“Worship” 05/13/2012

Pastor Vince Giardino combined the important day of Mother’s day with a message of “Worship”. Quite a leap but WOW, what a message.

OK, who knows who Moses’ mother was, by name??? A question asked to the congregation by Pastor. I was stupid and thought the Egyptian woman was his mother. Though God ordained Moses to be raised by the Egyptian, Ex: 6:20 clearly says Moses was the son of Jochebed, his mother and Amram, his father. Moses was a Hebrew child.

Mother, Mom, Mama, Ma, no matter how you put it, it is clear “Mom Loves You Best”. She saved Moses from being killed by the Egyptian Pharaoh by putting him in a basket and sent him on the bank of the water. Ex.2:3 (Moses was drawn out from the water.) “Water” … remember that word for we are baptized through water. Pastor directed us to the opening scripture: Is.66:13. God loves us like a Mother.

“Women” were so incredibly important in Biblical history and faith history as Pastor read to us the moments of Lady Jane Grey before her murder/martyr because of her faith. She was not biblical but her story is documented.

Worship seems to be different between men and women. Men are to worship with humbleness and surrender, while women worship with their demeanor and dress. 1Tim.2:8-10. I really loved this message.

After pastor couldn’t wait to get to Luke chapter 1, with several delays, we find Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary was an example of worship. We read Lk 1:26-38. Verse 38 was her worship. Lk 1:38 And Mary said,”Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

John 4: 23-24 Explains to us that God is a Spirit and those who worship Him MUST worship in Spirit AND in Truth. Not about a physical assembly at a certain place but as a gathering in Truth by His Spirit.

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