For the Love of Christ

Sunday Morning, 04/15/2012 Pastor Giardino


After prayer for God’s help in delivering the message and opening hearts pastor gave us the opening verses of 2Cor.5:14-15. Pastor read words from a song written by Elisabeth Prentiss (26 October 1818 – 13 August 1878) called “More Love To Thee, O Christ”.

The message began to unfold as it would unveil why we love Jesus our Lord and Christ.

The word “Constrained” came to life, from the opening verses as Pastor used good words to explain its meaning. I especially remember the word “irresistible”. The Love of Christ is powerfully irresistible and causes us to respond because of God’s great outpouring of sacrifice. When WE should experience death and hell, Jesus did it in our place, proving His great love and then raising from the dead to prove He has the power to love us.

Pastor lead us to various verses to bring us into, and persuade us to, the Love of Christ. Do we lightly esteem Him?

I couldn’t help but realize how this is not about religion or rules to follow, it is about a bond of an eternal relationship.

Pastor ended with this:

  • An Exchanged Life
  • An Exclaimed Life
  • or and Excused Life

All of 2Cor. Chapter 5 is about the “Exchanged Life”. Paul is an example of an “Exclaimed” life as everything out of his mouth is an exclamation. Paul ended the chapter with verses 20-21 showing the move from the Exchanged life to an “Exclaimed” life.

Or we may decide to have an “Excused” life, where we make excuses, similar to those in Luke 14:16-20. Let us cling to the cross of His love and hold fast without entertaining any thoughts of discouragement.

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