What makes a great “follower”? Comments requested.

Once upon a time (this week actually), a certain (anonymous) member of an unnamed Baptist church (somewhere in Gates) responded to a pastoral directive in a rather wishy-washy (disobedient) way. That pastor (anonymous also) responded in a patient and understanding way. This led that certain (anonymous) member to ask himself (or herself, whatever) what the role of a church member should be. As a follower (sheep) of our pastor (shepherd), what role should he (or she, whatever) play in the church? Further, what qualities should a “follower” have?

Likewise, as the shepherd of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Giardino maintains many roles in his busy church life. In no particular order of importance Pastor G. is a preacher, business manager, mentor, decision maker, delegater, motivator, evangelist, spiritual leader, consoler, and church representative. Alternately, Pastor G. has the role of sheep in being a follower of Jesus Christ, our chief shepherd in heaven and earth, abiding by His commands to His disciples with sincere, heartfelt love.

We, in our role of followers of Jesus first and our pastor second, need to consider our roles. What are the roles of a follower in the church? What are the qualities that make a good follower?

Please respond to to these important questions with honest and thoughtful comments to this blog message. Note:Your comments will not appear immediately; this blogger will gratefully approve them as soon as possible.

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