Nursing Home Ministry

The Nursing Home Ministry here at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church is being lead by one of our church’s most involved members, brother Jeremiah Rodell. I wish to shine a bright spot-light on this ministry because it reaches out beyond our four church walls. The ministry reflects our Pastor’s call to be “Fishers of Men” in 2010. Thus, here is Jeremiah’s explanation of the ministry (with slight editing by me).

My goal for the Nursing Home Ministry is to do the following:

– Bring Christ into their lives through church services and personal visits,

– Show God’s love for them through a consistent testimony and witness,

– Encourage those residents who are saved to live for God,

– Evangelize those residents who are not saved,

– To let the residents know that God still cares for them and has a purpose for them.

We go to Wedgewood Nursing Home located at 5 Church St, Spencerport, NY.

We have wonderful volunteers from the church including many of our children from GLBBC, as well as our teens, who enjoy going and being a blessing.

We have had visits to the nursing home in 2010 on January 2nd and 16th. Our next visit is planned for February 27th at 1 PM. We meet right at Wedgewood.

Some of the residents we have come to know are Rita, Hazel, Violet, Margret, Mary, Lorraine, Ruth, and Doug.

Will you consider joining us?

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