“Strength To Forgive” or “Don’t Mention It”, Part 19

Opening with Gen.50:22-26, Pastor Giardino read about Joseph saying, to his brethren, that when God delivers Israel to the promised land that his bones should be kept in a coffin and carried to the promise land. Pastor read Heb 11:21-22 as reference to this. Paul giving this part of Joseph’s life to explain the power of faith.

“Don’t Mention It”, as in the title of this sermon, is often used as a way of saying thank you.

Joseph was sold out by his brethren. (Christian brethren, so to speak) Sold into Egypt. Pastor again, goes over the events in Joseph’s life and many times making comparisons to us as Christians. His afflictions and him being elevated, then being afflicted again and then being elevated even more. Joseph passing these tests and God delivering him till we see how Joseph, in the final years of his life, knew what would happen to the people of God long after he passes.

Give the gift of forgiveness. That is going to be hard at times but as a Christian, (Take Note) There ought to be something inside, something inside brewing.

Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups?

Yes, there better be something brewing inside that can fill you up. Listen, we are all going to die but what is the message we pass on? What would the mention of us be? We have to be careful about what standards we put on ourselves. Nothing wrong with standards but we need to loosen up and see people saved.

Pastor spoke some on the belief of the Egyptians on preserving dead bodies through embalming and other practices like mummifying. They saw this as preserving the life. We know that they are dead and there is no life there but somehow it was a way of hanging on to the present life in our bodies. Joseph allowed himself to be embalmed and made his brethren to carry out his desire that his remains would not be left in Egypt, because his heart was not there. Joseph was in Egypt but Egypt was not in Joseph. His heart was with the promise.

Why coffee cups? We will get to it in a moment. Gen. 50:1-2 Preserving a patriarch and wanted himself to be preserved. It is interesting that Joseph uses the world’s technology and science to preserve his body, and that Joseph commanded that his body be placed in a coffin. Now, can we call the coffin a “Box” and can we call Joseph “Joe”?

Box O' JoeBox O’ Joe. Coffee is a seed. There is a process to grind down that seed in a way it can be brewed. Dunkin’ came up with this box as a way to preserve it and to be carried someplace. This world wants us to be preserved for their own will by way of Cares, Pleasures and Riches. They want us to continue in that mode in order to preserve us for them. For the Christian there should be something hot brewing in us. Either let it be an Ice Cappuccino or a cup of Hot Joe. So interesting how pastor uses this to explain how when we go in a coffin and we physically waste away that there is something inside of us, the seed, that there should be something brewing in us that is more than a dead body. We should even smell good, like coffee, even if others don’t like the flavor.

The generations of Joseph had an oath to carry Joe in a box. Very inconvenient to carry through the wilderness, through the battles, through the trials, however it was not a chore to carry one who they were thankful for. Well, didn’t Joseph carry them? Didn’t Joseph save them? (Like Jesus for us. It is not hard to carry him.) Your name, your reputation, your soul and who you are and how you are remembered. (Ex.13:19) They have to take care of Joe in a box. Why was only Joseph mentioned and not Jacob? Because Joseph was a type of Jesus. (Josh.24:32) Joseph being buried after being carried to the promise land. Very important that Joseph be remembered in Israel and not left back at Egypt. This is all about resurrection from the dead. (1Pet.1:3) “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” This is the picture that God gave through Joseph: To save much alive. (We were resurrected from the dead the moment we believed, through the resurrection. (Jn.5:24)) We better leave something for our posterity.

(Luke 7:11-) Jesus breaking up a funeral. (Not the only time.) Breaks up a death sentence because he is the resurrection. This is a picture of being raised, our resurrection. In Lk.7:16 note the same words from Gen.50 and Ex.13. “God has visited His people”.

“Mention” is the word to consider. (Speak Of) Don’t we mention those that have inspired or influenced us even after they pass? Joseph wanted to be mentioned and remembered and so does Jesus.

What if Joseph was slain and dead and what if Joseph didn’t go through what he went through to save? The promise would have ended and been blown to smithereens.


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