People of GLBBC: The Carpenter

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Rey Caletz: Teacher and church "Master" carpenter

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  1. Pastor G
    Pastor G says:

    I couldn’t resist adding some commendation to one of the
    most talented men in our ministry. I have had the privilege
    to work and brain storm with this ingenious Christian man.
    His patience and stickler to detail has beautified Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church.
    Bro. Rey’s master carpentry gifts really kicked into over-drive
    during our platform renovation. There was a certain look that
    I was envisioning for the sanctuary that he took to a new level.
    The rounded platform with oak trim and the pulpit area look
    sensational! It is also a blessing to know that he also
    is a man full of wisdom on spiritual matters. For the last
    five years he has been a key man with a key family at Gospel Light!
    I’m not worthy to be their pastor!

  2. Marji
    Marji says:

    He’s a dear friend and master craftsman! I’m astonished at what he’s accomplished at our church home. God be with you. Thank you!

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