History can be a fascinating field of study. Thus, please focus your attention on a 200-year old letter written by Baptists. This letter will open your eyes to the flagrant indifference of American citizens today toward their freedoms and liberties. The contrast to the attitudes in our country’s early years, where the people had just finished a long and grueling battle with Britain to win independence, is striking. Read this article by an association of Baptist churches to President Thomas Jefferson and you will understand the enormous respect and gratitude they had for the freedoms they enjoyed. Then think about our country today, where the biggest theft of freedom and liberty the world has ever seen is occurring out in the open, right before the people’s eyes. Our government, at all levels, through the use of progressive tactics, is instituting socialism at an alarming pace. But the American people have been made ignorant by our public schools, our colleges, and our news media. We have been blinded by propaganda and made comatose by meaningless distractions and fruitless materialism.

To read the article, click on the link below. Understand the profound sense of gratitude that these Baptist men had for the freedoms they had been blessed with, freedoms we take for granted at our own peril.

A letter to President Thomas Jefferson from the North Carolina Chowan Baptist Association (Dated May 20, 1806)

Note: The Chowan Baptist Association was organized May 16-18, 1806 at Salem M. H., Pasquotank County, North Carolina. These Baptists greatly appreciated their religious liberty. The letter they wrote to Thomas Jefferson expressed their gratitude. Jefferson’s reply is also included.

Notes from the Sunday Morning Sermon: Nov 29

The waters saw thee, O God, the waters saw thee; they were afraid: the depths also were troubled. The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad. The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook. Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known. Thou leddest thy people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron. Psalms 77:16-20. This was Pastor Giardino’s key verse for Sunday morning’s sermon. The following are points from his sermon taken from my dear wife’s handwritten notes:

Some churches are like a ship with sails but with no wind driving them. They are all looks but they are lacking wind. The Spirit of God is not moving them.

This is the season people speak of a Christmas Spirit, but is this the Holy Spirit? Maybe not, but there are many who do have the genuine Spirit of God in their hearts at this time of year. What type of Spirit are you filled with: Holy or Seasonal?

Pastor asked, “What would it take to drive you to God?” Hard times? Do we wane when the hard times leave? Too many Christians today are just “Sunday morning Christians”. Too many churches are just Sunday morning churches.

  1. The Water – God is in control. Read Psalms 65:5-7 and Mark 4:35-41. God wants love to flow through us. Read I John 4:17-19. Christian life is like a lock on the canal. We need to go from one level of Christianity to another. We need to grow. Read Prov 30:18.
  2. The Wonder – The way of an eagle that hangs majestically in the air, but leaves no trace. The way of a serpent leaving no trace on a rock. A ship in a sea leaves a wake that quickly disappears. If we were to die right now, would we leave a trace? What mark would you leave on the world? “Life is like a vapor” our pastor said. Read James 4:14.
  3. The Wake – Pastor Giardino implores us to be caught up with the Holy Spirit, not only to grow and thrive as Christians, but to be able to go forth into the world and win souls for Christ. With the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, Pastor reminds us, you are never alone.

Volunteers Needed for the Christmas Drama

Plans for our Christmas Drama are underway. We could use some volunteers for various services including:

  • Lighting, sound, costumes, stage hand, set prep., etc…

If you can help with anything at all, please contact Gabriel or Michael.

Get involved; be involved – in service to the church and to the Lord.

Sisters in Service: December Meeting

The next ladies meeting/party will take place on Dec 6th at 7PM.

Note: This meeting will take place at Mrs. Giardino’s house.

  • Bette Burlew will be speaking on this occasion.
  • This will be a “White Elephant” Christmas party. Maybe you have a gift that you received but couldn’t use (or didn’t like, but kept anyway to be polite). Now you can wrap it up and bring it as a gift for someone else. One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure.
  • Please bring an hors d’oeuvre or Christmas cookies.

Youth Rally at Walker BBC: Dec 3rd

Walker Bible Baptist Church will be hosting a Youth Rally on Friday evening, December 3rd at 7 PM. The featured preacher will be Pastor Charlie Clark III of Solid Rock Baptist Church in Berlin, N.J. Young people, mark your calendars. Plan to leave from GLBBC no later than 5:30 PM that evening. Contact Youth Pastor Peter Bard for carpool information.

A Night to Remember: Thankgiving Eve

This blogger and his family attended last year’s Thanksgiving Eve Service and found it to be very inspiring. Thus, we were greatly looking forward to this year’s service; we were not disappointed. God was greatly praised and we were greatly blessed. What follows is a play-by-play recap of the activities.As we settled into our seats, the opening music was by Raquel C. on piano and Julia G. on piano. Bonnie V. then led the children’s choir up on stage to conduct the singing of “I Want to Praise Him One More Time”. Abigail D. was the lead singer in a chorus that greatly exalted our Lord.Pastor Vince Giardino expressed his hope that, with all of us pitching in, we could have “a nice quaint service” to thank our Lord God on this Thanksgiving Holiday. He introduced the newly married couple, back from their honeymoon, Luke and Jesenia C. They came forward, and at the pulpit, gave thanks and testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. Then Jesenia her mike over to the piano, and while Michael G. played, the two sang for us “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” as a duet.

…But we weren’t through with duets. Brenda D. and Derek M. combined beautifully to sing “And the Angels Call Him Jesus”. Many an “amen” were uttered as they stepped down from the pulpit.

Throughout the service, bible verses were quoted by Pastor G. to remind us to be thankful. Pastor noted that we all have gratitude inside of us, but said “silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone”; he encouraged volunteers from his congregation to stand and express their thanks. Pastor called his son Michael holding the wireless microphone “a roving Mike-Mike”, his job being to hand the microphone to each person wishing to give a testimony. His sister Julia led off to get the ball rolling. After several gave witness to what God had done for them in the past year, our pastor continued by saying “pound for pound” our church has quite a bit of talent. Much that has been accomplished over the years “would not have been done without people rolling up their sleeves”, he continued. Pastor likened his role as a symphony director, thanked the Lord for us, and expressed what a blessing it is to be our pastor.

Derek stepped forward again, this time with Grayson K. and his guitar. The pair sang a duet (of course) titled, “Drinking from My Saucer Lord, ‘Cause My Cup is Overflowed”. Grayson is remarkably talented with guitar and banjo.

Next up was Rachel O. with her violin. Michael accompanied on the piano. With her violin-playing interspersed throughout, Rachel’s singing of “Upon the Cross of Calvary, the Savior Died for Me” was one of the most stirring performances at Gospel Light in recent memory. “Powerful!” said an impressed Pastor G.

A second round of testimonies from the congregation came next. Rey C. was heard to say, “The more you pray, the more you see … the Lord is always there.” Jeremiah R. testified, “I drive an answer to prayer … He is faithful, He’s good, He always provides.” Pearl C. asked us to pray for her son Rico, who is in the service and overseas. Pastor Giardino asked us to pray for his wife Lori, who was home with the flu. Pastor reminded us to “Thank the Lord” for His Word, the King James Bible, which is “pure” and “perfect”. Michael expressed his thanks to all those who work behind the scenes to make things ready for service. He also gave special thanks to Gail Hamilton (i.e. “Mrs. Humbleton”) as the “faithful church pianist”.

The evening’s last duet was provided by Julia and Michael (with Michael once again at the piano) singing “Amazing Grace”. Harmony like that can only come from siblings.

Lastly, Pastor G. announced that more testimonies will be solicited at this coming Sunday evening’s service. He asked our visiting pastor, Ed Hart of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Hinesburg, Vermont, to dismiss us in prayer.

Prayer Request: Brother Peter Bard

Found on FaceBook:

Julia Giardino (on 11/23): Please pray for our youth pastor! Peter Bard just fell off a second story porch onto pavement..he can walk but is in pain! Let me know that you will be praying!!!

Lori Giardino (on 11/23): Latest news is that he has a hairline fracture on his left elbow. He will need a sling for a couple of weeks but is not seriously hurt. Thanks for praying!

–>Update (on 11/24):  Brother Bard had a tooth removed today … this was a scheduled dentistry event. However, pain seems to be a constant companion to our beloved youth pastor.

Against God’s Anointed …

Against God’s Anointed

by Bill Brinkworth

God uses men and woman for His different purposes. God has delegated many of the needs of His people to different ministries He knows are paramount. One such need that God knows is important is to have a shepherd of a local assembly of believers.  That man is called a “pastor” or “preacher

Read the full article here -> Against God’s Anointed

Copied with permission from: www.OpenThouMineEyes.com The Bible View, Volume: 279, November 25, 2010

Note: This article is the natural followup to a previous blog post, which pointed to an on-line article about “Pastors“.

Setting Your Spiritual Sails, Part 2

Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church was the scene of beautiful gospel music, all in praise of Christ, this past Sunday (11/21/10) at the morning service. No surprise there, given the plethora of musical talent amongst the congregation. The brother and sister tandem of Michael and Julia sang “He Paid A Debt He Did Not Owe” while Michael played piano. During the offering, Julia and Nancy played “Lamb of God, I Come” as a violin duet. Then, just before the sermon, the entire adult choir stood up before the congregation and, led by Mateo, sang “I Shall Stand Complete In Thee”. The various parts were brought together in a beautifully blended harmony of voices, showing the commitment and dedication our choir has to glorifying our Lord. Pastor Giardino had high praise for the choir and their leader Mateo. And finally, at the end of service during the invitation, Michael sat at the piano playing and singing, “Fill Me Now”, a Marshall Family song.

Pastor Giardino led off his sermon with Psalm 106:8 to show us that sometimes we don’t understand how the Spirit of God is working in our life until He reminds us with His “mighty power”. As we head into Thanksgiving week, Pastor said we should be found in the spirit of thanksgiving all of the time.

Pastor continued with his preaching last week on “Setting Your Spiritual Sails”. He read to us “A Sailorman’s Prayer”, which is a maritime version of the 23rd Psalm and shows utter reliance on God for a safe voyage. In I Kings chapter 10, Pastor showed how King Solomon relied on a navy to bring in items to beautify the temple. Likewise, Pastor G. indicated, we should let the Holy Ghost reside inside of us to beautify our temple and let us shine.

In John 16:7-13, Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as the Comforter. Pastor Giardino pointed out that 12 times in these passages, Jesus refers to the Spirit as a person. Pastor then reminded us that, the Spirit, as a person, can be grieved “during the day by things we should not do” and by “not giving back to the Lord”. The picture of a ship with the wind filling its sails, our pastor said, is a picture of us properly filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor took a few moments to warn against “chump churches”, churches that don’t have the Spirit of Truth, that mock and reject the King James Bible. God can be seen using a church by the evidence of the Spirit of Truth, which is the fruit of the Spirit and right doctrine. Acts 4:31 was used as an example of when the Holy Ghost is present within a congregation. Evidence of the Holy Ghost in our own lives is our personal testimony (our daily walk). Pastor read Acts 13:8-10 to show how Paul stood up against perversion and cults. Then Pastor took the time to read the entire lyrics to the Marshall Family song, “Fill Me Now”.

1.) Set Your Sails for BlowingWe should be filled with the Holy Ghost and the Word of God. To warn of the use of alcohol “to take the edge off” our day, Pastor G. cited Prov 23:31-34 and Eph 5:18. He warned that someone drunk with wine is like a ship with no sails. “Don’t go to the bottle or any other substance”, he said, but “beg God for the filling of the Holy Ghost so that other things can be crowded out.” Further, he cautioned, “the eyes and the heart are connected”, meaning watch out for evil that passes before our eyes.

2.) Set Your Sails for Boosting – Be boosted by the power that comes from the indwelling of the Spirit. In I Cor 9:18, Paul wrote about not abusing that power. In II Peter 1:1-8, we are told “divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness” Our pastor asked us, “Why don’t we partake in that power? … All of us can have a part in it … being partakers of the divine power.” Being charged with the Holy Ghost gives you the boldness to be something you are normally not. We are not to boast, as many false witnesses do, but to boost. “We need to appreciate the power of the Holy Ghost so you can impact the world”, Pastor G. said.

Demo #1: Pastor Giardino, never one to ignore the effectiveness of demonstrations, brought out a flat tire, a Craftsman air compressor and then an impact wrench. He listed a number of power tools that require the use of pressurized air to operate. Likewise, he explained, we are a vessel that, in order to be effective and productive, we need to be powered by the Holy Spirit. “Your own flesh is powerless”, he said, “without the power of the Holy Ghost.” We all have access to this power, but we have no impact at all as Christians if we are living our lives in the flesh. “Plug in, be filled”, Pastor said, so we can help others who are flat, like the tire.

Demo #2: From behind the pulpit, Pastor Giardino brought out a toy sail boat. (I wonder if Nathanael knows it’s missing.) He used this to show that boats are designed to be buoyant and are designed to float. When the sails are filled, they begin to travel on their journey. But sin in your life, like a sandbar or rocks, scrap against the hull and bog you down, slowing or stopping your Christian journey. We need to cut away the things of this world; we can’t do the will of God in our flesh, but need to be led by the blowing of the Spirit.

Thanksgiving Eve Service

This coming Wednesday, November 24, GLBBC is holding a special Thanksgiving Eve service at 7 PM. Come share the blessings by visiting with your church family. Share with us what you are thankful for.

Adult Sunday School: Nov 21, 2010

Did you have a chance to attend Adult Sunday School this past weekend at Gospel Light? No? Well, here is what you missed:

Pastor Giardino started by asking for a volunteer to go through the New Testament time-line at the white board in front of the class. After getting the name straight, our volunteer was Gabriel Jeremiah, who walked & talked us through the significant events. Erminio is our volunteer for next week. This was followed by a general discussion on many of the points along the time-line.

  • Rev 4:1 introduces the”things which must be here after” the time of the seven churches. We are in the time of the Laodicean church, which Pastor G. said started in the 1850s. Rev 4:1 is he point in which prophecy begins again. The words “come up hither” in the verse refers to the rapture of the church. As the 7 years of tribulation begin, the church is presented before the Judgment Seat of Christ (Rom 14:10, II Cor 5:10) to be cleaned up before the marriage supper of the lamb (Rev 19:9).
  • After the tribulation, the nations are judged. This at at the beginning of the millennium (Matt 25:31-33).
  • It was shown that both John the Baptist (Matt 3:2) and Jesus (Matt 4:17) both taught repentance.
  • Pastor G. had us read from Matt 1:22-25, Matt 2:1-6 to show that Jesus was the legal heir to be King through Joseph and the physical line through Mary (via David). The problem was, Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees. King David is told “I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom” 2 Sam 7:12. But the Jews are blind and reject the very one that can set up the kingdom. “The Pharisees knew the law but had problems with the spirit of the law”, Pastor Giardino explained, calling them “religious con artists”.
  • In Matt 12:22-32, when Jesus healed “one possessed with a devil”, the people saw something extraordinary in Jesus: “Is not this the son of David?”. However, the Pharisees claimed that Jesus cast out devils “by Beelzebub the prince of the devils”. Jesus was a threat to the Pharisees who wanted the power. Jesus says that the Pharisees crossed the line into blasphemy (v 32). The power of the Holy Ghost was being attributed to Satan. The kingdom is rejected and Jesus begins to make the transition in his ministry to the disciples and the Gentiles.

The topic of blasphemy will be taken up at next week’s class. We hope you will come and join us.

Genealogy of Jesus

This image will appear in low resolution when you left-click on the icon below. To get to the high-res view, left click the icon, right-click on the low-res image and choose “view image”, then left click on the resulting image. Sorry about the convoluted way to get to this image. You may wish to download and save the high-res image what you get it up on your screen.

Defiant Turkey

Where shall wisdom be found?

Did you remember to thank God today? He led you to Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, where a dedicated, caring Pastor looks out for our spiritual (and earthly) welfare! We abide in a church where many brothers and sisters show their love by being a friend, not only on Sunday, but anytime and anywhere. Never forget to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the gift of eternal life, salvation from sin, and fellowship with like-minded Christians.

And most of all, never forget that God speaks to you through His Word, our King James Bibles. If God is not speaking to your heart and soul, then you probably are not reading the scriptures. Our pastor reminds us to read daily.

The Dog That Got Another Chance

The Dog That Got Another Chance

by C. H. Spurgeon

Some years ago, I was walking in the garden one evening, and I saw a stray dog. I had received information that he was in the habit of visiting my grounds, and that he did not in the least assist the gardener, and therefore his attentions were not desired. As I walked along one Saturday evening meditating upon my sermon, I saw this dog busily doing mischief to my garden. I threw my stick at him, and told him to go home.

What do you think he did? Instead of bearing or grinding his teeth at me, or hurrying off with a howl, he looked at me very pleasantly, took up my stick in his mouth, and brought it to me and then, wagging his tail, he laid the stick at my feet.

Tears were in my eyes. The dog had beaten me. I said, “Good dog! Good dog; you may come here whenever you like after that.”

Why had the dog conquered me? Because he had confidence in me, and would not believe that I could mean him any hurt. To turn to grander things, the Lord himself cannot resist humble confidence in Him. Do you not see how a sinner brings, as it were, the rod of justice to the Lord, and cries, “If thou smite me, I deserve it, but I submit to thee?”

The great God cannot spurn a trustful heart. It is impossible. He were not God if He could cast the soul away that implicitly relies in Him. This is the power of faith, then, and I marvel not that the Lord should have chosen it, for believing is a thing most pleasing to God. O, that you would all trust Him! When God lifts his sword against you, run into his arms. When He threatens you, grasp His promise. When He chastens you, fly to His dear Son. Trust the foot of the cross for His full atonement, and you will be saved.

– thanks to www.openthoumineeyes.com

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study: Nov 17

Many of us had our first look at the newly installed carpet in the teen room Wednesday evening. Pastor Giardino is looking forward to many new additions to the room in the coming days and weeks, including window treatments and Sam Gipp posters to be hung on the walls. One other mention by our pastor was his hope to see 200 in attendance during a Sunday morning service. He encouraged us to invite a friend to church.

Our music special saw Rachel Overhiser singing “Lord, I Need To” with Michael G. accompanying her on the piano. Pastor mentioned that the song was written by Rod Hamilton of Majesty Music. We also enjoyed the piano playing of Gail H. during the offering.

Brother Gabriel Gonzalez took the spotlight during the second half of service, providing a wrap-up of his presentation on Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). He listed four ingredients that lead a church into heresy: unaccountability, pride, blind followship, and misplaced ambitions. Bro. Gabriel then lead us through major errors in the SDA church using many scripture verses to directly challenge and shoot down their false doctrines. Among these were sanctuary doctrine, investigative judgment, Sabbath keeping, and the spirit of prophecy. SDA believes that their founder, Ellen G. White, was a prophet.

Don’t forget that a library of these Wednesday evening Cult Series classes is being kept here on the church blog. Look for the link “Cult Series Library” under the heading “Pages” to the right of this article.

FYI: A new album of photographs, called “Youth Room Project” has been posted by Lori G. on the main web site, www.glbbc.com, of a recent work day in the teen room. Click HERE to get there pronto. Many other photo albums from the past year at Gospel Light are posted there also.

Setting Your Spiritual Sails – Sunday morning at GLBBC

The opening music special at Sunday morning service (11/14) had Grayson K., with guitar, singing “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. With our usual song leader out of town, Brother Peter B. stepped up to the plate to lead us in singing hymns (without too much damage to our ear drums or sensibilities). Peter even had the courage to introduce a new-to-us hymn titled, “Still Sweeter Every Day”. The music continued with the fine piano playing of Dan P. during the offering. Michael G. was asked last minute to sing (while on piano) a special song for the service; Pastor had been touched by his rehearsal of “Lord, Give Me A Drink”. Michael also sang this song during the invitation at the end of service.As our Teen Room comes closer than ever to being finished, Pastor Giardino announced that major helpers to the project will be invited to a VIP open house (i.e. a small, intimate party). This will be followed by a general open house for the rest of us. Brendon Shaughnessy is scheduled to put down the carpet on Tuesday of this week.Pastro Giardino, once again, went with a nautical theme for his sermon, titling this one “Setting Your Spiritual Sails”. His opening verses, I Kings 9:26-28 and 10:11, reflected his theme; King Solomon created a navy to transport gold and other products. In Psalm 147:18, Pastor showed how God “causes his wind to blow” into our sails. He concluded his introduction by stressing how he hoped this sermon would help us go from “mediocre” Christians to “super-ordinary” Christians. He said, “God can change you if you allow him to”.
The story was told of a ship named the Dreadnought that in 1862 was disabled by a strong gale. In order to remove the ship from peril, the captain sailed the ship backward into port. Thus, Pastor G. made the analogy: “Some of you are broken … you can’t sail forward, but are sailing backward for lengths of time.” Our sails are the knowledge that, one day in our past, God had breathed in us His Spirit and we were saved. We had a hunger as new Christians, Pastor reminded us, as “God began to fill our sails with His Spirit … we began to grow in grace and have a working knowledge of the scriptures.”
Beside the pulpit was a large, but flat, black plastic bag, which, as Pastor Giardino described, depicted us before we were saved. He removed the bag, depicting us as hearing about Jesus, but the remaining plastic was still flat. He then said, “Something compels you to ask about Jesus”, and he turned on the motor. “The Spirit of God does this”, he said, “He comes inside you and you begin to grow … He fills your soul with His Spirit.” Standing next to and taller than our pastor was an air-filled Frosty The Snowman, now depicting a spirit-filled Christian. “Now you are something”, our pastor claimed, but “without the Holy Spirit blowing, you are flat.” He then turned off the motor and down Frosty went, slowly softening and disappearing. Likewise, Pastor G. pointed out that after awhile, some Christians go backward; they have a meltdown in their life and go back to their old carnal ways. They “begin to grieve the Spirit”, he said.
Pastor went to John 3:6-8 to show us that as flesh, we need a new spiritual birth. He said, “If you are born once, you’ll die twice. If you are born twice, you’ll die once.” God breathed into us the gift of life (we became a living soul), but that wasn’t good enough to get to heaven. Because of the curse on man by Adam, death passed upon all men. However, I Cor 15:47 states, “The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.” The last Adam (v 45), Jesus Christ, is a quickening spirit that allows us to continuing living after our bodies die. We go from earthy to heavenly through Christ. “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins” Eph 2:1. Pastor G. defined quickening as “to make alive”. “When the Spirit of God breathes into the soul, it quickens the mortal body”, he said. We receive a blessed assurance of eternal life, peace, are sails are full, and we sail through difficulties, Pastor explained. All through the book of Acts, the apostles were filled with the Holy Ghost. If we are saved, we too can have our sails Spirit-filled.
Pastor Giardino’s conclusion leading to the invitation: “Maybe your sails are broken and no wind is filling your sails … Many have broken rigging … Some of our troubles come from not being filled with the Holy Ghost … Trouble is plaguing you because of a lack of God filling our lives with the Spirit … When is the last time you personally talked with the third person of the Trinity? … The Holy Spirit is a person – you can grieve him … You need to have a relationship, not only with Christ, but with the Holy Spirit.” Lastly, Pastor spoke of the sail boats in Charlotte’s harbor being winterized, shrink-wrapping around the sails and high and dry. He said some of us have “spiritual hypothermia”, shrink wrapped, lackluster, just hanging out without Christ.

Revival and Prayer

Just in case you missed it, the following text was provided as a handout at our Adult Sunday School class this past weekend. For an introduction to the author, click here. The author has written extensively on “theology, apologetics, Bible exposition, and practical Christian living”.

Never a Revival Without Mighty Praying

By R.A. Torrey

Prayer will do more to bring a deep and lasting and sweeping revival, a revival that is real and lasting and altogether of the right sort, than all the organizations that were ever devised by man.

R.A. Torrey

The history of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth has been largely a history of revivals. When you read many of the Church histories that have been written, the impression that you naturally get is that the history of the Church of Jesus Christ here on earth has been very largely a history of misunderstandings, disputes, doctrinal differences and bitter conflicts. But if you will study the history of the living Church, you will find it has been very largely a history of revivals. Humanly speaking the Church of Jesus Christ owes its very existence today to revivals. many times the Church has seemed to be on the verge of utter shipwreck, but just then God has sent a great revival and saved it.

Every real revival in the Church has been the child of prayer. There have been revivals without much preaching; there have been revivals with absolutely no organization; but there has never been a mighty revival without mighty praying.

What we need more than anything else today in our own land and in all lands, is a real, mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God. The most fundamental trouble with most of our present-day so-called revivals is, that they are man-made and not God-sent. They are worked up by man’s cunningly devised machinery-not prayed down.

Oh, for an old-time revival, a revival that is really and not spuriously of the Pentecostal pattern, for that revival was born of a fourteen days’ prayer-meeting. But let us not merely sigh for it. Let us cry for it, cry to God, cry long and cry loud if need be, and then it will surely come!

New Testament Time Line

This past Sunday (11/14), Pastor Giardino continued with our Total Picture study in the adult Sunday school class. Pastor mentioned that, while we witness to people, we should consider telling them about the judgment that is coming. We should speak from the perspective of prophecy, perhaps saving them with fear, or as Pastor said, “pulling them out of he fire.”

On the white board in front of the class, Pastor G. drew an empty New Testament time-line and had the class participate in filling in the important events. Among those events, in no particular order, were:

The birth of Christ, crucifixion at Calvary, ascension at Mt. Olivet, 2nd coming (advent) at Mt. Olivet, rapture of the church, burial and resurrection, angels announce the birth to Mary, Christ’s baptism, Jesus as a boy preaching in the temple, Christ’s 1st miracle, Christ’s public ministry to the Jews, the 12 apostles, drawing lots to replace Judas, Holy Spirit coming in Acts, time of the Gentiles (586 B.C.), fullness of the Gentiles, Daniel’s 70th week, age of grace, the great commission, time of Jacob’s trouble, 1000 year millennium, sign gifts cease, great tribulation, judgment seat of Christ, great white throne judgment, marriage supper of the Lamb, renovation of the earth, new heavens and new earth, and where we are now.

Continuing with his use of the letter”M”, Pastor Giardino added another heading to those of the past two weeks:


  • God brought salvation to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46).
  • No longer a yoke upon the neck of believers, but by grace we are saved (Acts 15:5-12).
  • Paul finally departs from the Jews and goes to the Gentiles (Acts 18:5-6).

A Contending Spirit

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7

Dear blog reader,

How greatly we cherish our fellowship here at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. God has taught us the need to be “filled with the Spirit” (Eph 5:18) so that we can maintain and enjoy the “fellowship of the Spirit” (Phil 2:1). We all share the love, light, truth, and mercy that comes from being God’s children. We have learned to “be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind” (Phil 2:2), humbling ourselves to obtain God’s precious saving grace.

However, who among us has not come across one or another in our flock burdened with a wrong spirit, one of strife and contention? Having forgotten that God requires humility in their hearts, some may have stumbled and been deceived by Satan. They may perhaps complain of a lack of fellowship or of love within the church, forgetting to look inward for the cause. They fail to humble themselves before God and to those with whom they contend. They may have lost the joy that comes from relying on Christ our Lord, who is sufficient in all things. The apostle Paul said in Phil 2:3, “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

For those who have stumbled, let us lift them back up, with truth and right doctrine. II Tim 4:2 says, “reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine”. The Holy Spirit of Truth which resides within us as Christians leads us not only to love, but because of that love, to reprove and rebuke our brothers and sisters who have been led astray. As a church family, we need take care of each other, spiritually as well as materially. Those who are willing to listen and show repentance, becoming contrite before God, are truly God’s children and will be grateful. But there will always be those who resist reproof, being governed by a proud spirit, their eyes being shut to truth and light. This is where patience and longsuffering comes in … and a little help and guidance from our pastor.

May God bless your day!