A Gallery of God’s Handiwork

For any thoughtful, discerning person, Christian or non-christian, the question of “Does God exist?” is important because how we build and structure our lives depends on the answer. God wants us to seek him, both in His Word and in his creation.

Contrary to secular opinion, the study of science has lead many away from atheism and toward a firm belief in God. Among the many facets of science that scream of His hand, the complex and beautiful designs revealed in nature and the universe provide compelling evidence of God.

No matter what your beliefs, you will most certainly enjoy the this web site: Dandy Designs, which states, “There are few things more pleasing than stepping into a gallery to enjoy the work of a skillful artist craftsman. Welcome to our gallery of God’s handiwork.”

God's Design: Hummingbirds are energy dynamos.

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  1. Lori G
    Lori G says:

    Another informative website is http://www.answersingenesis.org. Not only is there a great web site, but they publish a beautiful magazine called “Answers.” I am personally looking forward to the day that we may be able to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. They have had nearly 1 million visitors since opening in May of 2007.

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