This past weekend there were quite a few things going on, but one of them was the Kings Kids first HOBO DAY!
So we whipped up a little video for those of you who were not able to see some of these kids and their hilarious outfits.
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A Sunday Morning Hit

Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday morning proved to be a great time for the church to gather together. We were happy to see nearly 160 people in our morning service. Beginning with a robust round of hymns, where everyone sang heartily to the Lord, (I can tell you that doesn’t happen in all churches, even some that would share our faith in Christ) followed by a special sung by our ladies quartet. They reminded us that God is ALWAYS on time for us!

After giving a recap of the marriage of Lex and Nicole Vazquez, Pastor G.  preached his morning sermon. He prefaced this time with remarks that let us know that he had some things to say to the men, but that ladies would be able to benefit nearly as much.

The message, “Deep Six” was boldly brought to the pulpit beginning with   Prov 8:16  By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth.

Righteousness Exalteth a nation

Prov 12:24  The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.

Pastor told the story of the Livermore firehouse in Livermore, CA. There is a light bulb there that has been continuously burning for 110 years! Since the “Centennial Bulb” was first turned on, the stock market crashed and was reborn, the nuclear age began, two World Wars were fought, cars and planes were developed … and through it all the bulb kept burning.

The question was asked. “Are your burning?” ” Has your light gone out?”

Man has the ability to get fired up, but often it leads to a burning. Sometimes burning in lust as we found in Romans 1:22 – 2:3  The energy of lust is burning intensely in the lives of men (Christian and non-Christian alike)

The enemy’s will is being done while God’s will is not. There are special interest groups that are more organized than the church is (ie: gay rights)

1 Fund it up – the country has so much debt that we are broke. This gets too much of our attention.

2 Find it up – much effort is put into ‘finding’ new galaxies, new lands, new stars, even deeper ocean depths

3 Feel it up – this is our comfort zone. heated socks, heated seats, penthouse apartments and vicarious living through fictional characters, sports, sports ad more sports.

4 Fouling it up – from relationships to God’s MORAL LAW!

What to do about this?

Conquer sin! 2 Thess. 2:3-4

Come out of hiding Men and be strong! Time is running short!

There is MUCH more to this message, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Listen online or order the CD! You don’t want to miss this one!





A One Word Answer – Jesus

Could our Sunday morning service start out any more nicely than it did this morning? The children of our church, dressed in their finest, were gathered up front by their choir director, Bonnie. With Michael at the piano, they sang their hearts out to God with the hymn, “Amazing Love”. I wish I had a camera.Pastor Vince Giardino came forward to the pulpit with another of his many and varied illustrations. He spoke of the fine messages preached during this past week’s Bible Conference here at Gospel Light. For those who missed the messages, he likened them to someone trying to cut a path through a heavy jungle with a butter knife. And that is just what he pulled out of his suit coat … a dull butter knife. But for those armed with this past week’s incredible messages and doctrines, he pulled out a gleaming and no-doubt sharp machete. Cutting through life’s problems is so much easier with an understanding of God’s will.We witnessed a marvelous music special by a women’ quartet. Lori, Bonnie, Jaime, and Melodie lined up together to blend their voices in praise, singing “He is God, He is Lord”. Koari ably accompanied them on piano.After Pastor G. presented Evangelist Sam Gipp as our preacher for the morning, Brother Gipp (which appropriately rhymes with quip) remarked, “I always love when they read the introduction the way I wrote it.” And thus went the morning sermon … full of thought provoking messages, but full of fun stories, jokes, and a touch of sarcasm.

Brother Gipp did not give a title for his message, but it boiled down to this: A One Word Answer – Jesus. He began by asking us to think of one word that altered the world. He offered many, including electricity, airplanes, automobiles, refrigeration, telephones, and the internet. However, the one word that absolutely changed the world far beyond all the others is “Jesus”.

We read from Matt 1:21-25. The angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying “thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins”; and so Joseph did so. Brother Gipp reiterated what he had taught in Sunday School by saying that the world has a problem with the name Jesus. No other religion has Jesus as God. By Jesus living on earth as a man, He lets us know that He knows how we feel. Jesus knew betrayal, physical pain, grief, and temptation, but He was also vexed by the immorality He saw around him every day. Bro. Gipp told of Jesus’ miracles and healings and said “Jesus ruined every funeral he went to.”

We heard Brother Gipp’s story about inscriptions on tomb stones in a cemetery he once visited. The inscriptions often summarized the person’s life. Bro. Gipp said the life of Jesus could be reduced to five words: “He went about doing good.” None of us would dare have those words engraved on our head stone.

We were taught that, when man tries to pay for his own sins, it is like slapping the face of Jesus. “Jesus is our substitutional, all sufficient, payment for our sins”, Brother Gipp exclaimed. Nothing else is needed. He went on to explain that no tragedy or illness in your life was placed their by God as payment for your sins. Brother Gipp spoke of several harrowing incidents in his life while a missionary in the Philippines. He understood that Jesus Christ was with him through it all, and thus, he got through these trials, not with bravery, but with the knowledge of God’s presence.

We were reminded that, as Christians, we make two decisions: (1) to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and (2) to surrender our lives to Jesus, living for Him. Brother Gipp spoke how we mess up our first lives and then, after being saved, we wonder why our second life gets messed up. It is because we don’t know how to run our second life any better than our first. We need to give our life over to God to run. He equated giving our lives to God to committing ourselves to a roller coaster ride; “Get ready for the ride”, he remarked. “Jesus is my master; I am his property”, he said. For those hesitant to follow Christ, he asked, “Can you explain to me how living in the world is any worse than living for Christ?” He described how the world pummels our young people and tricks them into actions they regret when they are older. Yet if we choose to live for Jesus, “God will be good to you, but will work you hard”, Brother Gipp concluded.

Stand For Marriage Rally – Tuesday, June 14

On Tuesday, June 14, at 11 AM, concerned citizens from all across Western NY are asked to descend upon Rochester City Hall to participate in a “Stand for Marriage” rally. Pastor Vince Giardino will be there, as well as a number of other members of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Won’t you join the fight in this most important moral issue? Help stop the attempt to redefine marriage.

The Name of Jesus

Evangelist Sam Gipp throws out so many gems, that it’s hard to catch them all. This week’s Adult Sunday School class was taught by Brother Gipp and he led off with several quips, but also with insightful thoughts. After this past Saturday’s debate with Calvinists, he said “pride leads them to be Calvinists”, thinking their education and degrees put them above others with their deep thinking. Brother Gipp also advised us not to read through the verses in the Bible too quickly or too lightly, but to take the time to ponder their meanings.The Name of Jesus” was the thrust of Sam Gipp’s teachings, saying that Jesus is an ordinary man’s name. He said we have a problem with the name “Jesus” because the world calls him Jesus without thinking of him as God. No other religion in the world sees Jesus as God. “The world does not like equating Jesus with God”, Brother Gipp said. He pointed out that Jesus humbled himself, coming down from heaven to live life as a man. As a man, Jesus experienced pain, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment, and temptation. Followers of other religions can say to their gods, “You don’t know what it’s like”, but we as Christians cannot say the same thing.

  • We learned that “Jesus” is His name as a man, “Christ” was given because He is the anointed one of God, and “Lord” is His position an king and master. Jesus is all three.
  • We learned that the Apostle Peter takes Jesus and welds him to Christ and Lord. “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ” Acts 2:36.
  • We learned what a Jew needs to open his heart to for his salvation. “The eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” Acts 8:36-37.
  • We learned about the Apostle Paul’s 3-point message of suffering, rising from the dead, and Jesus as Christ. “Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ” Acts 17:3.


Video Samples from the Debate at Gospel Light

From a vantage point of sitting in the pews, video portions of the “Fight at Gospel Light” were recorded on camera. Here are a few of those videos. If you missed this debate of Bible Baptists vs Calvinism, then the videos will help give you an idea of what it was like.

However, Michael Giardino and his video crew have created a professional grade video of the entire debate which will be available in the very near future! The videos presented here are just a small sampling and we at Gospel Light highly recommend viewing the entire debate.

Dr. Sam Gipp highlights the Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Men’s Prayer Breakfast was held this morning at Gospel Light as a warmup to the “Fight at Gospel Light”, the great debate. Our guests were fed breakfast, and after the service, were fed lunch by a Gospel Light crew led by master chef Jeremiah Rodell.

Some of the best music ever heard at GLBBC came from performers Grayson Krol, Mike Walters, and Jim Donath of Old Time Baptist Church. Perhaps Mike Giardino might have the music recorded, because what I blessing it would be to take home a copy. Speaking of must-have recordings, the Friday night sermons by Dr. Sam Gipp and Baptist Historian Jeff Faggart were highly recommended by our Pastor Vince Giardino and a DVD is available for $3.00.

Below is the beginning portion of Dr. Sam Gipp’s morning charge at the Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Sam Gipp has been a featured speaker during this week’s Bible Conference and will be preaching again this Sunday evening at 7PM. Please excuse the shakiness of the video since it was recorded using a camera. As always, the church video crew, led by Michael Giardino, records just about every event at Gospel Light. Thus, this sermon will most likely be available upon request on DVD for those who are interested.

Gospel Light Bible Conference: 1st Night

Friday night (June 10) at Gospel Light will feature both Jeff Faggart and Sam Gipp, who will emphasize the King James Bible in their preaching.

Make Your Deal with God, Not the Devil

On this fine spring Sunday morning, all the cheery members of Gospel Light were back in the seats after a four day adventure at Family Camp. In fact, the seats are almost filled to capacity these days and Pastor reminded us that today was the day to put money in the offering to help buy 50 new chairs. If you missed this chance to contribute, please contact the Pastor. After our hymns and fitting nicely with the sermon we were about to hear, Mike Walters sang “I Bowed My Knees” at the pulpit as the music special. Mike has been blessed with an abundance of vocal talent.Psalms 78:23-25 were the key verses for Pastor Vince Giardino’s sermon, which was the second part of his message titled, “Open Shut Case for Heaven”. The verses speak of God’s blessings to man coming down from heaven. After reading the verses and praying, Pastor began with a story about the TV game show, “Let’s Make a Deal”. The show’s original host, Monty Hall, “TV’s Big Time Dealer”, would chose a member of the audience and conduct a series of deals. Explaining that Monty Hall was in control of everything that was happening, Pastor equated the host with the devil in the spiritual world. The devil will choose your door to knock on, will offer you a blind but appealing deal, and try to make you do the wrong things through lies. Pastor said, “The devil never forgets who takes the bait.”

God offers us, not a blind deal, but the best for your life. Using the Bible as our guide, we are able to discern what comes from God. Pastor said that God has no secrets and that “He wants to open up opportunities for you.” “What prevents you from getting the best of what God has for your life?”, Pastor G. asked.

There is nothing new about government persecution of the church. Pastor related the story of how Herod killed James the brother of John, and then imprisoned Peter (Acts 12:1-16). But the church prayed without ceasing for Peter. Pastor Giardino used this story to show that you don’t know what is going to happen when you pray. Consequently, an angel of the Lord led the well guarded Peter out of prison and to freedom. “Nobody has all the answers”, Pastor said, “but we must pray to get heaven’s doors open … No matter what your situation, you need to be praying.” After that same angel “smote Herod” (Acts 12:20), “the word of God grew and multiplied” (Acts 12:24).

Another form of persecution that the church faces is from other religions. Pastor showed this by referring to Acts 5:17-20. The apostles were imprisoned by the high priest and the Sadducees, but once again, “the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth, and said, Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.” Pastor called “go”, “stand”, and “speak” the 3-point plan. God will open the doors for us to spread the Word of God.

Pastor went on to show how God opens our hearts and our eyes. He spoke of a spiritual body piercing, where we chose to be the servant of God for the rest of our lives. The proper order in our lives was given by Ex 21:5, “the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children”. This order is kept in place, Pastor G. explained, “by you saying to God, ‘You are my Master’”. Matt 7:7 was used to provide the acronym, ASK = asking, seeking, knocking.In essence, Pastor’s message to us was a preparatory sermon for the Bible Conference coming this week. Special church services with Dr. Sam Gipp are scheduled for this Thursday evening (June 9) and Friday evening (June 10). A men’s prayer breakfast will be held Saturday morning and a much anticipated debate is scheduled for 1 pm on Saturday afternoon. Expect large crowds for both Saturday events!

Inward Peace

An E-mail Message from Pastor Giardino

My beloved Gospel Light and friends!

I’m so excited about the results of Family Camp 2011! The “newbie’s” that went by … some faith … to a strange place 3 hours out of town and followed my lead along with YOU promoting Family Camp, LOVED IT! Even Pastor Massa said they’ll probably have 50+ if the Lord Tarries for Family Camp 2012, for his “newbie’s” loved it. Talking about The Lord’s eminent return… the Jewish

Pentecost for 2011 falls on June 12th, just a week from this coming Lord’s Day! Wouldn’t it be something if Jesus appeared in the clouds while we were in church while Dr. Sam Gipp was preaching … how cool is that thought! There are “better things” to think about isn’t there.. ( tongue and cheek!)??

Let’s me say some things about this coming week and preparing for our Bible Conference. I’m slammed with details like never before, Please pray for me and my family as we are on an extremely fast-track to prepare many details. If you can help decorate for a theme for the KING JAMES 400th anniversary to be in place for Friday the 10th, please see my wife. I’ll probably want them in place for weeks ahead at this middle juncture of the year albeit JUNE 2011.

CHALLENGE: Please consider FASTING from tv/movies before and during our special meetings with Dr. Gipp, starting this SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Maybe it’s something ADDITIONAL that you could FAST from to get your SPIRIT ready for the sermons you’ll be hearing. I’ m requesting for you to be in the number for FULL SERVICES for the HOLY GHOST to touch your heart in this very crucial time of our ministry. On WEDNESDAY we’ll once again fast as a CHURCH, Tuesday 9pm –Wed. 9pm! Please invite others from saved to lost to come to our ministry. With a running start from those challenged and changed from Family Camp this could “trigger” revival in our church and spread to our Christian community of like faiths!!

Remember a low aim NEVER hit a high mark!

Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Once again, please push yourself to be at ALL church services. Maybe you don’t even realize you need a BOOST, a REVIVAL, a CHALLENGE, and MORE OF GOD! The encouragement and victory you can obtain is all up to you BY SHOWING UP! Don’t let your private pain, the “funk” your presently in STEAL what the LORD has prepared for you starting this coming Lord’s Day. I’m excited for you “reaching forth” and forgetting those things which are behind (Phil 3:13). “ Forget about it”!! Please be circumspect with the evil that will subtlety creep in and steal your joy and time as we enter this busy week! (1 Pet 5:8-9)

It’s time to shake off your sloth for Jesus may come soon! Even so come Lord Jesus…QUICKLY!

Eph 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

BTW>>> This coming Sunday night service … testimonies from Family Camp and a short charge from myself … all as the Lord wills it.

Love You’all, Pastor G