This Sunday Morning 12/9/12 Pastor Giardinio opened up with Mark 7:14-23. Jesus explaining that what comes out of a man is what defiles a man not what is taken in. What comes out comes from the heart of a man; All evil within is what defiles a man.

The Grinch and MaxPastor wanted to pull from a timely song called, “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.” Watching a video with the words and music we find out Pastor wanted to focus on a word, “GUNK”. Before pastor explained why he wanted to focus on “gunk”, he made it clear that a person in the best of circumstances or even separated from all forms of worldly impression, the heart would be as evil as was described in this song and it will condemn them. No matter who it is, man is incurable without Jesus Christ.

When it comes to men/women of the cloth and the most deplorable, such as the Ted Bundy, Charles Manson etc., we are all cut out of the same material. We are all incurable. The more we Christians recognize that, the more God can justify and redeem. “Be merciful to me a sinner.” Pastor asks at this point, “Now, Aren’t you glad you came here today?” Pastor had us turn to Rom. 3:10-18 and suggested how much it sounds like the song. This passage refers to everybody. No one is born with the propensity to do good. We are all wretched. This is the plight before Christ was revealed. Souls are going to hell because it is not being preached straight up. We need to be convinced of our own evil heart before we can see the profound need for Christ. Rev. 3:15 speaks of neither being hot nor cold. God will spue thee out of his mouth. We cannot have God’s covering until we know the truth about our heart.

Gunk Engine CleanerNOW, pastor explains the reason for “Gunk”. Pulling out two cans of an engine cleaner called, you guessed it, “Gunk”. Gunk Engine Degreaser is specifically formulated to remove baked on grease and deposits from hard working engines. Comparing a dirty engine to our hearts where grime can get so built up and eventually causing it to not perform.

Gunk’s instructions: Step (1) Clean.(Ransom) Step (2)Protect(Soul Protector)- Once you got it all shined up, don’t you want to protect it and keep it that way and show it off a bit. What’s under your hood?

The more pastor got into describing this product and what it does the more it became clear where this was heading. We need to be washed. I thought of this verse while writing this blog. Ps.51:7 “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean :wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” The engine can’t clean itself. There is an application needed. The KJ Bible and the working of God through His Spirit by way of Christ. We are made clean by the word. (Jn.15:3) Isn’t it amazing that God can come down in a body and do all kind’s of great things and still not be tainted by mankind. When Jesus came and cleansed me and is within me he was not tainted by me but I am cleansed, moved and life changed.

1Cor:6:1 “Dare any of you” How dare you allow each other to upset what brotherly kindness ought to be doing. How about some fellowship, how about a little face to face. The Corinthians were taking issues to civil lawsuits. Too much Gunk in the church and in the pews. We do wrong to one another and is there no wise one among you to handle the matter? Paul says, “I say this to your shame.” We use vrs 9 toward the unsaved but the context is the Christian. We have been wash and sanctified. We can be saved, professed, possessed but not sanctified. (Separated unto him) Do you realize that all things are lawful for the believer but not all things are worth the loss and the cost. What power do we come under? We can quench the Spirit just like a fire.

Whatever is under the hood (Our Heart) will not remain hidden. The purpose and intent. The only sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken and contrite heart. Let our works be Christ who gave himself for the good of others. Flee all manner of wickedness. Do not give it time or thought. Instead flee to Jesus, one way or another, knowing we are all cut out of the same cloth.



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