The Invisible Man

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Pastor’s Preamble

Pastor Giardino teaches that we owe each other love. If we were debt free financially, we’re still not debt free spiritually. We owe love to one another! Romans 13:8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

Your Blogger’s View Point

Most members and many visitors at GLBBC would readily agree that our church exudes a friendly, family atmosphere. Visitors are warmly greeted, refreshments are available before Sunday morning service, handshakes are common, we sing with enthusiasm, and generally everyone is pleasant and upbeat. Further, for a small church, we have an usually large number of ministries and activities along with a high percentage of members participating.

However, as with any family, we could continue to grow and improve. By becoming more spiritual, humble and pure of heart, more selfless and giving, and genuinely thoughtful and caring of our fellow brothers and sisters, perhaps we would become even more close-knit as a family.

Let us ask ourselves: Are we willing to look beyond our circle of friends at church? How well do we know those outside our sphere of comfortably close friends? How often have we brushed past an unfamiliar soul (whether a visitor or a regular member) because: we feel shy or awkward, we are too busy at the moment, they are too different than us, we’d rather be with friends, we forgot their name, we are too tired to bother, or we’re having a bad hair day? We all do this from time to time, with barely a thought; and it is not necessarily sinful, since we’d probably not stop and talk with them out on the street. Nevertheless, are we to ignore those who stand alone and look around waiting for… perhaps a warm greeting or maybe a new friend? After all, those souls came to our church for a reason, and that reason was not so that they could be ignored. They most surely hoped to find fellowship with God’s own.

At the first church that I attended after being saved, I could stand in the lobby all Sunday morning, through service after service, without ever once being approached. Not one pastor, nor deacon, no elder, or greeter, no ministry worker, not even a salesman or panhandler said “boo” to me; as though I had become “The Invisible Man”. God did bless me with the ability to find great friends there, but that church remains fragmented with isolated pockets of cliques and cronies. Make no mistake, Gospel Light is far and away more open, inviting, and friendly. But if we are to be honest with ourselves, we can make our church family stronger than it is. Through persistent prayer, through reading the Word, and especially through modeling our lives and behavior after Our Lord Jesus, each one of us can help tie the cords that will bind us together as we grow closer to each other in God’s grace and love. Let no one who attends GLBBC feel like “The Invisible Man” or woman.

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