Street Preaching Update

Praise the Lord for a great opening day of street work! I don’t believe I have seen a better opening day in my six years of street evangelism. There was good attendance of 13 individuals including myself. There was a good spirit as preaching could be heard, tracts were being passed out, and the training of the next generation could been seen.

I personally had the opportunity to witness to a man named Mark for a good 40 minutes. Mark was dropping off a movie rental and told me that he felt compelled to get out of his car and talk to me. He mentioned that a few months earlier, he had been struck by lightning and has since been looking for truth. I witnessed to him by using the methods we are learning on Wednesday nights from the “Way of the Master” videos. His exact words when he was hearing what I said to him was, “Why do I have the feeling you’re telling me the truth?” I then proceeded to inform him that God had given him a conscience to bear witness with truth.

Needless to say, he was affected by the Word of God and made a promise before the Lord to be in church. What we are learning on Wednesday night works! Please pray for Mark as he searches for truth.

Another opportunity to stand in the gap is coming this Thursday at 6:30 PM. Contact Gabriel Gonzalez with any questions at church or by phone at 478-4708.

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