Live nearer to Christ.

Think more of Jesus’ cross, spend more time in contemplation of his blessed person, of his death and of his rising again; drink in more of his life, and live more upon him. I pray you do this. The words may sound in your ears as very common, and such as you have heard ten thousand times before, but the sense is weighty and all-important. If I had but one sentence that I might utter to you believers, I think I should make it this: live nearer to Christ. All virtues flourish in the atmosphere of the cross, all vices die beneath the shade of the cross; but get away from your Master, and you will be undone.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon – From a sermon entitled “The Old Man Crucified,” delivered April 11, 1869. Special thanks to The Daily Spurgeon blog.

For a complete biography of Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, click on this link: Spurgeon Biography

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