Just a small taste of God’s omnipotent power

Bolt from the Blue: Seen from the Hancock Tower, lighting strikes both the Willis Tower, right, and the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago as a severe storm rolls through the region last week. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1289162/Lightning-strikes-Willis-Tower-Trump-Tower-Chicago.html#ixzz0rqvLlhxw

Brother Scott Saxton asks, “How do you spell victory?”

At Sunday evening’s service, Brother Scott Saxton was invited to preach for one last time. Scott and his wife Lorraine will be leaving town this week to head back to South Florida. You’ve no doubt seen their camper in back of the church. Keep them in your prayers as they travel and as they attempt to revive their home church, Faith Baptist Church of Palm Bay, Florida.  Gospel Light will miss them and we look forward to their next visit to Rochester. You may visit their web site at Tabernacle of Hope Ministry.

The main point of Brother Saxton’s sermon was to prepare us for the serious battle being waged for living souls. As soldiers for Christ chosen by God, we need to be continually ready to battle Satan and overcome the obstacles he throws in the way of Christians. Bro. Saxton said to “learn to have victory in your walk with Christ.”

Bro. Saxton asked, “How do you spell victory? The only true way to spell it is ‘Christ’”, he explained. “Jesus overcame sin and the power of sin.” Seven principles were given to have in your arsenal. These principles will help you see victory in battle.

V = Vigilance (I Pet 5:8) Be vigilant and sober, with your eyes wide open, so that you will be ready to firmly resist Satan’s attacks.

I = Imagine the Consequences (Eccl 8:11-13) Every sin has consequences, either right away or later on. Stop before you sin and consider the consequences. You will reap what you sow.

C = Cry Out to God (Psalm 34:6-7) When confronted with temptation, cry out to God. We can’t do it alone; the power to overcome sin is through God.

T = Take Every Thought into Captivity (II Cori 10:5) Our eyes are the gateway to our soul. Don’t let Satan get a foothold in your door. As quick as possible, within 2-3 seconds, recognize and reject temptation.

O = Omnipresence of God (Gen 39:7) Realize that God sees and knows everything about us as if He was standing right next to you.

R = Rely on God (II Tim 3:16-17) Don’t rely on your own understanding. Rely on the scriptures; properly use and apply God’s Word.

Y = Yield to the Holy Spirit (John 16:13) When we are living in sin, we are quenching and grieving the Spirit. God is not with you and your prayers are not being heard. God will shake us up when “there is sin in the camp.” Get right with God.

A Very Special Sunday Evening

What a wonderfully blessed and varied evening we had at Gospel Light this past Sunday evening. With Gail H. at the piano and Michael at the electronic keyboard, the evening began with a rousing medley of Patch Club songs. And then on stage came the Patch Club boys and girls, dressed in black and white, with sailor caps and bibles as their swords. With Melodie as the conductor, our little “pirates” sang their hearts out during the 3 very entertaining songs. Lori and Melodie then handed out the Patch Club awards to each of the members.

Next, we witnessed the believers baptism of our brother in Christ, Larry Francis. Pastor Giardino stepped into the baptismal tank and explained to the congregation that the water is symbolic of a watery grave, and the coming up out of the water symbolizes the resurrection in Christ. Larry then entered the water, gave his testimony, and was carefully dunked by our mindful pastor. Thus was Larry following the Lord in scriptural baptism.

Larry Francis being scripturally baptized by Pastor Vince Giardino

It was the Keepers of the Faith Girls turn to come on stage while wearing their sashes and receive their awards. Carolyn M. explained how each of the awards was earned before handing them out to the members.

Following the singing of hymns (I’m still humming “I want a mansion…”), Pastor Giardino announced that Grayson’s father, Michael Krol, had accepted Jesus on June 21, with Pastor mentioning seeing the glow on his face. Thank you Lord for your convicting Spirit and saving grace. Our pastor was in such a joyous frame of mind that he began to clown around with various new names for the church, including Break Dance Bible Baptist, Battleship Bible Baptist, etc. Poor Lori covered her eyes (but needn’t have despaired, as there are modern day drugs for dear old Vince.) Pastor G. then called for the collection while Cassandra M. played brilliantly on the piano. (This blog has mentioned it before and will keep on mentioning how deep and talented is the music ministry of our small and humble church.)

Paul and Abigail Miller, with child (their 9th), were amongst us in the congregation; they had come to visit with their children. Abigail kindly agreed to sing for us and stepped up to the piano. Abigail introduced herself, and in the process, happened to mention that Lori used to babysit her; Lori appreciated the comment (not), poor Lori. With her amazing, sweet voice, Abigail, while playing piano, sang for us “I am not one of these” and “I just can’t wait”. Her performance was truly a blessing.

Our very busy night was hardly over. Brother Scott Saxton was our preacher for the evening and delivered a “knock your socks off” sermon that he said had very special meaning to him. This was a sermon that he had heard early in his Christian life that helped him walk with victory against sin. Scott asked, “How do you spell victory?” In the interests of space, this blogger will highlight his Brother Saxton’s sermon in a separate blog (coming soon to a web site near you). As always, sermons at GLBBC will (eventually) appear as audio sermons on the Sermons page of the main Gospel Light web site.

Separation from God

Seeking Goodly Pearls

As is always the case at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, a small church that has a large well of musical talent, our service was lead by outstanding performances. During the offering, Evay Spurgeon played the piano beautifully. This was followed by Julia and Grayson with banjo singing their harmonic rendition of “On the seas of Galilee”. Praise God for the talent He has blessed us with at Gospel Light.

The title of Pastor Giardino’s sermon this Sunday morning was “Seeking Goodly Pearls”. We started off with reading Matt 13:45-46, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” Jesus is speaking of pearls being people, for whom He gave all. “The merchant man is the Lord Jesus Christ”, Pastor instructed. Pastor Giardino told us the story of the fabled Pearl of Asia to give us an idea of the great value of pearls. And Jesus shows us that, just as there is great value in pearls, so there is great value in souls.

In Romans 9:1-3, Paul has heartfelt compassion and “great heaviness” for his own people; he knew the value of a soul. “What drove Paul in his missionary travels?”, asked our pastor. Souls drove him; Paul did “everything in his power to reach people for Christ.” Pastor Giardino had a picture of a pearl diver projected on the screen. The diver was fully outfitted at the bottom of the sea with an air hose using a magnifying glass and knife to open oyster shells and look for pearls. Pastor stated that this is like “the Lord Jesus Christ going the distance to save your soul.”

Unlike most other gems, a pearl is an organism gem, a “secretion or irritation in the oyster shell”, explained our pastor. We are like the oyster, where God finds value in our soul. For many Christians, our perspective is wrong. We think we found God. But “no!”, said Pastor Giardino, Christ reached down and saw imperfection, but found beauty in us; Christ found us. “Our perspective is wrong and that’s why we need to put our nose in the book’, Pastor implored, “to see things like God sees things.” To illustrate the difference in perspective, pastor told the story of the CEO and his wife at a gas station. The gas station attendant had once dated the CEO’s wife. The CEO stated that his wife was lucky to have married him or she would have been the wife of a gas station attendant. To which the wife replied, no, the attendant would be a CEO had she married him, and he would be the station attendant. Two opposite perspectives.

It takes takes someone to get down into the muck” of life, Pastor Giardino admonishes us, “fish where the fish are, take to the streets, get in their face,” to find lost souls. “It takes a holy merchant to reach them. I Peter 5:8 says the devil is seeking whom he will devour. The merchant man is also seeking but competing with the devil. “Don’t let your guard down,” Pastor advised. Just as the diver did not touch the water, we must be “insulated from sin.”

Point 1 of Pastor’s message was Pearl’s Paradox. Isaiah 61:10-11 paints a picture of a wedding where the bridegroom is Christ and the bride is the church. The “bride adorneth herself with her jewels”, Isaiah 61:10, is a picture of purity in the bride. Rev 21:2 says, “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”, which is another picture of the bride of Christ. The paradox is found in Rev 17:4-5, where the devil’s imitation of the bride is described, “full of abominations and filthiness”. “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Rev 17:5

Please note: Pastor’s message will be continued in three weeks (Sunday July 18.). Next Sunday, July 4, is our Patriotic themed morning service and Sunday, July 11, we are hosting Brother Jeff Faggart.

Sunday School: The Gospel of John

Sunday morning’s adult bible study was about the true account of Jesus Christ in the gospel of John. Pastor Giardino defined a “gospel” as “an account of man’s perspective infused with the Spirit of God.” Further, Pastor said, “there is a harmony of the gospels”, they link together “because they are inspired by God.” Using mounting evidence throughout his historical account in his gospel, John wants the reader “to believe Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God.”

Deut 19:15 tells us that two or more witnesses are required before a sinful matter can be brought to a court of law. The testimony of one cannot. So the bible is a law book, a judgment book. “Salvation is the same way”, Pastor Giardino explained, how many witnesses are needed to prove Jesus Christ is the Son of God? In like manner, Jesus said in Matt 18:16, “But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” The Gospel of John provides the proof that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Notice the exchange in John 8:13-18: “The Pharisees therefore said unto him, Thou bearest record of thyself; thy record is not true. Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go. Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man. And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me. It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true. I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.” Jesus said that he himself and the Father both bore witness of him.

“The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.” John 1:7 Pastor Giardino asked if anyone in the congregation knew how many times the word “believe/belief” occurred in the gospel of John. It took quite few guesses before anyone was close. “Believe/belief” is mentioned 101 times in John, more than any other book in the bible. (Acts=47 times, Mark=17 times, Matt=11 time, Luke=5 times.) “What can be concluded from this”, Pastor suggested, is that John’s main purpose was to get us to believe in Jesus Christ.

Before telling us the next word that is seen many times in the gospel of John, Pastor Giardino reminded us that John is the disciple that Jesus loved, the one with a special relationship with Christ. This is so much like King David, who loved God and liked to tell people about truth. Thus, “Truth/true” is the word mentioned 121 times in Psalms, the most in the bible. And in second place, no surprise here, is the gospel of John, where “Truth/true” is mentioned 55 times. (Luke=14 times, Matt=11 times, Mark=7 times, Acts=7 times.) So just like David, John liked to write about truth and love. Later in chapter 8 of John, Jesus reveals further truth, that He is nor only the Son of God, but is God; the pharisees did not understand.

Interesting side note: During our lesson, our pastor lamented the change in Christian music on the radio stations in Rochester. Christian music has changed from truthful old hymns to shallow contemporary Christian music. Because of the issue of money, radio station owners have changed formats.

Last Minute Notification: PARTY !!!

A High School Graduation Party is being held by Pastor and Mrs. Giardino for their son, Michael Giardino.  When? TODAY, Saturday, June 26, at 1 PM until “whenever”. Where? At the Giardino residence in Greece. All members of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church are invited. Catering is by Chef Extraordinaire, Jeremiah Rodell, and his merry band of helpers. Pray for good weather because the radar is picking up a line of showers heading our way.


Comfort one another with these words.

Good morning Gospel Lighters! Have you been overburdened lately? Has your mood been gloomy? Are you discouraged by conflicts, doubts, or fears in your life? Maybe you have forgotten to give your burdens to the Lord in prayer. Reach out to Him each and every morning. And do not forget: God speaks to you through His Word – that’s the BIBLE folks. Find comfort and direction in His Word!

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. 1 Thess 4:16-18

On the Calendar

Upcoming Special Weekend Events

for Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church

We are going to be busy busy busy…

Friday, June 25, 7 PM at GLBBC. Piano recitals. New and experienced students of Brad Barkowski will play for family and guests.

Saturday, June 26, 1 PM at Wedgewood Nursing Home. Nursing home visit by Jeremiah’s Traveling All-Stars.

Saturday, June 26, 1 PM until ??? at The Giardino residence. Graduation Party for Michael Giardino. All Members of GLBBC are invited.

Sunday, June 27, 6 PM at GLBBC. Patch Club end-of-year Presentation and Choir. Please have the children arrive promptly at 4:30 PM for a final rehearsal.

A Church Family in Prayer

Wednesday evening brought our church family together in prayer. Along with the prayer request sheet, Pastor Giardino took many more prayer requests from the pulpit. Just a few requests will be mentioned here; please pray: Jeremiah, Janelle and family are looking to move soon. Josh is taking training classes with the hopes of obtaining a job at Harris. Mike Deming is scheduled for heart surgery on July 1. Rey is in need of more work in his livelihood. Grayson’s father may soon make a salvation decision. Pray for Dean’s daughter, Heather. Scott Saxton will soon be leaving to help with problems at his home church. Dave Stulpin’s mother passed away. Pastor Giardino warned that we are in the midst of “unceasing spiritual warfare” and that “the Christian life can be hard.”

News and Notes: Ron Giannetto of Little Red Book Ministries stopped by to visit. He spoke of his Florida rally early next year. Our music special for the evening was Paul and Dawna singing “Meet Me There”. Michael and Julia were busy “tickling the ivories” during the singing of hymns. It was announced that David Spurgeon has a new web site, thanks to discussions with web master Mike Zingalie. Pastor estimates that over 50,000 people saw the bible verse on the Ad-truck last week (which has since been returned). Lastly, a new copier resides in the church office.

Pastor had a short lesson that he brought from a devotional his family did at home. Both Daniel (Dan 10:7) and Paul (Acts 9:3-7) were spoken to by God in such a manner that nearby people did not understand what was going on. When God speaks to us, he is also speaking to us personally. When God wants to get your attention, He will speak to you personally. It’s when you are not hearing anything from God that you should worry, said Pastor Giardino.

Our episode of Way of the Master brought us a look at the streets of Las Vegas. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort asked, “What is the biggest gamble you can make?” They asked people if they would gamble their lives by Russian Roulette for $10,000,000. Some people said yes. They then asked people if they would bet their life on whether there is a hell or not. “If hell did exist, would you want to be warned?” Evidence for the existence of hell was given through reason and through the conscience. They strongly recommend that we don’t gamble with our eternal life. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matt 16:26

Unseen Hero: Michael Giardino

Once upon a time there was a man….some would say he is a boy, but to me…..he is a man. This man was a son of a Pastor. He was a hard working diligent man who was determined to make his earthly father and his heavenly Father proud. You see, some say this man is just a boy who doesn’t know what he is doing and who is always in the way of things. But you see, this man is one of the most important people in the church of Gospel Light. Yes, you probably have figured out that this Man is my Brother, Michael Giardino. Some say he is “stone walling our church and is always in the way.” let me just tell you right now, you are so wrong. My brother is someone that I know will do a good job at things when I ask him to do something. You see this Man does so much in our church. He does the piano and does the organ. He does specials for people who do not know how to play the piano. He is the manager of the sound system. He heads up all the media and he is also a Son in the Giardino family. But what he is what others do not see, is he is an UNSEEN HERO. He is my Brother who I love with all my heart and someone who I look up too. It will not hurt you to go up to him and tell him you are thankful for all he does in our church. Tell him he is a great testimony. And tell him that you appreciate what he does for you. This is the story of the unseen hero, Mike Giardino.


Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim 2:15


Sometimes we come across a comic that is a perfect fit for the church blog. However, sometimes we find a very funny comic that doesn’t quite fit, but the urge to post it is there.  Our blog editor (Pastor G.) has certain standards, so we need to be clever in coming up with an excuse as to why the comic strip comports with our blog’s mission. Thus, this blogger maintains that the fish in this strip have learned to be “Fishers of Men“.

Garfield from June 22, 2010

Monies of the Bible Wordsearch

Thank you to OpenThouMineEyes.com for the following wordsearch puzzle. Print the page and grab your pencil. The answers can by found here.

High School Graduate: Michael Giardino

High School graduate Michael Giardino surrounded by his parents, Vince and Lori

A High School graduation service and reception for Michael Giardino was held this Sunday evening, June 20, at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. The service included a charge by Pastor Vince Giardino. A summary of that charge can be read by going to the HS Graduation Charge page of this blog. Many thanks to the reporting of Paul Schreiner.

Father’s Day Sermon – June 20

After the hymns, Sunday morning’s service was blessed by the singing of our young men. Grayson, with banjo, sang solo the song, “This is my Father’s world.” Michael then sat at the piano, with Grayson and Luke at his sides, and we heard them sing, “Are you ready for the call”, a very wonderfully harmonious effort.

Pastor Vince Giardino, in a salute to Father’s Day, titles his message “Big Shoulders”. He told a story of how God was creating a father with large physical features, while the whole time being second guessed by an angel. And for each part, God had a reason. For instance, God made a father’s hands large enough to hold everything in his child’s pockets and to be able to cup the child’s face in his hands. When finished, God asked the angel, “Now are you satisfied that he can love as much as a mother?”

Pastor said that “as the family goes, so does the nation.” As father’s, we should be good examples to our children and in our church, someone that can be looked up to. Pastor exhorted the father’s of our church with four points:

1.) Shoulder the Load – Atlas was given the weight of the world to bare on his shoulders as a punishment. Likewise, there should be a load on fathers’ shoulders. A national problem for many decades has been men would know how to breed, but not how to “father” the children. But as in Psalms 103:13, “Like as a father pitieth his children”, a father must be involved with his kids. Pastor encouraged us to look to God to help take the load off your shoulders. Jesus Christ had the load of sin on His shoulders which he took to the cross. Pastor Giardino said, “Bear the load, protect your family, you are a priest of the Lord.” Just as priests carried the ark, carry the load of your family. He also asked the wives in the congregation to encourage their husbands, “Tell your husband you love them.”

2.) Shatter the Lies – Be sure your children are familiar with the truth, that they “grow up pure”, or it will mess up their minds and their hearts”, Pastor Giardino admonished us. Father’s should teach their cildren that the devil is “close to the church house” and close to home. The devil is “prince of the power of the air” and our pastor explained that “your only defense is the Spirit and the Word of God.” “Shatter the lies of the devil using the Word of God”, exhorted Pastor Giardino, and “don’t put confidence in the words of men. I John 2:13-14 says that fathers must over come “the wicked one”. “One of the lies men must shatter immediately,” Pastor explained, was that “you think you can do it on your own.” Just as soldiers fought shoulder-to-shoulder, so must we “hang around with other men” and “pray with other men.”

3.) Sheltering the Lessons – Whatever Godly thing you learn, “share it with others.” Psalms 78:5-6 commands fathers to teach to the generations to come. “Tell others what God has done for you,” Pastor Giardino said to go about defending biblical principles and teaching them to your children. “Those of you who are strong,” when you are up against hostility, put your children on your shoulders, and use the Word of God as your sound footing.

4.) Shepherd the Lost – “Go and find some lost sheep”, Pastor Giardino said. In John 10:13-14, Jesus said he was the “good shepherd” watching over His flock, and that “the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” Pastor reminds us that these lost sheep are our spiritual children; even as Paul was in prison, he was trying to win people to Christ because of his faith in Christ. “Are you an onlooker?”, asked Pastor G.

Sunday School with Pastor Vince Giardino, June 20

On this happy Father’s Day, our morning Sunday School topic was about “Understanding the Gospel”. Pastor Giardino focused on what the gospel is and why it is important to share, “since there would be many that would pervert the gospel.” He said that people appreciate the real things in life and can tell the difference between real and imitation things. The comparison can be made to “synthetic” gospels; they don’t hold up as well to the real King James gospel. Our pastor went over many definitions of the word “gospel”, all of which indicated that the gospel meant truth.

How is the gospel perverted? Corrupt teaching is one way. In Romans 1:21-23, Paul speaks of how men glorified God “not as God…but became vain in their imaginations…And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.” Paul in Romans 1:25 warned against men who “changed the truth of God into a lie” using imagery and idolatry. Religions will infuse the gospel with confusion and deception, Pastor Giardino taught. They explain away the gospel, blending in images, venerating man by creating saints, by using a “form of brain washing.” When a Catholic calls us “Protestant brethren”, he is attempting to blur the lines, while “God wants us to be separated unto the truth.” We come to Sunday school and on Wednesday evenings, Pastor explained, “to study the bible as a church. “Don’t be deceived”, he urged. The more you know the truth, the less likely to be deceived. “Hunger after righteousness and truth.

The gospel is also perverted by heresy; lies and deceptions that are spread by apostates, which are people who renounce their faith. Pastor Giardino defined the word “pervert” as distorting the truth, turning away from truth, or disposed to be contrary. Paul warned in Gal 1:7, “But there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” Likewise, in Titus 1:10-11, Paul again warned, “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, …Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.” There were men who wished to continue to live by the laws and men who were lovers of money. Pastor mentioned, that if something “doesn’t make sense, there’s money in it.” I John 2:19 also mentions heresy, “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us.” Pastor Giardino admonished us by saying, “You must study the bible to understand the undertow of deceiving.” Pastor gave us a few examples of how, even today, infiltration of leadership positions in churches attempt to subvert and transform Christians, such as Jesuits and Calvinists.

Our Man on the Street Preaching: Gabriel Gonzalez 6-17-10

We had a great time passing out tracts and holding signs for people to see. I am always blessed to see young people take the time to be a witness. There are so many things they could be doing, but they choose to reach out to our community to tell them about Jesus. Thank you all for your tremendous testimony.

While we were out, we saw Rey and Roberto Caletz driving the billboard truck around town. What a sight! It was like rolling in the heavy tanks and blasting away. No one can compete with that not even Dancing Derek!!

Please continue to pray for this necessary ministry. Pray for Derek as he is exposed to the gospel every week as he dances for his boss, Little Caesars Pizza.

Lands of the Bible 2010 – Blog Series

The unassuming entrance to the cave church

Bible scholar Ben Witherington has been writing a series of highly interesting articles on the “Lands of the Bible”. These articles are available on his blog at blog.beliefnet.com/bibleandculture/. His latest in the series is about the Cave Church of Paul and Thecla. If you are into the history of biblical times, these articles well be worth your time.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “Before the time of Constantine when Christianity became a legal or licit religion, Christians met in private places, homes being the most obvious.  But they also met in caves, and turned caves into churches.  This seems to have especially happened in Turkey, and one such example is right in, or better said, above Ephesus.  High up on a ridge overlooking the theater and harbor of Ephesus is the cave church of Paul and Thecla.”

Jeremiah Rodell’s Traveling All-Stars

This is an early morning call to Gospel Lighter’s to consider coming out to visit our elderly brothers and sisters at Wedgewood Nursing Home today (Saturday, June 19)! The Christian fellowship and fun starts at 1 pm and ends at 2 pm, at which time the residents have had enough of us.  Actually, they usually don’t want us to leave.  (I’m gettin’ so old, that in a few years, they won’t let me leave.) So come on over to downtown Spencerport and be a blessing. It’s likely that you will be blessed also.  Note: The Spencerport Carnival is this weekend, so you may have to do a bit of hunting to find a parking spot.

My Life in a Nutshell – by Darryl Marcoux

I was recently asked to write a testament of my life in a nutshell. My name is Darryl Marcoux and my nutshell sounds a little like this.

I was born to wonderful parents in a “Beaver Cleaver” environment. The second oldest of eight children. My parents were Roman Catholic and all of us kids were forced into this religion. At a young age of around 10 years or there abouts, I knew something was not right about church, I never felt good about churchtime and when at church I couldn’t wait for church to get out! At age 17 I joined the military during the Viet Nam war. As soon as I got away from my parents, I abandoned the Roman Catholic religion. My life went like this for the next 11 years, no matter what I attempted I succeeded in, not only that but I excelled in succeeding.

But one day I lost two disks at work and lost my job, my identity and my self respect. Then the next 9 years I dwelled in my mire until a friend of mine invited me to a church that woke my spirit up. I was saved in 1995. I thank God I did not die during this period. I was past the age of accountability and totally unaware of the neccesity of being born again and sacrificing my life so Jesus could live through me. I made several alter calls because I wasn’t sure if I was truly saved. I wanted to be saved because all these people seemed to be satisfied with their lives and I wanted that.

While at this church I was invited to a computer class. At this class I met my spiritual father. His name was Dean Alexander. He started class with a bible study and noticed I took such great interest in his studies that he brought me under his wing. He fed me as a child in Christ then weened me into reading and understanding the bible! I then made myself available for the work Jesus had in store for me. The church offered me a position in their version of street ministry. They made me a block leader over several people. I matured enough to where I heard the voice of God and was obedient to His words and was rewarded for my faithfulness. I arrived, made myself available and allowed Jesus to live through me.

The problem was I took on too much at once and burned myself out. I removed myself from ministry. For the next seven years I was in the valley, out of touch with God. I needed rest but it felt so good to be lax that I stayed there. By staying in that place I was placing stumbling blocks in my path. Then by God’s grace and nothing else he placed Pastor Vince in my path and he invited me to GLBBC. I took him up on that invitation this past February and the stumbling blocks have been removed one at a time and now I am back in the place where I can die to myself and make space for Jesus Christ in my heart. I am allowing Him to live through me and I can now listen for that little voice telling me how I can bless others! Thank You Jesus, there is none like You!!!!