Shadow of the Cross: Our Lord in heaven is smiling

This blogger attended the Sunday morning performance of “Shadow of the Cross” at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church and witnessed a superb, artfully crafted presentation. The audience was obviously delighted and inspired by what they saw and heard. This telling of the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus touched all but the hardest of hearts and most certainly pleased our God in heaven.  If one of the roles of the church here on earth is to bring glory to God, this performance did just that in a most spectacular way.

The voices of the choir blended together wonderfully and surged with magnificent splendor. The characters and narrator infused emotion and meaning into their parts. The instrumental accompaniment was crisp and beautiful to hear. The large white banners hanging as a backdrop were lit with various colors during the performance, providing a professional theater look to the performance. One highlight for this blogger was the Men’s Trio singing, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”; I never fail to be moved when brothers Gabriel, Mateo, and Jeremiah combine to sing before the congregation. Concluding the performance was our Pastor Vince Giardino, who brought special significance to each of the parts of the performance and urged the those in need to find Christ.

Congratulations to all who put there time and effort into a successful Resurrection Sunday tribute to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Narrator: Gabriel Gonzalez

Mary: Julia Giardino

Caiaphas: Paul Schreiner

Peter: Jeremiah Rodell

Pianists: Brad Barkowski, Gail Hamilton, Raquel Caletz

Flutist: Chris Nicot

Musical Director: Mateo Vazquez

Production Director: Gabriel Gonzalez

Technical Director and Sound: Michael Giardino

Lighting: Fred Taccone, Josh Crane

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  1. Pastor G
    Pastor G says:

    I’m humbled to serve with such a dedicated group of committed Christians at Gospel Light! Their creativity
    and musical ability soared to new heights as the Lord
    blessed the “Shadow of the Cross” three engagements!

  2. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    I loved watching my daughter’s reaction to the performance. She is 7 years old and is coming to understand what Christ did for us. She cried when she heard Christ was nailed to the cross for our sin. To everyone involved thank you for touching us all and reaching the lost.

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