Idle Tales

Did you miss service at GLBBC this past Sunday morning? You need not be troubled, for the sermon (and every Sunday morning service) is available at our website, Click on the Hear Preaching button.

This past Sunday’s sermon, titled “Idle Tales”, is 52 minutes of blessed soul food. As you begin to listen, be sure to open to Luke chapter 4. “Our life should not be an idle tale”, Pastor Vince Giardino preached. What did he mean by this? He explains in his sermon in three points:

  1. Idle Worship – Is your life empty, without meaning, and without satisfaction? We need to be either saved or need revival.
  2. Idle Words – Ultimately, we will have to give account for all our idle words and electronic texts. God has recorded everything ever said. Unless it is covered by the precious blood of Christ, we will be held accountable.
  3. Idle Works – John Wesley once said, “What I can do, God helping me, I can do.” Our works must be for the glory of God, doing all things “in the name of the Gospel”, Pastor said. Idle works will be burned up when the Lord returns (Peter 3:10) and judged (Rev 20:12-13).

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