Blindness and Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Vince Giardino, the shepherd of the flock at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, keeps a close watch on the needs of his sheep. This week our beloved pastor has perceived needs that required immediate attention. Sunday’s two services were spent warning us of dangers that lie in our paths as Christians.

The morning sermon dealt with blindness. In today’s society, with all it’s unholy aspects and attacks on Christianity, sometimes our eyes will take in the wrong things. Pastor stated we are in an “Eye-War”. Vile ideas and images that the devil uses to draw in our eyes “affect our imaginations” and “harden our hearts.” “Deposits get into our spiritual vision.” So just like the blind man in John 9, we also need to have the blinding coating removed from our eyes. This man “went” in obedience, “washed”, “watched”, and in John 9:35-38 “worshiped”. Pastor Giardino wanted us to understand that worship is crucial for another type of eyesight, one that sees the Lord in His glory. There is a “demonic spirit that does not want you to see the Kingdom of God.” “Jesus is trying to make us see,” to wash us and bring us peace. We need “daily washing” and “sanctification” by the Word of God, which “fills the spiritual blanks in your life”. Pastor asked us, “How important are your spiritual eyes to you?” “Go wash.”

The evening service dealt with spiritual warfare. Pastor Giardino started out by saying, “As the country goes, so goes the church.” We, as a church, are in a fight, “the good fight of faith.” Our country is carnal and full of evil influences. So even though we have, as Pastor G. stated, “a good family atmosphere here” at Gospel Light, we also have “a lot of ills”. This country is drunk on alcohol, sex, and even perverted sex, and thus, being “sober is out of the mainstream”. Our society now has an “upside down attitude toward the church” that may soon drive it underground. Therefore, Pastor Giardino admonished us, through several scriptural verses, to be sober and to toughen up. One such verse was from 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. Using two light bulbs as an illustration, Pastor G. showed how one normal bulb contained a flimsy filament and broke easily. We are to be like the other bulb with a rugged filament and tough exterior, more able to withstand the hits. In the ironic story in I Samuel 4:1-10, our pastor used the example of the Philistines, who, being sober and quit themselves like men and fought, were able to smite a nation of Israel that was drunk with false worship. Israel mistook having the ark of the covenant as meaning God was in the midst of the their camp. Therefore, we as individuals and as a church need the presence of God, to quit ourselves like men, and fight “the good fight of faith.”

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