A Personal Testimony: by Fred Beggs

I wrote this to someone who told me that it was hard to examine his faith and finally conclude that God is not real.

God was never revealed to you? How does God reveal himself? One thing for sure, given the multiple choice of what’s available, I cannot put my trust in man as man alone.

How did you examine your faith? Questioning is good since you will never know if you don’t ask questions in your heart. Not knowing your circumstances or you, I can only give you my testimony.
I left the church I was first introduced to Jesus , the Bible, and Christian activity. I was a young man struggling with natural affections and at the same time I sensed something wasn’t right. I left the church thinking I was leaving God. I never really stopped believing in him because I gave God the credit for allowing me to appreciate beauty by sight, touch, sound and to appreciate that which was not. The house fly has no such appreciation for ugly when it comes to what they eat. I realized that was caused by chemical released to my brain by the stimuli. How could I know beauty?

After several years, two children, and a pending divorce later. I was hurting so bad. I was wondering about going back to the church. I did meet some people that helped me to just hang in there. However I would have never seen it coming: One night I was struggling between all I knew was true but they seemed to contradict each other. Then almost like someone turned the lights on I saw it all. I often use the analogy of those trick eye pictures that suddenly you see it. No one else does but you. I sat up in my bed and said louder and louder, “It’s real!” I bowed my face right to the floor.

It was like a seedling sprouting out of the ground for the first time to see the sun and a whole new existence.

I would die for that, in hope that maybe one other person might come to the knowledge of God. I still struggled with sin until most recent I grasped how God has released me from the law of sin and death through the Son by way of the cross.

Sometimes I doubt God’s power to save me but I do not have a doubt God is and Jesus is.

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