GLBBC Baseball

GLBBC BASEBALL by Darryl Marcoux

Psalm 133:1  “A Song of degrees of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

It was a bright beautiful spring day that started out door knocking with a team of 16 faithful members including our Pastor. One person was saved because of this effort! We started at noon and went until two in the afternoon. When all returned to church we broke out the mitts and a few softballs to warm up. When we were all set we started a caravan to Hamlin where we were to meet Walker Bible Baptist. “I think they are afraid to come to us to host the game?” On the way there we encountered a little rain on our windshields. It doesn’t look good for our game so far from home! As it turned out overcast was in our forcast as well as high winds; normal for Hamlin. The cheering section had half a dozen GLBBC’s and one little girl from Walker. We had the crowd support.

Mark Bennett opened us in prayer before we took the field. Our team was at bat first and we took a demanding 4 run lead. Then Walker came to bat and stole our lead by one. It was an epic battle back and forth for the rest of the game with plenty of antics in between. We had two GLBBC women on our team but Walker were afraid of our women and did not want us to play them even though they had an extra player over us. At the third inning we got our women in with Jessenia C. at first base and Leah K. at second base. Both were tremendous in the field and both could slam the ball at the plate. Jess went six for six and Leah only once drove the ball back to the pitcher for an out. I’m sure  he cradled his hand for some time after catching that ball. Both girls crossed the plate each time they got on base! GO GIRLS. Anyways we must have played twenty innings through and through but I can’t tell you who won the game. We have no recorded account of the score and I thought GLBBC won by at least three runs but there is a dispute where some say Walker beat us 32 to 20. At the end of the game we all shook hands and congratulated each other for a fine game. Then brother Mark Bennett closed us in a beautiful prayer and agreed to another game on May 12th 2012. We love you Walker and look forward to the next game. These are real fun games because we include the Lord before we start playing. So plan on coming out May 12th to support your team! Possible weenie roast after the game at the Bennett’s residence?

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