Pastor Vince Giardino started a new series this Sunday at the 11 a.m. service called Salt-lution.  He expects to take 3 to 4 weeks to get through this series. Pastor used several props to illustrate his sermon, such as a Morton Salt container, a bag of Fritos corn chips, and the necessary glass of water.  But the highlight of the sermon was when Pastor Vince got down on all fours and did his cow impression.  Out in front of the podium, there was placed a large, heavy, square, white block of Action-Melt salt.  Our pastor (the cow) mosied on over and took a big long (cow) lick of the salt, illustrating the immediate need for water.  (I wonder if he saw the look on his wife’s face at that moment.)  Pastor Vince demonstrated that it is natural to thirst after God if you are saved and read the salt of His Word.

The sermon began with a reading of Matthew 5:13-16 and ended with Ezekiel 16:2-4,9,49.  Jesus was also quoted using Mark 9:50.  Pastor spoke of 3 attributes of salt that he will expound on: birth, brilliance, and brevity. We expect the sermon to be up on the website soon.  If you could not make it service today, this sermon is well worth your time to listen on-line.

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