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Good morning to all. Welcome to the newest version of the GLLBC Blog, which I will describe below. As one of the two assigned “administrators” of this blog, I’d like to introduce myself. You will see postings by a user name of “apostle43” and that will be me, Joe Beilman. My family and I are rather new to the church, having started attending just this past November. My wife, Joy, and my two youngest children, Emily and Christopher, have been deeply blessed by the warm and kindhearted people of the congregation who have welcomed us and made us feel very much at home. God bless you all. I’d include a picture of myself if I could find one. Failing that, I resemble this “smily” if you squint real hard. (This is just my excuse to see if I can install a graphic image…) You may or may not have heard the news that Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church has recently been making significant changes to the web site (http://glbbc.org). Several changes have been made already: 1.) As of this morning, the site now contains the last eight Sunday morning sermons by Pastor Vince, thanks to the hard work of Bernie Wheater. The sermons include 5 parts of the pastor’s Salty Dog series, which features the rather stubborn Jonah and a large and hungry seafaring mammal. Please check them out by clicking on the “Preaching” button on the web sites main page. The audio player is built right into the web site for convenient listening. 2.) Our Webmaster, Mike Zingalie, < applause> has made several cosmetic changes to the main page, including the addition of our new 2010 Theme logo, which was created by the pastor’s daughter Salina: 3.) Mike has also installed a new blogging editor, WordPress, which will allow us to create a forum for church business and communications. That is where I come in. Bernie Wheater and I will act as administrators and authors to this new blog. I hardly need to tell you how to get here, since you are already reading this blog entry. (Just in case, click on “Blog” on the main web page.) In conclusion, please know that this is the church’s blog; not mine nor Bernie’s. We sincerely hope for widespread participation from the church congregation. As administrators, we can and will provide access for those of you who wish to contribute comments, article, announcements, testimonies, photos, and any other type of church-related communication. I have already asked several folks for input, so PLEASE participate. You may reach me at jbeilma1@rochester.rr.com or by phone at 352-0794 (leave a voice message). 

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