Pastor Giardino’s Thank You Recap to Men’s Breakfast & Church Plant

Dear Brethren,

Good morning to all! I’m so excited to report a recap of the sensational Men’s Prayer Breakfast & Church plant event last Saturday March 13th, 2010. I felt like Simeon in Luke 2:29 “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace.” Of course I’m interested in living many more fruitful and productive years for the Lord BUT I could relate to Simeon as it’s been a long time in the coming of this vision as it was cast up before the Lord and He blessed….PTL!

Isa 62:10 Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people.

We did “go through” and “lift up a standard” that we can use for the future to help one another…Amen? ! I remember growing up and my father often saying: Talk is cheap”. I appreciate those of you that indeed put feet to your faith and unselfishly came to the breakfast and helped out in this church plant. Thank you, Thank you for helping in the Lord’s work! Pastor Zac Dressner also is encouraged as this exceeded his expectations with getting Jose Rosenbaum settled in this new work.

We had just under 70 attend with 35-40 out on the streets of Rochester NY. The prayer, planning, and the Lord’s “handfuls of purpose” certainly prospered this co-op effort. There was one profession of faith and several calls to Bro. Jose on those interested in this new church…PTL.

There were 12 pastors, missionaries, evangelist at this event. This was the largest number of representation from Baptist churches at one of our events as we witnessed history in Rochester. Etched in the minds of our posterity, our future, as they observed and witnessed that more than a few Baptists can come together and mobilize for an evangelizing a field of harvest in upstate New York. The campaign slogan for the man that occupies the oval office, Obama, was >> “A change you can believe in”.

This past Saturday’s event certainly was a change for local Bible Believing Baptist’s to believe in for eternity’s sake…PTL!

I personally thanked all the pastors and assistant pastors, evangelists, missionaries for making it happen by attending. Pastor Willie O’Dell gave a tremendous charge with a full altar at the invitation. For those of you that couldn’t see this happen…to bad. I did receive some nice e-mails and calls from those that really had important ministry commitments like going their scheduled times at a prison or were out of town preaching etc..

I’m praying about a possible Men’s Breakfast so I’ll keep you posted and let you know details.

I would of wrote this sooner but I hit the ground early this past Monday to head to Albany to help my son set up a video production for NYCF and Legislative Day.

Counter Punch” was a blessing to be at! See for more of a recap of this successful day in Albany.

ALSO>>>> Please see their website regarding the “Bathroom Bill”….. serious stuff!

Glory to His Name & Love you Guys, Bro. Vince Giardino

PS: Please see for a recap of Last Saturday’s Men’s’ Breakfast and a nice picture of Pastor Willie O’Dell!

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