Street Preaching Update

Last Thursday was another beautiful evening to go out on the street and proclaim the glorious Gospel of truth! We had 13 people out again holding signs and just being a witness to a lost and dying world. It is always a blessing to me to see children and teens giving of their time to learn the importance of street evangelism.

As we stood in the gap we passed out gospel tracts and invitations for our youth rally. This is a typical activity for this type of ministry. What is not typical is to know what happens after the tract leaves our hands. A large part of what happens on the street is never known to us. Trust in the Holy Spirit to take the “seed” of the Word of God is very important for many reasons especially for results.

However God is very good to us and will sometimes let us know that what we are doing is working. This happened today as Deon and Shirley came to church as result of receiving a tract on Thursday. If that were all that happened that would be enough to rejoice over, but as they sat in the service and heard the gospel preached they were convicted and got saved! Hallelujah!

It is a privilege to serve Christ on the street. Whether we see the results or not, God blesses faithfulness. As I continue to give weekly updates on this ministry, I will also be giving biblical lessons on street preaching, why we do it, its purpose and methods. My hope is that you would be encouraged to take part. Please pray for us as we stand in the gap.

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