Wednesday Testimony from Crete, Greece

This past Wednesday Evening Service at Gospel Light we had a special treat, a couple from Missionary Brian Sinde’s work in Crete, Greece visited and gave a brief testimony.
Michael Schwitzky grew up in a small town in Germany. His family never went to church with the exception of Christmas. In the 1960’s he moved to Greece and got caught up in the hippie movement donning shoulder length hair, flowers in hand, and peace necklaces. He later met his wife Annemarie and the two became a married couple. While on a trip to Israel, they were asked by a woman if they were Hindu. She drew this question from the clothing they wore. They said they were not and the woman asked if they believed in God.
He responded saying he believed there was a God but had no knowledge of him. As fate would have it, this woman was a Christian and planted the seed for the future salvation of Michael and his wife Annemarie.
They found a church in Crete and began attending and were soon saved. After a few years Michael was encouraged to attend Bible College. A few years later they went to help Bro. Sinde and the church where they are now serving.  Please continue to pray for the Brian Sinde family and the Schwitzky family in Crete, Greece.

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