Keeping an ear to the ground…

Monday evening (April 19) at 6:30 PM, a meeting is being held to finalize plans for the Youth Rally to be held on the evening of April 23. Volunteers are needed.

Please consider inviting any teens you run into this week to the Youth Rally at Gospel Light this weekend. Plenty of invitation cards are available for distribution.

A few weeks ago, Brother Larry Craft and his son, missionaries to the U.S.A., were arrested in Alabama for nothing more than street preaching.

Pastor Giardino lead us in singing hymns this morning, replacing our heralded music director, Mateo Vazquez, who was vacationing with his wife. Great job Pastor G.

This Sunday morning’s service featured the singing of four of Pastor Giardino’s children (Michael, Julia, Ross, and Leah) in the middle of his sermon. Pastor used their “audience participation” clapping song to demonstrate people being eaten up. Listen to the audio here on the web site.

Pray against spiritual warfare in the church, in our families, and in our walks with Christ.

Congratulations to Pastor G. and his wife who celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary this weekend.

The next visit to Wedgewood Nursing Home will be May 15th (time TBA).

The third sermon in Pastor Giardino’s series, “Delicate Order”, happens Sunday evening. If you missed it, the sermon will soon be available here.

The Gospel Light Yard Sale (to be held May 7 and 8) now has a “holding area”. We are storing items for sale in the designated area in the game room.

Peter and Leah Bard will be renting there home in Florida and will soon be living in Rochester after Peter finds a security position. Pastor G. sees them helping with the youth ministry.

May is “Stewardship Month”. The focus will be on responsibly taking care of all that God has entrusted us with.

The U.S. Supreme Court will be considering a case this Monday pitting a Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco’s non-discrimination policy against a Christian student group contending that the policy violates the Constitution’s guarantee of free speech. Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

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