Creating bonds with other religions?

The so-called “conservative” newspaper, The Washington Times, posted an article on-line this morning (Monday, Apr 5 ’10) titled: Interfaith movement gains new strength: Breaking barriers, creating bonds with other religions. One can easily get the gist of this disturbing article by reading the second part of the title. Has this not been what Pastor Giardino has been warning us is coming? Anyone disagreeing with the premise of this article will be labeled by the greater part of modern, progressive society as hateful and primitive. We live in an age of relativism where truth depends on one’s point of view.  If you can stomach this tripe, here is the article: Interfaith movement

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  1. Pastor G
    Pastor G says:

    It should never surprise a Biblical Christian when
    we read about the spirit of the age emerging in this
    present age. This is expected in the final gasps for air as
    True Christianity begins it exit to the closet albeit
    underground. Just when the Lord blasts the trumpet to
    gather us home is SOON…Even so come Lord Jesus!
    The writing is on the “wall” paper.

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