A Father’s Following

Entitled “A Father’s Following“, Pastor Giardino brought an appropriate message on Father’s Day, June 17. As we all turned to 1Pet 2:21-24, pastor spoke about how children learn more by what they see than what they are told.

To be imitators of Christ. 1Pet 2:21. Christ gave us an example to follow. Some of the synonyms and defining words for “example” are: Pattern, Copy, Model, To Imitate.

We ought to copy and be imitators of our Father. So using 1Pet 2:21-24 Pastor gave us seven items. As we read we find these are what Jesus did.

Here is the check list of imitating our Lord:

  1. Don’t Sin
  2. No Guile
  3. Don’t Revile
  4. Don’t threaten
  5. Commit to God’s Judgment
  6. Dead to Sin
  7. Do Right

Is. 1:2 – Even the best father in all the universe has rebellious children. God knows how to deal with rebellion. He has been good to us and we get like a bunch of rebels.

Pastor brought up 4 points:

  1. “The Appealing of the Father”. God always deals with the rebellion, head on and then appeals to His children. Is. 1:17-19. Always makes a way of escape. Is. 51:10-11 God concludes He will have a redeemed people.
  2. “Revealing of the Father”. Is.2:1-5 “Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord…”
  3. “Stealing of the Father”. In this case “father” referring to; “you are of your father the devil.” John 8:44. The devil wants to steal from the True Father. Using government and false religious leadings. Eph. 2:1-10 We were once under the leading of the devil. Let it suffice as time past. Eph.2:4 “But God” Thank you Father God for your redeeming power through Christ.
  4. “Leading of the Father”. Is.42:6-14 God leads us by our hand. We can see God wants to and is excited about leading us. Is.42:14 God holding back His wrath toward His enemies. There is a time by which God pours out His wrath toward all those who set themselves against God and His children.

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