A successful GLBBC Ladies Conference concludes

Nancy Motley

The first ever Ladies Conference held at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, with the theme of “Fishing for Friends”, was concluded today. Called a “smashing success” by an anonymous attendee, the conference was conducted in three sessions: Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon. Each session was highlighted by a talk presented by guest speaker Nancy Motley, a member of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. The topics of each inspiring talk were:

Session 1: The four principles necessary for “fishing for friends”, based on Luke 5:1-11.

Session 2: Cultivating friendships, ways to prove yourself friendly, and watching for dangers to friendship.

Session 3: Heart attitudes that promote or prevent friendships, based on Proverbs 4:23.

During each session, friendship-themed Christian songs were led by Bonnie Vazquez, the church’s child choir leader and Sunday school teacher. Bonnie was great at stirring up the action. Friday evening, deserts were served, which included fruit dishes, cream puffs, breads, cakes, and sweets. Between sessions on Saturday, a scrumptious brunch was cooked and served by GLBBC master chef de cuisine, Jeremiah Rodell. The buffet included ham, artichoke chicken, hashed browns, sweet French toast, steamed mixed vegetables (boy were they mad), and garden salad. A three part play was presented by a team of talented young girls, called the Gospel Light Guppies, under the direction of Melody Crane. The play artfully presented the story of the rainbow fish, who did not want to share his scales or talents with the other fish. Long story short – after being saved, the fish agreed to share (hurray). Door prizes were given and each guest received party favors at their seats. The conference welcomed guests from outside GLBBC, including several from First Bible Baptist Church of Lockport, NY.  May this be the first of many delightfully edifying ladies conferences at Gospel Light!

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  1. Lori G
    Lori G says:

    This weekend’s conference was a success. Thank you to all the ladies that helped to pull it off by either helping to make decorations, set-up, making desserts, leading music or helping as an emcee. It can’t be done by only one person. A special thanks to Jeremiah (and Janelle) Rodell who prepared a fantastic meal for us. God bless you all!

  2. Joy Beilman
    Joy Beilman says:

    I had a wonderful time and am still floating from Mrs. Motley’s wisdom and her grace. I also want to thank the women of Gospel Light for their friendship and the welcome extended to our guests. My guests enjoyed themselves and are sure to come to visit again. And finally to all the people who made today such a success (and fed us so well) thank you!!!

  3. Michael Giardino
    Michael Giardino says:

    From what i heard, while editing the audio, It sounded like you ladies were stuffed with tons of info and wisdom

  4. Brenda Derefinko
    Brenda Derefinko says:

    The Ladies conferance was such a blessing to me and my daughters. Thank you so much for including my girls in the choir. They had a blast. Mrs. Motley was such an inspiration, I love her “old school” attitude, she showed me how much I have a tendency to complicate things in life. I loved her stories of her childhood swamp life. Just the simplicity of things, the world was right when they said “we’ve come a long way.” Mrs. Motley reminded me of a female Larry Brown, with all of her illustrations, and stories, I especailly loved the one about her ancestory, and her planting the flowers on her great grandmothers grave. What a Savior! Thank you so much to all the ladies at GLBBC, oh yeah a brother Jeremiah the food was great!

  5. Pearl Caletz
    Pearl Caletz says:

    The Ladies Conference was a delight to be a part of. Mrs. Motley was a huge blessing with the memories she shared and the stories she told. The theme was Fishing for Friends and some of the examples she extolled, we have in place here. God is so awesome. The fellowship was friendly, the food divine. Thank you for the vision of a Ladies conference for the women and young ladies of GLBBC. It was so nice to meet new ladies and to reconnect with old friends. It was a wonderful time and my daughter and I really enjoyed ourselves.

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