Pray, pray, pray, and pray again.

Tomorrow evening, Friday April 23, our church, Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, will be hosting one of the most important events we’ve ever held.  “Is this hyperbole?” you may ask.  No!  Not by any means.  If projections hold true, we may see the largest gathering of teens our church has ever seen at the Youth Rally.  The purpose of this rally is what sets the importance so high; the event’s preachers will be reaching out with sermons directed to the hearts of both saved and unsaved teens, trying to turn around a generation that may be the last to know Jesus in this country.  There is no higher calling for a Christian than to reach out to the lost and this rally will focus on just that purpose.  As Acts 26:18 implores, “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light” is the aim of our rally, both through sermons and fellowship.

All members of Gospel Light are asked to earnestly pray for this event.  Please, please take time out of your day, today and tomorrow, and pray to our Savior that souls be reached at this Youth Rally.  Pray the Spirit will work through the preaching, helping to direct the words to inspire and lead many teens to salvation.  Pray for those teens who attend that are already saved, that they be ministers to the others, guiding and teaching all those that God delivers to them.  Pray that our staff, preachers and workers, have strength, stamina, wisdom, and loving hearts, as they are led by the Spirit in all they do and say.  May God truly bless this event and the church which houses it.  As the theme of the rally states there is “No Turning Back”.

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