We need to change our view of sin.

Sunday morning service was a joyous time at Gospel Light, having just finished a wonderfully successful Friday Youth Rally and Saturday followup service. However, more spiritual wonders were yet to come. Service opened up with Bonnie Vasquez conducting the children’s choir, a true blessing to the church. In an effort to capture the spirit of Friday evening’s rally, a repeat performance of the skit, “The Room”, was presented for the congregation. Put on by Jesenia Vasquez and Luke Curly, the skit deeply touched the hearts of everyone in the sanctuary. The message of redemption came across loud and clear. Even more moving was the song, “God’s Been Good”, sung by Jesenia, with Mike Giardino on piano and singing harmony. Many of us came forward during this song and many of us came to tears. The Spirit of God was never more evident at Gospel Light.

Our loving (sans mustache) pastor, as we all know, is very jealous of the Sunday morning pulpit, so Pastor Giardino’s yielding the microphone to evangelist Nathan Beam was an act of supreme sacrifice on his part. Brother Nathan seems to have a knack for hitting home runs with his sermons. His powerful message convincingly spoke of how “we need to change our view of sin.” His sermon was based on Prov 26:11, “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” To illustrate this passage, brother Nathan related a story from his years in college about a stray dog that did exactly what Proverbs said. (In case you happen to be snacking while reading, we’ll leave out the details.) He defined folly as an ungodly, evil or sinful act. Just as vomit is disgusting to us, “God in his holiness is disgusted by sin” and likewise “by the fool who returns to his sin.” Nathan said, “When we reject God’s forgiveness, we are a fool and a dog.” Prov 14:9 says, “Fools make a mock at sin” and will look at sin as something to have fun with. Often, “we love pleasure more than loving God”, brother Nathan cautioned us, but “God is serious about holiness.”

Brother Beam emphasized that “We need to change our view of sin”, and he gave us three reasons why we need to do so:

1.) Because of our Creator. God created us and “everything we have is because of the grace of God.” God is holy and “demands holiness from his people” and hence, we are directly accountable to God. We have no right to be our own masters. Brother Nathan said when we don’t submit our lives to His will, “we are rebelling against our Creator.”

2.) Because of the cost of sin. The wages of sin is death, that being the second death in the lake of fire. “People who die in their sins spend an eternity in torment.”

3.) Because of Calvary. We should care about sin because of what Jesus did for us. Nathan described in detail all the suffering that Jesus went through on the way to the cross and said, “Every one of our sins put Jesus on the cross.” When we go back to our sins, “it is as if we don’t even care” what Jesus did for us. In John 14:15, Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.

At this point in the sermon, the invitation was given for those unsaved to raise their hands and be given the gospel of salvation. Three were lead to the Lord on this wonderful spring morning in April where God was most certainly with us.

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