Victory for Troubled Youth

Mommies can’t be daddies, and daddies can’t be mommies, children need both!”, proclaimed Brother Ralph Stokes to the Sunday evening crowd at Gospel Light. Brother Stokes is canvasing local churches for the purpose of encouraging ministry to troubled youth. “Victory for Troubled Youth” is the name of his mission to the juvenile delinquents of America. He has been preaching to kids since 1995, starting in his home state of Alabama. His concern locally is the Industry School in Rush.

We were presented with a short video presentation of the sad story of juvenile detention centers. Brother Stokes hit the nail on the head when he stated that “the problem isn’t the kids, the problem is the home.” His ministry aims to put a King James Bible into the hands of every boy and girl, where hopefully the Word will reach their hearts. Brother Stokes preached out of the books of Joshua and Judges, encouraging saved Christians to choose to hear God’s voice and get busy doing His will. He reminded that will be judged not for what we did, but why we did those things. The evening ended with a question and answer period where we learned more about what these troubled youth face in their lives.

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