Tent Meeting and Bible Clubs in Jones Park!

There are times when ministry can be tiring and you might feel that it is not worth the effort. Let me tell you right now that this past week was NOT one of those weeks! Gospel Light has prayed and fasted in the hope that the Lord would be merciful to us as we were to undertake a HUGE task. Doing what others may think impossible we moving into areas that are even undesirable to some. As always, God proved that He is faithful and will see us through if we trust Him to do the moving in hearts while we do what it takes to show people that He loves them and that we at GLBBC love them too. 

We started out with a brunch on Saturday July 26th. After we fed our workers, we hit the streets. over 6,000 flyers and invitations were handed out. These were simply an invitation to the Bible Clubs and evening tent meeting which would start with the Movie night on July 26th. We were as ready as we could be. With 170-180 people in attendance, we watched “Facing the Giants” and heard from our preacher of the week, Bro. Chris Chaney. (More about Bro. Chaney here.) Several people were dealt with as the questions of salvation came flooding to their hearts. It was a joy to see young and old call upon the name of Christ.

On Monday night, the men had an impromptu meeting to hear from Bro. Chaney again. 20+ were in attendance for that meeting What a blessing!

many kidsThe next stage of our event was the first day of our Bible Club. We saw nearly 80 children come out and hear the story of the Gospel of Christ. Many of these children are from other religious backgrounds. Others live in homes where the parents speak no english. Still others are from the home of a single parent who sends them out the door to us knowing that they will be occupied and trusting they will be safe for a time. Throughout the four days of fun, we were able to see several young folks call upon the Lord to save them. Could there be any better use of time and energy? No. These times are the greatest!

Our evenings, Tuesday – Thursday, were a wonderfully uplifting time of worship and preaching where we again saw several souls come to Christ. Bro. Chaney did a wonderful job of sharing his life and experiences in a way that made Christ so real and life in Him desirable. The messages preached are available on our media page. We know you will be blessed to hear them all!

The weather forecast was for rain each morning and evening. We witnessed the Lord’s hand as the clouds were chased away EVERY time we gathered! God is so faithful! We would have continued to go forward as planned regardless of the rain but what a blessing to see it held off at His hand each time. 

On Thursday evening, we served hearty bowls of delicious, home made soup following the service as we do each Wednesday after our 3 o’clock Bible study at 401 Lyell Ave. It is truly a blessing to be able to meet and greet the people of rochester’s west side and let them see us actively working to make their lives count for eternity. God is working.  We were thrilled this past week as we were able to see it happening before our eyes. 

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