the fine set of GLBBC trading cards: collect them all!

Pastor Vince Giardino: a faithful, patient, honest, & loving shepherd

Yes, you know me.

Hello, I’m someone you see often, but you feel you don’t know me. You’ve shaken my hand from time to time, but you’re not sure you remember my name. Our encounters are sometimes awkward, so you may often chose to walk past me as though I wasn’t there. You mean no harm, you just think you don’t know me. But you do, much more than you think.

You see, I’m a lot like you, in many fundamental and very real ways. I bruise like you, when bumped or when insulted. I cry like you, when I’m very sad or when I’m very happy. I struggle with emotions, such as anger or resentment, just as you do every now and then. Sometimes you have trouble sleeping at night, and so do I. We laugh at the same things, mostly. We encounter many of the same problems in life, and we both worry about them. We’ve both felt the pain of losing someone close to us, but have also felt the joy of holding a newborn. Just as you have been ill, with a cold, or a flu, or maybe much worse, so have I had to deal with sickness. I have many memories and stories to tell, both good and bad, and so do you. You struggle each day to make ends meet, and so do I. I’ve felt the distress that comes from loneliness; its likely you may have also. Sometimes, we’ve even felt alone in a crowd, or perhaps even in a church.

But mostly, we pray to the same God. We were saved by the same grace. We were bought by the same blood. And we will be together in the presence of our Lord in heaven, forever, my dear brothers and sisters. Yes, you know me, much more than you think.

We need to change our view of sin.

Sunday morning service was a joyous time at Gospel Light, having just finished a wonderfully successful Friday Youth Rally and Saturday followup service. However, more spiritual wonders were yet to come. Service opened up with Bonnie Vasquez conducting the children’s choir, a true blessing to the church. In an effort to capture the spirit of Friday evening’s rally, a repeat performance of the skit, “The Room”, was presented for the congregation. Put on by Jesenia Vasquez and Luke Curly, the skit deeply touched the hearts of everyone in the sanctuary. The message of redemption came across loud and clear. Even more moving was the song, “God’s Been Good”, sung by Jesenia, with Mike Giardino on piano and singing harmony. Many of us came forward during this song and many of us came to tears. The Spirit of God was never more evident at Gospel Light.

Our loving (sans mustache) pastor, as we all know, is very jealous of the Sunday morning pulpit, so Pastor Giardino’s yielding the microphone to evangelist Nathan Beam was an act of supreme sacrifice on his part. Brother Nathan seems to have a knack for hitting home runs with his sermons. His powerful message convincingly spoke of how “we need to change our view of sin.” His sermon was based on Prov 26:11, “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” To illustrate this passage, brother Nathan related a story from his years in college about a stray dog that did exactly what Proverbs said. (In case you happen to be snacking while reading, we’ll leave out the details.) He defined folly as an ungodly, evil or sinful act. Just as vomit is disgusting to us, “God in his holiness is disgusted by sin” and likewise “by the fool who returns to his sin.” Nathan said, “When we reject God’s forgiveness, we are a fool and a dog.” Prov 14:9 says, “Fools make a mock at sin” and will look at sin as something to have fun with. Often, “we love pleasure more than loving God”, brother Nathan cautioned us, but “God is serious about holiness.”

Brother Beam emphasized that “We need to change our view of sin”, and he gave us three reasons why we need to do so:

1.) Because of our Creator. God created us and “everything we have is because of the grace of God.” God is holy and “demands holiness from his people” and hence, we are directly accountable to God. We have no right to be our own masters. Brother Nathan said when we don’t submit our lives to His will, “we are rebelling against our Creator.”

2.) Because of the cost of sin. The wages of sin is death, that being the second death in the lake of fire. “People who die in their sins spend an eternity in torment.”

3.) Because of Calvary. We should care about sin because of what Jesus did for us. Nathan described in detail all the suffering that Jesus went through on the way to the cross and said, “Every one of our sins put Jesus on the cross.” When we go back to our sins, “it is as if we don’t even care” what Jesus did for us. In John 14:15, Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.

At this point in the sermon, the invitation was given for those unsaved to raise their hands and be given the gospel of salvation. Three were lead to the Lord on this wonderful spring morning in April where God was most certainly with us.

The Gospel “according to the scriptures”

Adult Sunday school at GLBBC saw Pastor Vince Giardino as our “teacher”. His topic was “What is the gospel?” Further, he challenged us to consider, “What makes our belief system unique?” and to “look under the hood” of the gospel.

Using many scriptural verses to define characteristics of the gospel, we were shown that the gospel is a declaration, set in order, most surely believed, a faithful saying, sealed with the holy spirit, and a purchased possession. Pastor Giardino then had us turn to Titus 3:3-8 where the gospel is summarized nicely. Verse 3 describes how we were before we were saved; verses 4-6 describe how we are saved; and verses 7 and 8 describe a saved Christian’s condition.

The key to the answer to the question, “What is the gospel?” is found in I Cor 15:1-4. Pastor Giardino, using the white board, demonstrated the structure of this passage as a set of 3 books surrounded by two book ends. The 3 books represent the gospel message of death, burial, and resurrection. The book ends are the scriptures. Thus, in Verse 1, Paul declares the gospel and cites the need for the gospel to be preached and to be received. Continuing, Paul, in verse 2, asks that the gospel he preaches be kept in memory. Then the gospel is set forth in verses 3 and 4: “that Christ died for our sins”, “that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day”. But the key to what makes our belief system not only unique, but correct, is the phrase “according to the scriptures”, which are pastor’s book ends. As Baptists, we base our beliefs in the true and unaltered Word of God presented in the 1611 King James Bible, which we believe to be preserved and inspired.

Paul warns in Galatians 1:6-9 that there are those that “would pervert the gospel of Christ”. Pastor Giardino used Paul’s words to show how, today, many other belief systems are based on bible versions that have been altered through “addition, subtraction, and imitation”. These religions do not use the true scriptures to base their theology on. As a final thought, our pastor wanted us to be aware that the Baptist faith did not arise from the Reformation and therefore cannot be called a Protestant denomination. The Roman Catholic religion cannot point a finger at Baptists and accuse them of straying from their church.

Street Preaching Update

Last Thursday was another beautiful evening to go out on the street and proclaim the glorious Gospel of truth! We had 13 people out again holding signs and just being a witness to a lost and dying world. It is always a blessing to me to see children and teens giving of their time to learn the importance of street evangelism.

As we stood in the gap we passed out gospel tracts and invitations for our youth rally. This is a typical activity for this type of ministry. What is not typical is to know what happens after the tract leaves our hands. A large part of what happens on the street is never known to us. Trust in the Holy Spirit to take the “seed” of the Word of God is very important for many reasons especially for results.

However God is very good to us and will sometimes let us know that what we are doing is working. This happened today as Deon and Shirley came to church as result of receiving a tract on Thursday. If that were all that happened that would be enough to rejoice over, but as they sat in the service and heard the gospel preached they were convicted and got saved! Hallelujah!

It is a privilege to serve Christ on the street. Whether we see the results or not, God blesses faithfulness. As I continue to give weekly updates on this ministry, I will also be giving biblical lessons on street preaching, why we do it, its purpose and methods. My hope is that you would be encouraged to take part. Please pray for us as we stand in the gap.

Youth Rally: “Two are better than one.”

Friday evening at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church (GLBBC) hosted a Youth Rally attended by more than 300 (not a typo) participants… so where to begin? Wow. Let’s cut straight to the chase; four lost souls came forward during the invitation and accepted the saving grace of Jesus, proclaiming Him to be their Lord and Savior. Praise God! The rest of the evening was small potatoes in comparison; the end.

Well OK, quite a bit happened over the course of the evening that deserves mention, all of which was gladdening to the heart and inspiring to the flock(s).  Speaking of flocks, many Baptist churches from all over western NY were in attendance, being represented by their pastors and teens. Among the guest churches joining our Gospel Light family were (in no particular order) Calvary Bible Baptist, Temple Baptist, Chili Bible Baptist, Old Paths Bible Baptist, Trinity Baptist, Emmanuel Baptist, Hunters Creek Bible Baptist, Fellowship Baptist, Sempronius Baptist, Calvary Heights Baptist, Lighthouse Baptist, Southeast Bible Baptist, and Grace Baptist church. If any were missed, this blogger apologizes. (Pastor Giardino, did I name them all?)

Of particular note was the small contingent from Sempronius, NY, among which was teen Hannah Grimes (that church’s pastor’s daughter – no fair). This amazing girl (sitting right in front of this blogger) was the quickest to answer three verses during a close and hard fought Swords Drill game, leading her church to victory. (I thought we had someone at the door looking for ringers?) Gospel Light’s favorite master-of-ceremonies, brother Gabriel Gonzalez, skillfully conducted this highly entertaining game, which was kept score by two volunteers on a giant scoreboard to the right of the sanctuary.

In a church that was decorated all around with yellow road signs and cones, and workers in construction crew helmets, all that was missing was Pastor Giardino’s blinding highway lamp (inside joke).  Co-host Vince Giardino, pastor of GLBBC, led the introductions and explained the absence of the originally scheduled preacher, C.T. Townsend, who is deeply committed to a 6-week old revival meeting in Georgia. In his place, evangelist Nathan Beam of North Carolina (and nephew to Pastor Dickson Beam of Grace Baptist Church in Medina, NY) was the newly chosen main preacher for the evening.

As co-host to the Youth Rally, Pastor Beam described the vision of the evening, based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, that if “Two are better than one”, then independent Baptist churches should come together to see what God can do in their midst. As a reflection of Psalm 34:3, Pastor Beam reminded us that we, as many churches, are tonight “one voice singing together.”

The major means of glorifying Our Lord on this most musical of nights, was just that, through music and singing.  The number of participants was far too many to name them all in the small space of this blog. Nevertheless, we were treated to a duet with piano, a men’s trio, a quartet of women, a child’s choir (led by Bonnie Vasquez), a mixed trio with piano, and a large mixed choir (led by Pastor Beam). The musical talents of the host church were displayed to praise our God. Of course, mention is needed of brother Mateo Vazquez, who enthusiastically led the congregation in impassioned singing of hymns throughout the service. During the invitation, Pastor Giardino would later mention the “spiritual songs and hymns to soften the heart” that helped lead souls to Christ.

With the lights turned down, a skit was put on by Luke and Jesenia. The skit was centered on the life of a woman who had just passed on.  She reviewed the episodes of her life as represented by cards placed in filing cabinets, which were the backdrop on stage. While feeling ashamed at the contents of the cards, the women was horrified to see Jesus arrive and read the cards, his eyes filled with pity. However, Jesus blots out her name on each card by signing his name in blood over hers. Jesus took upon himself her sins at the cross, saying, “It is finished.” At its conclusion, Pastor Beam emphasized the meaning of the skit. He had the congregation recite the words to John 3:16, having each of us replace “whosoever” with our names.

Before I get to the sermon of the evening, I’d like to mention the many other highlights of the evening’s rally.  Pastor Dickson Beam, after telling about the day he was saved, asked members of congregation to call out their dates of salvation. Many did so. Pastor Willie O’Dell, of Hunters Creek Bible Baptist church, opened the evening with a touching and memorable prayer. After the announcement that David Spurgeon would soon be a guest at GLBBC, brother Jeremiah Rodell changed gears on the evening by performing an uproarious impression of brother Spurgeon.  Raffle prizes were given out at several points in the evening. After the sermon, it was announced that, hidden under the church seats were five envelopes. Those teens with the envelopes stood up front, opened them, with one being the winner of a mini iPod (it being so mini that Pastor Giardino had a hard time finding it). Continuing with the hard times for Pastor Giardino, he had promised to shave off his moustache if more than 100 first-time visitors arrived for the evening.  Needless to say, our poor pastor was required to submit to a shave at the pulpit. He was given one last request, which he made by choosing his wife to do the dastardly deed. It can be said that Pastor Giardino’s mustache died for his transgression, that sin being his bad guess at the number of visitors. (Lori, is it true you’ve never see your husband without a mustache? Inquiring minds want to know.)

With evangelist Nathan Beam stepping in front of the pulpit, we prepared to be fed the Word.  Brother Nathan did not disappoint, directing us to Amos 4:6-12. These verses describe the stubborn nature of the 10 wandering tribes of Israel and God’s continued efforts to get their attention through the preaching of Amos. Despite poverty, drought, famine, and disease, the call to repentance fell on deaf ears. Thus, the people ran out of chances and God did finally say, “prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.”

These verses in Amos, we were told, have “special application to us today.” Brother Nathan related a story of when, at 7 years of age, he was given the chore of raking leaves by his father. Rather than just doing what he was told, brother Nathan made a mess by scattering the bagged leaves in a pretend football game. Upon his father’s return, he was caught unprepared and received a “whooping”. His lesson learned was, “When my father comes home, I will be prepared.” Likewise, said brother Nathan, “one day we will all stand before our heavenly Father.”

Nathan Beam then expanded on his point by saying we need to “prepare to meet our God at death.” “We all have an appointment with death” and because life is so short, we need to ask ourselves what we are doing with our “one chance at life.” Next, he said we need to “prepare to meet your God at the judgement.” Those who are saved “will stand and give an account of their lives” before the seat of Christ in the first judgement. They will not be judged for their sins, but their “works will be tried by fire.” Brother Nathan warned of the second judgment at the great white throne for those who have died in their sins. They will be judged by three books: the Word of God, the book of your works, and the book of life, from which their names have been “blotted out.” Their destiny, we were told, is “nothing but torment for eternity” in the lake of fire. Brother Nathan then spoke of a man saved just one day before his death and a child who died unsaved. That child’s advice, brother Nathan surmised, would be to “prepare to meet your God.”

The sermon was concluded by the invitation to come forward. Pastor Giardino called upon the unsaved to raise their hands, that the church was the “place to get right with God” and was a “spiritual hospital”.  As stated earlier, four souls were saved.

At 10PM, this blogger needed to head off to work and would miss the buffet dinner that had been prepared by Gospel Light’s head chef, brother Jeremiah Rodell, and a hard working kitchen staff of many. I am told that on the menu was: chili-cheese dogs, potato salad, roasted potatoes, taco and salsa dip with chips, soda, potato chips, and as dessert, ice cream sandwiches. I sincerely hope that everyone had a great time of fellowship and fun at the dinner.  Just prior to dinner, Pastor Giardino announced a follow-up church service tomorrow morning at 10AM here at GLBBC. All who would still be in the area were invited for breakfast pizzas, preaching by Pastor Beam, games, and other fun activities.

On behalf of all who serve the Lord at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, we thank our many guests (teens, parents, and pastors) from throughout upstate New York for visiting and worshipping with us. Our Most High, Jesus Christ the Lord has seen his flock gathered together for the high calling of evangelizing our younger generation. The commitment from all of us at GLBBC toward cooperation and unity among independent Baptist churches remains firm. “Two” or more “are better than one.” God bless.

Youth on the edge: a profile of American teens

An article in the Oct 4, 2003 issue of Christian Century, titled “Youth on the edge: a profile of American teens”, had this to say about the “current cohort of American teenagers” in assessing the findings of a Gallup Youth Survey:

The spiritual hunger among teens is remarkable. Millions of teens attend church and youth groups regularly. Teenagers express a burgeoning interest in learning about other faith traditions, yet most remain faithful to their own orthodox beliefs. They are persuaded that faith is an important component in their lives, and many of them want to deepen their religious understanding. The challenge for churches is to help channel teenagers’ free-floating, often vague interest in spirituality into sincere religious conviction that grounds a life of faith.

Read the rest of this interesting and illuminating article on-line here: Youth on the edge

Pray, pray, pray, and pray again.

Tomorrow evening, Friday April 23, our church, Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, will be hosting one of the most important events we’ve ever held.  “Is this hyperbole?” you may ask.  No!  Not by any means.  If projections hold true, we may see the largest gathering of teens our church has ever seen at the Youth Rally.  The purpose of this rally is what sets the importance so high; the event’s preachers will be reaching out with sermons directed to the hearts of both saved and unsaved teens, trying to turn around a generation that may be the last to know Jesus in this country.  There is no higher calling for a Christian than to reach out to the lost and this rally will focus on just that purpose.  As Acts 26:18 implores, “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light” is the aim of our rally, both through sermons and fellowship.

All members of Gospel Light are asked to earnestly pray for this event.  Please, please take time out of your day, today and tomorrow, and pray to our Savior that souls be reached at this Youth Rally.  Pray the Spirit will work through the preaching, helping to direct the words to inspire and lead many teens to salvation.  Pray for those teens who attend that are already saved, that they be ministers to the others, guiding and teaching all those that God delivers to them.  Pray that our staff, preachers and workers, have strength, stamina, wisdom, and loving hearts, as they are led by the Spirit in all they do and say.  May God truly bless this event and the church which houses it.  As the theme of the rally states there is “No Turning Back”.

Live nearer to Christ.

Think more of Jesus’ cross, spend more time in contemplation of his blessed person, of his death and of his rising again; drink in more of his life, and live more upon him. I pray you do this. The words may sound in your ears as very common, and such as you have heard ten thousand times before, but the sense is weighty and all-important. If I had but one sentence that I might utter to you believers, I think I should make it this: live nearer to Christ. All virtues flourish in the atmosphere of the cross, all vices die beneath the shade of the cross; but get away from your Master, and you will be undone.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon – From a sermon entitled “The Old Man Crucified,” delivered April 11, 1869. Special thanks to The Daily Spurgeon blog.

For a complete biography of Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, click on this link: Spurgeon Biography


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What are you doing for God?

“Attending church…in too many cases, the reason for attendance is for fellowship, food, or for attaining interesting facts. Attendance should be to hear what God has laid on the pastor’s heart to speak to ours, or to learn how we can be of further use to Him.”Bill Brinkworth

The church is a workshop, not a dormitory; and every Christian man and woman is bound to help in the common cause.Hugh Latimer

A “Way of the Master” episode preview.

Just to wet your appetites, here is a random preview of one of the episodes of “Way of the Master” with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. For those of you who have not seen these videos on Wednesday evenings, this will give you a fun and colorful idea of what you are missing. Please join us.

Gospel Light Lawn Care Ministry

For anyone wanting to learn or assist on building and property maintenance, see Paul Schreiner (or contact him at 269-4495). There is much to be done. Please consider sharing in the blessing for caring for and maintaining God’s House of Prayer. Paul is willing to train you on landscaping, mosquito control, mold remediation, steps needed to clean an area to be able to pass a health department inspection, window washing, etc.

Sunday Morning Sailing: Perils at Sea

Ahoy Maties. Come alongside the good ship Gospel Light and we’ll spin a yarn about yesterday’s Sunday morning sermon, titled “Perils at Sea.” Captain Giardino spoke kindly of a shipmate we all know, Popeye, using him in an analogy. He’s strong to the finish ’cause he eats his spinach; Christians are strong to the finish by eating the Word of God. We need to fortify ourselves by reading the Bible daily. Popeye and Bluto fighting for the hand of the flighty Olive Oyl was also used as an analogy. Olive is torn between two lovers,one good and one evil. Likewise, Christians are caught in a struggle between good and evil in our lives.

Continuing with his seaworthy theme, which is based on the verses in Psalms 107:23-31, Pastor Giardino reviewed the first two points from last week of his 4 point outline. Point #1 was “They that go”, where Christians are to go out into the world, no matter the troubles that may face them, to spread the gospel of Christ. Point #2 was “They that stow”, meaning that we should stow the Word of God in our hearts and minds so that we are ready to share the message with the world.

They that fro” was point #3, which emphasized those Christians that vacillate in their faith, stuck in a “sea of doubt”. Pastor Giardino spoke of the people in the Twin Towers on 9/11 who must have been at their “wits end” because of the evil that terrorism brought to the nation. The stresses of our world that cause men to be unstable are not brought on by our God, but by the devil going to and fro on earth trying to capture who he may. Pastor G. strongly pointed out the need to understand God’s true nature, the goodness of our loving God, and that God does not seek revenge as a means of fulfillment. For Christians, there is no need to go through life at wits end because the Savior of the word who can calm the seas can also give you peace. James 1:5-8 states, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Thus, you can’t help others if, as a Christian, you are unstable.

Point #4, “They that flow”, was about Christians that eat their “spinach” (i.e. reading the Word of God); they get to see the hand of God working in the world. As Christians, we need to be connected to God so “the Spirit of God can flow through us”, said Pastor G. “We get to see people saved.” Despite the “spiritual famine” in this country, God is compassionate and is working through those who will follow Him to reach the lost.

Our pastor’s message ended with the point that can be found in Proverbs 14:27: “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life”. The fear of eternal separation from God brought about by unrepented sin is a powerful motivator in our outreach to the lost. Let us be “they that flow”, throwing out life preservers to the unsaved souls of our world.