The Delicate Order of the Home

Sunday evening service, February 28, 2010, Gospel Light Bible Baptist church received a landmark sermon from our dear Pastor Vince Giardino.  Our pastor has delivered one of his most heartfelt and important messages aimed directly and purposefully at the problems plaguing our church families.  If Pastor Giardino hasn’t pleaded with you to hear this sermon, then let this blogger be the one to strongly urge you to listen carefully to this sermon on-line:    Delicate Order – Part 1

Please take heed to what our pastor has to say concerning why families and churches get “out-of-balance” and the consequences to upsetting “the proper order that God has ordained.”  Pastor is praying that this message will “awaken your attitude”,  “will rock your boat”, and ultimately “revive our church” and “revive our families”.

The highlight of the sermon (for this blogger, at least) was given through Phil 2:3-8, with emphasis of this phrase, “in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”  Pastor said, “others are the issue, not you” and that violating this principle is the root cause of disorder.  Let us remember to be humble in mind, to keep ourselves in the background as we seek to minister to others. Please, with honesty and urgency, search your hearts. After hearing this sermon, look inward and examine yourself in light of our pastor’s message to us.

Listen also to part two of this message, given on March 7:  Delicate Order – Part 2. This blogger plans on listening soon.

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