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This blogger woke up lazy this morning, so this posting is going to be an on-the-fly, no-edit, discourse of random stuff.  So with a cup of coffee in one hand, a bagel in the other, and typing with my nose, here we go:

First off, and most importantly, Gail Reed (and Pastor George Burkinshaw, Calvary Bible Baptist church in Elbridge NY) are asking for your prayers for the Turrell family after a very bad car accident.  Pray especially for the survival of the mother, who sustained internal injuries.

Last night at service, Pastor Giardino slipped in that he will be asking the church congregation to fast next Wednesday.  The announcement will be made this coming Sunday.  That is why I am announcing a “PIG OUT” for next Tuesday.  We are to consume enough to last us for two days.  I recommend carbs; lots and lots of carbs.  Also, if you missed them last Sunday, Pastor Jim Donath and his wife are ticketed to return to Gospel Light in May.  In August, Majesty Music holds its annual music seminar called “Music College.”  Mateo talked about his experiences there last year and recommends it to others.  Is there a web site for this?  Gabriel will be leading a street preaching outreach tonight (Thursday, Apr 15) at 6:30 PM at the corner of Lyell Rd and Howard Rd in Gates.

At last night’s service, we were blessed by the presence of two missionary families.  Ryan and Amanda McBride, missionaries to the Philippines joined us in service with Ryan providing their testimony.  The entire Morgan family, Jim and Susan, and their 7 children, joined us.  We were treated to a slide show of their mission field in Romania with Jim providing their testimony and answering questions afterward.  The Morgan family asks for your prayers for workers in the Romanian mission fields.

Our “Way of the Master” video, episode 14, was filmed in NYC and was titled, “God has a wonderful plan for your life”.  The focus of this episode was the pitfalls of preaching the “happiness gospel”  Our message to the lost should be the need for a right standing with God.  We need to expose their desperate need for true repentance and salvation, to instill in them a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  “God is concerned with saving your soul, not the fringe issues in your life.”

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  1. Lori G
    Lori G says:

    Hi Joe, I have contacted majesty Music and hope to have answers for the questions about Music College. Couldn’t find anything on the web site or by searching. That was true last year as well but they will send out registration forms when requested. I will get that information to you as soon as I have it. God bless!

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