Mothers’ Day Poem – by Brenda Derefinko

“Mama Is” – written by Mrs. Brenda Derefinko

Read at the pulpit by Mrs Shirley Jenkins this Mothers’ Day, May 13, 2012

Mamas do so many things, the hats they wear are many;
Their lists of jobs are endless, and the skills they have are plenty.
Mama is a nurse, for with her kisses she can heal;
And mama is a gourmet chef, for she can sure cook a meal.
Mama is a police officer, for the law she does not bend;
But she also is a lawyer, and ready to defend.
Mama is there to listen, for her couch is always free;
That’s why I know that mama has a psychology degree.
Mama is a bodyguard, she’ll protect you with her life;
Shielding you from evil, hurt, and undue strife.
Mama’s taught me many things, I know she is a teacher;
Her lessons are convicting, that’s when mama is a preacher.
I think mama’s in the UFC, it shows with her correction;
But she is only instructing, and guiding me to walk in the right direction.
Mama is a dictator, she tells you when and how and why;
She says “because I said so”, now do it and don’t you cry.
Mama didn’t have to say anything, sometimes all it took;
That I knew mama was a mime, when she gave me “The Look!”
The one thing mama wasn’t, and she made this one thing known;
“Mama’s not a maid”, she said in a forceful tone.
So with all of mama’s talents, and the many hats that she does wear;
Why just take one little Sunday, to show how much you care.
Celebrate her everyday, and skip all the drama;
Thank God for her talents, and take your hat off to mama!
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