New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation

On Sunday, Feb 7th, Reverend Jason McGuire spoke at both the Adult Sunday School and the main 11 a.m. service. He is the executive director of the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. His presentation centered on how New Yorkers Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) lobbies on issues in Albany. The organization works toward strengthening families in New York State. Jason described his strategy as utilizing 4 P’s to influence legislators: Prayer, Persuasion, Personal Relationships, and Public Pressure.

Web sites of interest include:

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation:

New Yorkers Constitutional Freedoms:

We were encouraged to register to vote at the NYCF web site, if we are not already registered. A surprisingly small portion of church-going Christians actual vote in each year’s elections. We can contact our elected officials also through the NYCF web site.

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