Strength To Forgive, Part 18

Pastor opened up with Gen. 50:20. Joseph speaking to his brethren after he revealed who he was, saying, “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Those words hold strong messages from many angles. God used the evil intent of Joseph’s brethren to work, both to bring down the haughtiness of the brethren in time, but also to set Joseph in a place to save them. Joseph took the weight of it on himself through his faith. To preserve life and posterity beyond just us in the present time. (The posterity of the saints) Also reading Gen 45:1-2, Pastor explained how emotion was heard by the Egyptian house but they did not know the details.

Charlie and SnoopyPastor brought up a Peanuts comic strip from Sunday’s paper and how Snoopy got himself shot down by his arch nemesis, the Red Barron. Snoopy, feeling total lost and dejected behind enemy lines, just begins to cry. Charlie Brown comes over, takes him by the hand and leads him out of his burden. Pastor suggested that Charlie was a type of savior. Charlie saved Snoopy.

Pic of Snoopy and CharlieGod uses us, like Joseph, to take the hits, to be the shock absorber for the salvation of many. That is not to be mistaken for allowing others to walk all over you. Can we be in a place where we can save someone out of the fire? (Jude 1:23)….
Note the timing of both Joseph, to bring forgiveness, and of Charlie to come and save Snoopy? So very important to learn to read the spirit of things. People need a savior at times in their life.

Pastor brought up an early verse from an early sermon on this same subject. Ps.2:12- Kiss the Son. Some of us need to fall in Love with Jesus. Maybe we haven’t done that yet. Notice how much love Joseph’s brethren held for Joseph after the scenario played out? Jesus wants us to love him and be thankful. (If we run around playing Christian we could be blocking the work of the Spirit of our Father to bring us to a place of seeing the hardness of our hearts and how He works through it to Love.) We need to have that work in us so that we can bring that same forgiveness and grace to others. Yes, we need to save somebody.” We should be close enough to Jesus to touch inwardly and intimate enough that nothing else matters. (Amen, Let it be)

In Gen 33:4 is Jacob and Esau embracing after a fall out. Gen.48:10, Prov.4:8 is about embracing wisdom. Ecc.3:5, Song2:6 (Christ and the Church)

Our shock absorber is the promise. When we get embarrassed and ashamed it is our shock absorber. All the Hall of Faithers in Heb 11:13 embraced that promise. The famine was a shock but Joseph was the shock absorber unto saving the posterity of Abraham. Jesus took the brunt and shock of sin but instead of holding us up to our error/s, He forgave.

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