Jobs and the Pastor’s Men

A strong, young man walks in to his pastor’s office and says, “Pastor, pray for me. I’ve been unable to find a job for quite some time now.” The pastor responds by saying, “I’ll pray, but I can also give you a tip on a job.” The man replies,”Oh, praise God, what is this job?” The pastor says, “The local zoo just hired one our men from the congregation last week. Maybe they’ll still have an opening or two.”

The man hurries down to the zoo and meets the zoo keeper, who says, “We don’t have any openings, but I do have an idea. We just lost our gorilla and you seem to be a big, strapping young fella. Say, how would you like to work in the gorilla pen with a life-like suit? It would be for just a few weeks until we get a replacement gorilla, and I’d pay you very well.”

Being desperate for work, the man agrees and shows up to work the next day. The first day in the gorilla suit, he was bored and a bit confused as to what he should do all day. The second day, he began to pound his chest and started enjoying the attention from the crowd that would gather. On the third day, he was stomping and swinging and having the greatest of times. That was until he accidentally swung too far and landed in the lions pit.

The man in the suit stood up and faced the lion, who was looking rather hungry at the moment. Slowly the lion approached and the man backed away until he was cornered. Completely frightened, he knew he had two choices: he could either cry out for help, blowing his cover, or he could be the lion’s dinner. Not being able to stand it anymore, the man cried out “Help me!” Then the lion spoke, “Quiet brother, or you’ll get us both fired.”

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