Youth Rally a HUGE Success!

From the jail house entrance, mug shots, fingerprinting, court room, costumes, skits and music, April 25th was an amazing experience! Many hours of preparation went into making this night memorable in the lives of all 275 people who attended.

As you entered the building it was made to look as if you stepped into a jail house office complete with the jail cells built into the back of the room. Maybe someone stopped you to take your mug shot or to fingerprint you. The mug shots on the wall quickly let you know that we mean business here at The BRICK! where there are only 2 rules. 1. Obey all rules and 2. No writing on the walls because it is very hard to remove writing from the walls! ( Anyone who has heard Barney Fife speak those words can get an idea of some of the antics of the night.

While we had a great time and enjoyed some laughs, we also saw skits that were at times funny, but ended with a serious note. Anyone watching would be prompted to make a decision for salvation.

Evangelist David Spurgeon shared some of his own story of salvation and how the Lord rescued him from a life in prison as well as from the motorcycle club that he known for being a big part of. He included that after trusting Christ, he knew that there were other things that had to change and that in order to grow in knowledge, he would have to

1.Stay in the book

2. Stay on his knees

3. Stay in church (every time the doors were opened)

These points are things we can all keep in mind.

We saw souls saved and lives touched. Many thanks to all who made it possible. Pictures to come!

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  1. Fred Beggs
    Fred Beggs says:

    I was there as a member of the church and was so proud to see the drive and dedication to, not entertain, but to deliver the simple message of the gospel of salvation. To make a “Jail Break” from the bondage of sin, of the result of being born under Adam who chose to follow after disobedience, changing our created in the image of God to image of the devil who Adam submitted to. Even the best of people now need to be re-created and that is what is called born again. We now need to ask for it. Please come visit. We love God and are thankful for his redeeming power in Christ.

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