Sowing Seed

Today, Sunday morning service, this 11/25/2012, we were graced to have Pastor Tom Bard an Evangelist that according to his own testimony, “Home is where I am.”

Opening with Mark 4:11-14.

Sowing, as in sowing seeds, is the fundamental foundation of life. Whether it is plant life or animal life all things come from a seed. All food come from seed. We do take much for granted when it comes to this principle because it is so simple and it works, yet somehow we have forgotten the principle of sowing. One seed produces more seed and if we keep sowing the seeds we will soon have more than we need.

Corn SproutPastor Tom Bard didn’t mention this verse but I thought of it while he was speaking. (Mark 4:28) For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.Ear of corn

When Jesus spoke of the sower the image is not of planting seeds in the soil but of scattering seed upon different soils. It is God who brings the increase so leave it to God to handle the results whether good soil or bad. (Is.55:10) Speaks of God’s word returning to Him. It’s to Him not to us. Therefore it is in His hands.

Sowing and reaping is vital to survival and if we neglect that principle we don’t eat. We depend on others to do that for us now but it was not always like that. Your life depended on the crop and the livestock as well. If you don’t think this has anything to do with your life then you are not paying attention. It is the essence, foundation and basis of Christianity to sow the word. Think of all the various things Christians do to circumvent sowing the word and teaching the gospel. What else are we going to do? Teach them how to be better people and how to be happy? Is that what we think God is about? God is not there at our beckon call to make sure we are happy. The sooner we figure that out the happier we will be. Sowing is like the law of gravity, it doesn’t change, it is in God’s control. When we are sowing the word we are locked into something that makes us part of it because God is in control, not us. We just have to do it. Everyone should be casting the seeds of the word of God. Pray over the word/seeds.

2Cor. 9:5-8 Do it on purpose. Purpose it. Here Paul in showing the connection between sowing and reaping when it comes to giving. God is able to make grace abound toward you. Always having sufficiency for good works. Note there is nothing about getting anything. It is about abounding and increasing in the fruits of righteousness. 2Cor.9:10 Purpose to sow/give. If the principle of sowing and reaping works in the earthly then it must also work spiritually. How money is handled is critical in your life with God. Gal 6-7-9 The lost however, are outside the grace of God. God cannot save you because salvation stands on grace not on works. Gal.6:8 The 2nd part of that verse speaks of this. How does one sow to the spirit if they are outside of God’s grace? The reason people want this to be based on good works is then it is in our control. They are comfortable with that.

Just like children we hurt ourselves when we do not listen to direction and try to do this on our own terms. Think of your children when you are having trouble doing what is right. Do it! Your children are a branch from you and become a part of what you are not what you teach. No one is going to be perfect but you should be going in that direction. Therefore, consider the principle of sowing. Conform to this truth so that it can work and abound in grace and fruit for eternity.

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