Where do sermons go?

Browsing about, here and there on the internet, I occasionally run into an article that I would like to share. This one, Where do sermons go?, was written by a Baptist preacher, Gordon Atkinson, for his own blog, RealLivePreacher.com, and posted up on the High Callings blog. My thought was that perhaps other preachers could relate to the sentiments and memories written about in this article. (At Gospel Light, we know where sermons go; they go here: Past Sermons at GLBBC.)

Here is just a small portion: “I do wonder about all those sermons, though. Where do they go after they leave my mind and my mouth? Do they float among the worshipers, being breathed in and out during the service? Are they taken outside in the bodies of the congregation and exhaled into the air as my words fade from their memories? Are they carried away on a breeze to the heavens? Do they have an earthy scent, like a handful of dirt and rosemary and me?”

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