Back to the drawing board

Rather than put up another post yesterday, I constructed a separate blog page using Photoshop and then put that in place on the blog.  You’ll see it in the menu bar above called “For New Members“.  After putting it up, it seemed to display very well.  Oops, not so fast.

I was viewing the new blog page using Firefox as my browser.  Firefox renders the oversized Photoshop graphic fine; it fits the whole page in the column.  However, as my co-worker found out this evening, when Internet Explorer is used as the browser, the right 1/3 of the page is chopped off.  In order to see the entire page, you must click on the page.  Even then, the page is unreadable until you zoom in.  Internet Explorer is the most often used browser for with web users, having over 60% of the market.

What needs to be done to fix the problem has already been figured out by this meager brain.  Of course, its back to Photoshop to nip and tuck the graphic page.

Update:  The page is now fixed…

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