Sunday 10/21/12 “Strength to Forgive” Part 16

Pastor Giardino had us open to Luke 6:37-38. Judging and condemning are negatives that apply to us if we do them while forgiving and giving are positives if we do them. Pastor noted the colon at the end of verse 37 to show that verse 38 is a continuation of thought. Vrs: 38 “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Pastor with no uncertain terms made us aware that the colon punctuation connects the two verses and that verse 38 is not about money. It is more about “Forgiveness”. Don’t forget the mission of remission.


In order to help show how our attitude or how our spirit causes good or bad reactions pastor used a couple props. First, a hand puppet of the Sesame Street character “Beaker”. Beaker was a scientist kind of guy that used to run around making odd noises as he worked in the lab. He was always causing an explosion. He would get so frustrated at times. His hair shows how frazzeled he was.

Kermit The Frog

Now out comes Kermit The Frog. Kermit had a way about him that brought people together. Being quick to give the benefit of the doubt and just bring a sense of everything is all right. Instead of explosions he brought the positive not the negative. Referring to Luke 6:37-38. Think about how many children love this little green guy but just laugh at Beaker’s antics.

Leave it to the timing of God. My grandchildren were in for a visit and they were loving this.

Now, going back to our story line, Genesis 43:1-8. This is a typology of tribulation. It was the famine in the land that forced Joseph’s brethren to have to return to Egypt and with the youngest brother Benjamin to buy a little food. Pastor brought up the relevance of dining since Joseph was about to dine with his brethren. Lk 11:37 was Jesus dining. Dining is face to interaction. John 21:12 was the Lord, after being raised saying, “Come and dine.” Pastor noted how Jesus doesn’t want our money he wants our hearts. In Gen.43:18 the brethren thought for sure Joseph was concerned about money. It is not as if Joseph had forgotten the betrayal. Back in Gen.37:28 was him being sold and Joseph brings it up again while in prison in Gen.40:14-15. Joseph knew it was not about him and let God use him as a tool, not only to save the lineage of Abraham, but also to portray the very spirit of forgiveness that is essential to God’s work in and through our lives.

What some have done is quench the Spirit. Stopping it through not forgiving. Stopping the pump to the Fountain of Salvation.

The brethren feared Joseph was going to use this dinner as an occasion to lay accusation against them (Gen.43:21-22), but just as Jesus often said to those who were afraid, Joseph responded with “Peace be to you, fear not.” Joseph was so intent on seeing Benjamin. You have to ask why. Was it just because he was the youngest or just because it completed the family? Why was Benjamin so important? Well, yes, it was vital that all the brethren be alive for the fulfillment of God’s work, but Benjamin was the last one in and a very powerful Apostle known as Paul was from the lineage of the tribe of Benjamin. The last apostle in the twelve. Paul was the last in but so important for the building of the early churches and still today his writings instruct the church in many important areas. (Phil.3:5-8)

Jesus directly associated the twelve apostles to the twelve tribes in Mat.19:28 and Cross Ref. Lk.22:30.

For us to get built right we need to get stripped down to the chassis. “The righteousness of God that depends on faith” (Phil.3:9) We need supernatural ability. (Phil.3:10) Our hearts are apprehended of Jesus Christ. (Phil.3:12)

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