This past Sunday morning brought us a new sunshiny day, and with it, Pastor Giardino brought us a new theme based on water, titled, Shipworthy. Our service started with lovely and inspiring music (i.e. the theme for the evening service, BTW) from Carolyn’s flute, Bonnie and her choir of young women, and Dean with his guitar. Then, Pastor G. began his sermon by introducing a song performed by Simon and Garfunkle in 1969, Bridge Over Troubled Water. Although a secular song, the words of the first two verses seem as though, as pastor put it, “God said I’m going to put my words in their mouths.” The song was written during very turbulent cultural change; “people were hurting.” The country is now “reaping now the wild oats sown in the 1960’s”, Pastor Giardino warned. With a framed drawing of a the cross of Jesus bridging the gap over a “sea of troubled waters”, Pastor explained how the only bridge is Jesus Christ.

Pastor Giardino’s theme, Shipworthy, is based on Psalms 107:23-31, with his point # 1 being “They go.” As evangelical Christians, as fishers of men, we are to go to the troubled waters, with waters meaning the troubled people of the world. This point was demonstrated by this year’s church theme poster, where Salina Giardino painted in the words “save us” into the waters below the life ring. Our pastor admonished us to keep going, even when we ourselves are faced with trouble. Even as “God controls the water and its storms”, as pastor showed us in several scriptural verses, God is also, “in control of the trouble in your life.” “God know exactly the ways of the sea and your life.”

Point # 2 of “Shipworthy” was “They stow.” “Some of you are stowaways in the church, pastor said, just occupying a seat in church on Sunday. Pastor Giardino urged us to be the opposite, to “be a contributing member of the church”, to “be busy about doing the business of the church”, and to “not be a stowaway.” Likewise, he said we must stow the Word of God in our hearts and minds. As Christians, we are “little Christs”, with our lives modeled after His.

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